Pardfan Map

Pardfan was located on the banks of the Celduin River at its confluence with the River Athorn. The Men Dorwinion passed through Pardfan on its way from Rhovanion to Riavod, Shrel-Kain and the Sea of Rhun. Over the years Pardfan had grown into a comfortable little roadside stop for tired and weary travelers. The seven inns in Pardfan catered to the merchants who journeyed the Men Dorwinion, The river bargemen who plyed the Celduin were also good customers. The best of these establishments was the Inn of the Thirsty Camel. At the Camel all the gossip of the Road and River can be heard for the price of a glas of excellen Dorwinion wine or a mug of the strong local beer.

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