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Ruins of Nogrod
Nogrod TA.png
Location of Nogrod
Other names The Hollowbold, (Kh) Tumunzahar
Type Ruined Dwarf-mansion
Location Blue Mountains
Realm Nogrod
Capital Yes
Founded Early First Age
Ruler Kings of Nogrod
Summary The mining, smelting, and working of precious metals found in the Ered Luin.
Inhabitants Dwarves of the Firebeard clan
Language(s) Khuzdul, Westron
Lifespan Desroyed in the Ruin of Beleriand (end of 1A)

Nogrod (S. "Hollowbold" also "Bar-goll", "Hollow Delving" or Naugrod, "Dwarf-bold", Kh. "Tumunzahar" (Kh."Deep-Fortress"), Q. "Nôvarot", Os. "Mbar-kold") had once been the capital of the Firebeards. It was destroyed in the cataclysm that sank Beleriand beneath the ocean. The Dwarven city's drowned and broken halls had been abandoned for millenia.


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