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A Penni-Woodelf

The Penni were a tribe of Avari that lived in Rhûn and Rhovanion and had  intermixed with the Nandor and was thus considered part of the Wood-Elves.

Detailed description


The Penni had originally been a primitive woodland Culture who settled as Hunters and Gatherers in small communities under the trees or along rivers.They later met their remote Nandor kinsmen in Rhovanion and mingled with their likeminded long lost brethren until both tribes were hard to distinguish.


The Penni were small by elvish standard, sometimes barely reaching 5'7". They had lavender or olive skin and golden-brown or sandy-brown hair and green or brown eyes.


The Penni were the descendants of Pendi-Avari who had joined the host of Tareg after the Battle of Palisor. After reaching the forest of Neldoreth they chose to intermix with their Nandor kinsmen and spread into Rhovanion.


The Penni spoke an Avarin dialect called Pennïa.


  • Since Penni is a p-kwendian form they are believed to have been Nelyarin elves.Some commentators have assumed that the name Penni may be Gaulish-influenced.