was an eriadorian male Name. The best known bearer of the name was Paladin Took.Paladins are also mentioned in the Hobbitish Poem Errantry.

Historical and mythical Paladins

Orginally Palatinus was a title for a servant of the Emperor of Rome of Mons Palatinus.The Palatinii were considered important personages of the empire for having the emperor´s trust.

Later Paladins became the Knights of the Palace, entrusted Nobles who were represantants of the Emperor.The Paladin evolved into the Title Count Palatine or Pfalzgraf in Germany.In Hungary the Palatin or Comes Palatinus was the first minister and chief-commander of the army, the highest official of the kingdom.

In Medieval Romance Paladin also designated the King´s first knights or Champions, as the Paladins of Charlemagne.


In Middle-Earth Paladin may have been a Westron Name, perhaps reflecting a title from Adûnaic or an indigenous tongue .The Name may also have come from the language of the Northrons as many personal names of famous Fallowhide families are of old frankish and Gothic design.

A Paladin may have been a King´s knight, an entrusted Noble or Knight of the King of Gondor or Rhovanion or a title of a rhovanian, gondorian or arnorian Gentry.possible equivalents could be the: Arrequain,Bar or Barûn, Hiri , Túrionduri, Túrioni or Arohtari.A possible translation in the Black speech or orcish could be ""Faushûl" (lit."Palace-servant").


The Paladin is a playable profession in Rolemaster.He is a warrior and a magic user capable of Channeling.


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