time period
about TA 1640

Though Dêl-Imât was the most vital member of the ruling coalition, he was not it's wealthiest. That distinction and the mansion known as The Soul of the Desert, belonged to a quiet man named Pôn-Ôlarti, who was second in riches only to Slú-Calón. Of the four leaders of the Council of Regents, he and Imât were the only two who were friends, and no two men have ever been closer companions. Ôlarti was less zealous in his attachment to the old ways, mild where Imat drew a hard line, but the two complemented each other perfectly. Ôlarti was a gentle man who came to his power solely through inherited wealth; he ignored the intrigues of politics, leaving that side of his career in his friend's capable hands. In exchange, he put the power of his capital at Imât's disposal. Family and a passion for writing poetry took a higher place than the council in Ôlarti's life, and his spirit in the meeting chamber and in the execution of his duties as Ambassador to the Nomads tended toward amusement more often than anything else.

Ôlarti was neither tall nor thin, being about twenty pounds over- weight for his 5'8" height. His skin, eyes, and hair were all dark brown, a coloring most often found among the Narûdbriyig. His pudgy face was given to smiling, and his eyes had a tendency to twinkle with the thoughts that hid behind them. For clothing, the wealthy man wore only plain linen robes of white or yellow. He carried no weapons as a rule, but he was not without skill with the large scimitar that hung in his dressing chamber. Harking back to more assertive ancestors, Ôlarti's standard was a square of green prowled by a proud, golden lion.


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