Ossiriand (S. "Land of the Seven Rivers", also "Ossír", Os. "Ossîrin" ; Q. "Otssiriande") was the land between the rivers Ascar and Adurant, including the rivers Thalos, Legolin, Duilwen and Brilthor. The seventh river was the Gelion herself. Even riven by the Gulf of Lune in the Second Age, this name was still used as an occasional synonym for Lindon.


Adurant Ascar Brilthor Dor Firn-i-Guinar Duilwen Gelion Legolin Thalos Tol Galen

Places of Note

Celon-Gelion Orc-Camp Denethor's Hall House of Beren and Lúthien Lanthir Lamath Sirion-Narog Orc-Camp


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