The Northerners or Free Tribes of the North (Or."Worauthai Madûr") were Orcish tribes native to northern Rhovanion, the Ered Mithrin, Forodwaith, northern Hithaeglir including the Mountains of Angmar, Gundabad and Moria.

In contrast to the Orcs of Mordor, Dol Guldur, and Isengard, they largely ruled themselves after the fall of Angmar. Their High-king bore the title of Ashdurbuk and traditionally resided at the orc-capital of Mount Gundabad.

The northerners largely were greater Mountain orcs, though they had early been joined by fighting-Orcs from Barad-Dur and deep-Goblins hailing from the Underdeeps. Their nobility was a clan of Great Ogres or Hobgoblins who descended from the demonic Boldogs of Angband.

Tribal Divisions

In All the Northerners counted thirty tribes and an even larger number of smaller subjugated and tributary clans.


Carn Dûm Goblin-gate Gundabad Moria Mount Gram

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