Olwë (Q."Dreaming One") was the younger brother of Elu Thingol and leader of the second Host of the Teleri. When Elwe vanished in Beleriand during the Great Journey, Olwe became King of the Teleri and brought nearly all or his people to Aman in the second crossing. The Teleri settled on Tol Eresseä—there learning the art of shipbuilding from the Maia Ossë—before settling on the shores of Eldamar and building the fair port of Alqualondë. Olwe's people suffered the cruel attack of the Noldor and the theft of their ships; they never forgot the heinous crimes of Fëanor's people. When the Valar sailed to overthrow Morgoth for the last time, the Teleri reluctantly agreed to transport the Vala Host, but they remained with their ships, aloof from battle. Olwe himself never returned to Middle-earth.


-blue eyes
-long white-silver hair


  • Ciriaran
  • Ellu Melemno
  • Elu
  • Elwë
  • Oluë
  • Solwë
  • Vólwë
  • Wolwē


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