Old Wômarin was an ancient language that was spoken in the farthest east of Middle-earth in the Second Age. It was the language of the Avatani or Wômaw, and heavily influenced by Avarin on the one hand, for the ancient Wômaw had preserved a dialect of their Avari teachers as their formal ritualistic "court-tongue", as well as on the other hand by Melkian due to the influence of the Dragon Utumkodur on the Avatani culture. For this reason Old Wômarin was also known as Soelâsi Bu or the old Drakespeech.

Old Wômarin was the source of several languages in the farthest east and the Southern Archipelago of Middle-earth including:


Âlk - hold, fortress
akh - of
Akêr - river
Adîn Rît - Period of Ordering
Aed - Helm
Aen - Song
Ams - River
Arakî - Goblin, lesser Demon
Arg - Isle
Arxdu - Smith
Awdu - Skies
Awg - Order, Circle, Cult
Awm - fields
Ayîg - Cave
Brôd - Hills
Bu - old
khaurka - bane (of Hope)
khîg - Flame, heat
Kuiwa - Archive
Dâg - Blade
Demîk - thought
Drûs - Empire, dominion, reach (literally "All that is seen")
Drûl - Interpreter, Seer
Eog - north-stone
Gârk - hated One
Gâth - dreaded One
Góak - blessed places
Góakaw - People of the blessed places
haen - geographical district, tribal moiety
hion - lord, chieftain, king pl. hiona, hioni
Hionvar - Chieftan, ruler pl. Hionvara
Hionvor (pl. hionvori) - high king
Hôrl - Forest, Trees
Hurm - blood
Kâg - Mayor, Master
Kael - Coast
Kanga - Lord
Karn - Hills
Khanû - "Oppressor, Tyrant" or "Ogre, Hobgoblin"
Khomôl - Ghost
Kôd - son of the Sky
Kodôl - one of the sky
Kodûr - Skyfather
Kraw - Cove
Lâsi - speech, language
Lâth - position, title
Laen - gift of Glass
Lêr - Maker
Lôkha - (never ending) Glen
Maur - Demons
Monarlan - Dear Exalted Mere
Mûl - King, Master
Nâg - Swamp
Olias - Word
Olyas - Writings
Ord, Ôrd - lost
Owêr - sea
Saer - birthplace
Sars - Wombs
Shry ,Zrî - Minds
Shryac ,Zrîak - Talismans, Memory
Soei, Soey - Dragon
Stoy - Firedrake
Sûrk - Wanderer
Sûrk Kaelân - Wandering Folk
Tanûk - Runner
Turiak, Thuryac - Land
Uon - Cloud
Ul, Ûl - Male, Man
Utum - Golden
Vâlg - Desert
Vor - High
Vrâk - Coast
Wêr - gulf
Wôm - Home
Wômaw - gifted people
Wômûl - Gift


The Wômarin tongue (and it's descendants), as well as the Chejan, Chyan, and Tazinain languages, were based on Kugor, a language invented by the writers from ICE as the "Drake-Speech" of their Rolemaster settings. It was mainly based on Eastern Amerind vocabulary. The Black Easterlings or Avatani and their Wômarin language are inspired by the Ringwraith Khamûl's name, which is thought to have come from one of the languages of the east. The name Khamul might be inspired by the settlement Kamul in Iran, the name Camul of today's Hami city in China, or the name of the celtic god Camulus.

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