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Ogres (Or.: "Drangu") were a mysterious race of Old. Ancient manuscripts translated the elvish word Ork (orq-) as Monster, Ogre, Demon. The only known Ogre from History was the Ogress Ulbandi, or Fluithuin. It is til today debated if the Ogres were huge Orcs, fallen Maiar, a subrace of the Giants or maybe all three of it, and identical with the Boldogs, Maiarin spirits that took the form of giant Orcs. Two tribes or breeds of Ogres were known in the old days, the northern Hongwir and the Sarqindi, from Dark regions or Fire mountains in the South.



Ogres, Demon-Trolls and Orc-demons in MERP

Although not standard creatures demonic Orcs and Trolls are mentioned briefly in the MERP Books. The term Ogre is not applied to them. However, the strange Half-Troll/Half-Giantess Skessa was called an Ogre by the Northrons. Demonic Orcs like Storlaga and Bolvag are implied to descent from twisted Noldor-Spirits.

Ogres in LOTRO

An Earth-Kin, or Tree-Man

In LOTRO Ogres are maybe identifiable with the strange people known as the Earth-Kin or Jorkyn. They are possibly inspired by the short mentioned Tree-men or giants seen by Samwise´s cousin Hal near the northern Borders of the Shire.In LOTRO the Earth-kin or Ogres are interpreted as Giant-kind, living near Forochel and some of them peaceful but others, as the Rauta-lehmä Tribe, lured into the service of Angmar.Within the game Ettins are considered a subgroup of the Stone Trolls.

Ogres in the Hobbit Movie Trilogy

Ogre from the Grey Mountains

In the Hobbit Movie Trilogy Ogres appear as part of Bolg's host from Gundabad.They are depicted as something in-between of Greater Orcs and smaller Trolls.

Other Hands Magazine

In Middle-Earth Down Under: An Antipodean Campaign, Norman Talbot mentions Cold-Ogres and Ogre-Mages, as inhabitants of Southernesse.


In Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor and In Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, creatures named "Graugs", seemingly akin to Demons and Trolls appear as inhabitants of Mordor.


  • Tolkien linked ogres with norse Þyrs (Giant, Ogre) and old english Eten (Troll, Ogre) hinting to a possible connection between Ents, Ogres, Giants and Trolls, and to a connection of the Ettendales to Trolls and Ogres.He also compared Morgoth himself to an Ogre, again hinting towards a demonic origin and a connection to the Underworld.