Various orcish Helmet Types, some based on the classic ironbound leather-Skullcap design

The traditional orcish Helmet (Or."Pakronar") was a round ironbound leather-skullcap with a broad rim and beak-like nasals.Saruman´s Uruk-Hai however used a different, rather mannish appearing model (see:Isengard helmet).


Tolkien´s description of the orc helmet may be inspired by the historical Zischägge (or lobster-tailed pot helmet), Capeline, carolingian helm and Kettle Hat, Ironhats, roman cassis helmet or even Pappenheim helmets though technically the helmet-type he described was a cross-band helmet (like the benty grange type for example) with an additional broad rim and nasals.Many Illustrations from ICE Books, including those by british artist Angus McBride, show Orcs wearing helmets resembling japanese Kabuto types.

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