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An Oathbreaker Couple

The Oathbreakers were those Daen Coentis who became subject to Isildur's Curse, pronounced in S.A. 3434. They survived into the Third Age in isolated vales of the White Mountains, until the years gathered their souls to the Paths of the Dead, where they joined their cursed kinsfolk in a sleepless nightmare of three long millennia. The foreknowledge of their inescapable doom greatly altered the Oathbreakers' former way of life; and the persistence of their clans as living communities — some of whom witnessed the Great Plague — evolved into a distinct (if somewhat morbid) culture in its own right. A people with no future, the Oathbreakers became obsessed with their own presence in the living world, marking the passage of every moment with regret.

Known clans:

  • Asirac
  • Midach
  • Ogmal
  • Rendar
  • Sianwin
  • Torbet

Oathbreakers of renown

King of the Dead Lalanna Whisperer