Northern Mirkwood

The forest of northern Mirkwood was home to the

immortal Wood-elves, who were immune to but not untouched by the shadow that had fallen upon the forest. Reclusive, with little interest in the outside world, the majority of the Forest-folk made their home in the Woodland Realm, in and around the Aradhrynd (S. "Halls of the Elven-king"). These lovely caves offered them a safe refuge in times of trouble. The Forest-folk were comprised of Grey Elves, or "Sindar," Silvan Elves, and Avari (Q. "Refusers"). The former composed the aristocracy, while the latter made up the bulk of the population. The Avari were smaller than their brethren, with dark or sandy hair, although both groups shared fair skin and bright eyes. The Wood-elves were wise in the ways of the forest and the natural world. Of all who venture into Mirkwood, only the Elves could tread the forest trails in safety, for they knew its dangers and could avoi d them. For the Forest-folk, Mirkwood was not a perilous forest, but a friendly and fair home, with dangers that could be avoided easily enough. Indeed, for the Elves, the perils of the forest were something of a blessing, for they discouraged travel through their realm and the incursion of men. The Wood-elves spent most of their waking hours in the forest hunting, singing, speaking to the trees, feasting, or keeping the borders of their realm safe. While not hostile towards Men, the Elves prefered to avoid their company and enjoyed the forest in peace. Dealings with Men were limited to trade with the Northmen of the Celduin Valley and the Men of the Land of Maidens (Dorwinion) through the Raft-elves of Celebannon (on the Forest River).

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