Paladin Took II

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Hobbits of the Shire
time period
T.A. 2933 - FO 13

Paladin Took II was the son of Adalgrim Took and the father of Peregrin. He served as thirty-first Thain of the Shire (T.A. 3015 - FO 13). When Lotho Sackville-Baggins assembled his band of thugs, the Chiefs men, Paladin organized the defense of Tookland and refused them admittance. He was the only clan chief to offer resistance during the domination of the Shire. The Tooks also refused to buy or sell to the invaders, or permit them on clan properties — shooting them if they dared to trespass. Later, Paladin offered troops to Peregrin which helped turn the Battle of Bywater and then took the remainer of his Hobbitry to purge the southern regions of trouble-makers. Paladin was a strong, indomitable, and noble Hobbit. He was succeeded as Thain by his only son Peregrin.

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