Wild Hobbits continued to trap in the north country after the fall of Arthedain, often using old Orc lairs as their bases.The Rivermen trappers had little wars with these Wild Hobbits, and occasionally their feuds spilled out into the Shire.The Rangers of the North seldom traveled into Forochel or got involved in these disputes.Most Shire Hobbits shared this attitude.In the Fourth Age, King Elessar appointed a Warden of Northwatch to clean up his frontier and rid the Forodwaith of its ancient evils. Frodo Gardner, son of the Shire Mayor Samwise Gamgee, became Royal Verderer, the Warden's chief advisor; he began a program of tree and shrub planting along the streams of Forochel to "civilize" the country,now free of the taint of Sauron and Morgoth .The Lossoth and Forodwaith knew these northern Hobbits as "Ilouset Impset" or "Iloiset Lapset", the northwesternmost tribes of the nomadic Easterlings called them "Helder".

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