Forest Orc

The Forest Orcs (Or."Taugong") were an orc-race of the First Age, specially trained for warfare in the woods and forests.They were bitter enemies of the Haladin and Drúedain.


In MERP the Wood-Goblins are a small Orc-Tribe inside the Old Forest.The Wood-Goblins are obedient to the dark magic of the forest and in communication with the spirits of the Awakened trees.In Eriador they are also known as Wood-nackers, especially among the Hobbits.

The Goblins of the Old Fores were secretive and wood-wary . Their three small tribes were led by Sorcerers , rather than warriors , for they worshiped the evil trees of the forest—they could not survive the forest' s wrath if they did not. By and large , they avoided any conspicuous raids beyond the wood ; folk living along the borders occasionally forgot they existed.

Lotr RPG

In the LOTRRPG, the Orcs of the forest race are equated with the Orcish trackers.


In fanfiction the names Hora-Hai and Gimba Hai are sometimes applied to the races of forest Orcs and Trackers.


Wood-Goblins of renown

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