Pengolodh was an elven loremaster of the first and second Age. Born half noldo and half sinda, he was the son of Penlodh ,a follower of Turgon and a founding citizen of Gondolin.In the second Age he lived in Lindon and Eregion where he was one of the few elves ever to learn bits of Khuzdul.Later he went to the west to live on Tol Eressëa. A member of the lambengolmor he was believed to have been the author of the Annals of Beleriand and to have reworked his teacher Rúmil of Tirions Annals of Aman.His conversations with Ottor Wáefre were recorded under the titel Dangweth Pengolodh.


  • tall


  • Pelgolod
  • Pengoloth
  • Quendingoldo
  • Quengoldo
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