Ilaz Crossing (Har."Oud Ilaz" later:Velsinir) was a small Haruze city on the Upper Harnen river at the junction with the Ode Auchel river, which had always been a prosperous trading settlement.For most of its history, eclipsed in importance by Amrûn, a hundred miles south at the confluence of the Harnen and Ode Pezar, nevertheless, Oud Uaz had always been a prosperous place. The valleys of the Ode Pezar and the Harnen provided it with good cropland and vinyards, while the surrounding hills of the Ausk Dubat provided grazing-grass, stone, pottery clay, and some copper and tin deposits. The Rak Chelkar and the Irit Núrn fed trade into Oud Ilaz, from the northeast, while the Men Dirnen and the Men Dubar brought Gondorian merchants in from the northwest. The unwarlike people of Oud llaz had long become accustomed to being overshadowed by Amrun and overran by foreign conquerors. Their Fezirm had long practiced the arts of accommodation, keeping their lands and power from ruling dynasty to dynasty. From the eleventh to the twentieth centuries of the Third Age, the Gondorians maintained a small watch tower, the Barad Ilaz, on the west bank of the Harnen opposite Oud Ilaz. For the most part, however, they allowed the local tarbs to govern the city. Ironically, Oud Ilaz saw its greatest prosperity when Gondors southern border was ravaged by war. Trade would then flow to them before going to Amrun and the cities along the Ode Pezar, They accepted this bounty as an ironic gift of fate and the gods.


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