Originating in the far peaks of the Ered Harmal, the Odel Pezar (Var. "Knife River") was the longest Tributary of the Harnen, joining the graeter river at the Haruze city of Korb Taskral (Amrûn) after a winding westward journey of nearly seven hundred miles through the lands of Lûrmsakûn and Pezarsan. Although too shallow to be navigable and too broad to permit an easy crossing, the Ode Pezar was nevertheles the most reliable source of fresh water beyond Haruzan. For this reason it was marked by groves of date palms, irrigated fields and a number of cities and towns. It was paralleled by the great caravan route of the Rath Harmal virtually into the foothills of the Ered Harmal.

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