Smaug: ‘“Your information is antiquated,” he snapped.’
-J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit, Chapter 12
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Oatbarton and surrounding lands

Oatbarton and Northcotton

Oatbarton and Northcotton

In the old days of Arthedain and the earliest days of the Shire, the region of later Oatbarton was the location of an older Arthadan settlement known as Barrow. Oatbarton was a Hobbit farming village and colony. The name was Breeland slang meaning "Oat and Barley steading". Oatbarton was founded in T.A. 1625 by a Harfoot family of Bree, in opposition to the Lord of Marwen and the village of Barrow.

Oatbarton in TA 1640

The rural Hobbits of Oatbarton had a fair amount of contact with Men, due to their proximity to the estates of Arthedain's powerful Tarma family. Bandits in the area caused the Hobbits of Oatbarton to take weapons more readily than their neighbors.

Oatbarton about TA 3019

A noted center of pony-breeding, herds from Oatbarton traveled south and west across the Shire, and to Gamwich for the Dwarven trade. Barrow Hill, overlooking the Biersin Stream bridge on the Greenfields Pike, had never been pierced by a Hobbit smial. Local legends told of a potent haunt in the area, but the hill, which had an astonishingly good view of the surrounding area, was now a favorite trysting place for lovers.

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