Nornhabar in the Tumnogoth Iaur

Nornhabar (S. "Dwarf-Mine", Q. "Nornokhabma", Kh. "Khazad-zahar") sometimes called New Belegost (S. Belegost-eden) was the principal Dwarvish settlement in the Harered Luin. Founded in the First Age by the folk of Belegost as a small colony, the main part of the Dwarf-mine collapsed with the fall of Beleriand, forming a deep mere flooded by rerouted streams. The survivors of Belegost who did not head for Khazad-dum found new homes here, digging out the old secondary mines. Dwarvish population varied considerably, having reached its peak in the Second Age. It was mostly abandoned prior to the War of the Last Alliance and, while never totally deserted, was (circa T.A. 1643) ruinous. The population then ranged in the dozens.


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