The Petty Dwarves (S."Noegyth Nibin" Kh."Makalûk", "Exiles" or "Ezungazam", "abhorred folk"; self-designation:"Nulûkhiz", "Moon-dwarves" or "Azanarbîn", "the Houslesess") were the degenerated descendants of Dwarves who were exiled from the great eastern Dwarven-Cities for a great crime held secretive by dwarven-lore, although some Loremasters speculated that they might have been the descendants of Dwarves who had traded weapons to Morgoth or the Orcs or had sided with them in battle (indeed a few wicked dwarves had joined Fankil and his servants at the Battle of Palisor).


a Petty Dwarf

were a dying race when they even first entered the histories of the Westlands. The last of their kin were long assumed to have finished their lives during the First Age, and only one, the treacherous Mîm, was mentioned in the Elvish stories of those times. However, a few of their kind had never even come to Beleriand. These had managed to survive in dark lairs in hidden corners of Eriador ever since, periodically making appearances that were told in legends and odd, sad, old tales.


The Petty Dwarves seem to have spoken Khuzdul, albeit a Khuzdul that differed from the High-khuzdul spoken by the Dwarves of Durin's folk.It is unknown if their dialect was an outer-language specifically devised by them which was based on simplified Khuzdul, but modified for the use with the outer-world, or if it had split-off traditional Khuzdul as an effect of their exile and degeneration.



Although the true reason for the exile of the petty dwarves was usually kept silent about, Loremasters have supposed that the Petty Dwarves ancestors were those jealous and treacherous dwarves that had taken part at the Battle of Palisor on the side of those Hildor and Orcs who had served the first temple of Melkor.


Petty Dwarves of Note


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