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The Pendles (W."hill-kindred") had once been a stoorish-fallowhidish clan of migratory Wild Hobbits who had once lived in the Weather Hills and later took part in the colonization of the shire.The Pendles were seen as misfits and rabble-rousers by most other Clans and they had the reputation of being notoriously more greedy, vengueful, jealaous,weaselly and generally difficult than commonly accepted or even at all brought in relation with Hobbits - though this was of course an unfair generalisation based on the ill-fame of only a small handfull of outstanding historical personalities from among the Pendle-clan.

By the 18th century however the clan had been officially exiled from the Shire colony and Hobbits refused to talk about the Clan and the reasons for their exile.The Pendles further fate remains unknown.



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