Ethir Onodló - the mouths of the Entwash

Rising in the depths of Fangorn Forest and flowing at first southeast, the Onodló (Eo."Entwash") was the principal river of Calenardhon (or Rohan).Where it broke out of the forests into the plains of the West Emnet, it was a small swift stream with deep-cloven banks. Somewhat augmented by groundwater flowing out of the Wold, the Onodló rushed on swiftly southward through the meadowlands of the Emnets until it widened and slowed as it crossed a broad ledge of rock at the Fords of the Onodló, where it was shallow enough to wade across.Below the ford it gathered in its channel once again, and receiving new strength from the many streams flowing out of the White Mountains, it rushed southward.It was navigable by flat-bottomed boats below the ford and by canoes above it.The cold, swift-flowing Snowbourn rushed into the Entwash before it bent to the southeast, skirting the mountains , and broke up at last in the fens known as the Mouths of the Entwash.Through these fens and by many channels the Onodló met the Anduin, the Great River.The Snowbourn rose in the White Mountains and flew with great force all year round, deriving most of its strength from melting snow and glaciers in the high mountain valleys.Crystal clear and very cold, the Snowbourn could be forded easily along most of its length (except during the spring freshets). Its sparkling waters were filled with large brown trout.

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