Ostigurth Overview


Ostigurth Caverns

  • Type: Fortified City
  • Inhabitants: 40% Orc, 40% Haradron, 15% Easterling, 5% Troll
  • Population: 2,560
  • Origin: Built by Sauron in the mid-Second Age
  • Purpose: Control of traffic in the Den Nurn ; the manufacture of finished products; small-scale trade; a garrison for troops.
  • Symbol: None

Ostigurth was situated at the head of a small canyon on the southern edge of Gorgoroth , far from the eyes of Gondor' s garrison.The Orcs and Trolls inhabited a cavern complex in the mountain under the city.


The Tower of Barad Sereg

(S. ‘City of Death’, aka B.S.’Kûtot Vâdôk).The City of Death was built early in the Second Age at the end of a natural canyon later termed the Valley of Death, its location near the edge of Núrn, Gorgoroth and Sauron’s main mines of Angûrath made it a very strategic place, the city’s main function was to provide a headquarters for the various Orc, Man & Troll factions, so the city sees many power struggles. The city was destroyed by the Last Alliance in the Second Age, but it and Barad Sereg (the tower within the city) were rebuilt with the return of the Nazgûl in the Third Age, but with the destruction of the One Ring the surrounding walls of the canyon collapsed, and thus it was believed by Elessar’s forces that the city was destroyed.


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