The Great Swan-ship or Pelandúno (Q. "Sunset-rounder"). When Elves made their last journey into the West, their ship had to be a masterwork, and this vessel fitted the bill ideally. It had two square sails and one lateen sail, and high castles at either end. Shaped like a swan (even more so than the other designs) and in many ways similar to some later caravel,carrack,roundship, pinnace or holk designs, it was also often called a Great Swan-ship (Q."Aralquacirya"), and its wonderous design had heavily influenced the White-ship Wrights in Dol Amroth. A Pelandúno could carry numerous passengers and possessions, and weather the worst storms of the Great Sea. Only three of these great ships were moored at Edhellond.

  • Length:
  • Beam:
  • Draft:
  • Displacement:
  • Freeboard:
  • Keel:
  • Construction:
  • Strength:
  • Deck:
  • Forecastle:
  • Midecastle:
  • Aftercastle:
  • Ram:
  • Steering:
  • Total Crew:
    • Officers:
    • Soldiers:
    • Sailors:
    • Rowers:
  • Turn Radius:
  • Turn Speed:
  • Oar Banks:
  • No.Oars:
  • Rowers/Oar:
  • Slow Rowing:
  • Fast Rowing:
  • Ramming:
  • Racing:
  • Masts:
  • Sail Type:
  • Slow Sail:
  • normal Sail:
  • fast Sail:
  • max. Sail:
  • Artillery:
  • Provisions:
  • Cargo:
  • Notes:


Original form in MERP:Pelannûn

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