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Orodruin Overview

Orodruin Maps

Located in the center of Gorgoroth, Orodruin dominates the plateau. The volcano is prone to small eruptions, spewing ash and lava across the region. A volcanic wasteland surrounds the mountain, where cracks in the earth ooze forth magma and steam just as Orodruin does. Sauron betrayed the Elves here by forging the Ruling Ring at the Sammath Naur deep in the bowels of the mountain.

Places of note:

  • Dark Cavern
  • old Well
  • Sammath Naur


  • Amarthon
  • Amon Amarth
  • burning mountain
  • Dolamarth
  • Hill of Doom
  • Mount Doom
  • mountain of blazing fire
  • Mountain of Fire
  • mountain of the red flame


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