A Nimblefinger-Halfling

The Nimblefingers were a clan of migratory Wild Hobbits that had wandered to the Utter South for reasons unknown and settled in the great marshlands of Geshân. One of their best known family-members was Droggo Nimblefingers-Bracegirdle.


It was unknown when and for what reasons the Nimblefingers had come to the utter south, though it was believed they were descendants of a splintergroup of Halflings who had turned southwards during the Halfling-Wanderships from Hildorien to the Westlands. The members of the Guild of Elements and The Ty-Ar-Rana both knew about the small and secretive people and secretly guarded and sheltered them from outer dangers and agressive Tribesmen.The By the mid-Third Age only a few families of Nimblefingers lived close to the marshes of Geshân. By the end of the Third Age the Nimblefingers seemed to have vanished without leaving any traces in the myths and tales of the southern men. However the Bracegirdles of the shire had preserved an old legend that one of their forefathers had "come from the South".


The Nimblefingers were most closely related to the Harfoots and Stoors, possibly sharing the same ancestors.They were quite small, in rare cases about three foot five, but both stout and sturdy by halfling standards and possessed long and clever fingers (which were their eponym).They had dark skin varying from brown to very dark complexions and dark curly hair and brown eyes.


The Nimblefingers wore simple clothes compareable to the urban men of Kôronânde or Hathor. Woolen tunics, wool or leather vests, trousers reaching barely beyond their knees and broad leather belts.They preferred earth-coloured materials.


The Nimblefingers were simple herders and hoefarmers but also skilled Craftsmen.Only those along the rivervalleys of the Koros sometimes were Traders though they usually shunned the Big Folk.

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