Different Northron Tribes

The Northrons, also known as the Northmen of RhovanionRhevain or Leidhrim Forod (S. "Free Men of the North") were a group of human peoples in Rhovanion. They were, for the most part, descendants of the Eriadain - tribes akin to the Edain who did not go to Beleriand or returned to Eriador before it´s drowning. Some Northrons were believed to descend from tribes that came from Eriador and had crossed the Hithaeglir in the Second Age, while others were believed to be the descendants of Men who had lived between the great Greenwood and the Inland Sea of Rhûn since the First Age.

Northmen of Renown:

Overview on the Northron Peoples:

The Northrons include the:

A typical Northman Homestead in the plains

During the wars against Angmar, several Northron clans came to Eriador to serve as mercenaries in the great armies of the north, among those were the Vulseggi and the Cardolanian Northmen.

The Ninniden of the Loeg Firn and the Dorwinrim were often counted as Northrons, even if they did not speak Rhovanian tongues and had certainly intermixed to large degrees with tribes of Daen and maybe even Easterling blood.

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