606 Melessa Tarly

Nilûphel (SA 2881—3109)—The wife of Ar-Sakalthôr and mother of Nilûphêr and Ar-Gimilzôr. The member of a powerful Hyarnustar family that had only recently shifted from supporting the Faithful to the Kingsmen, Ar-Sakalthôr chose to marry her in order to keep her family in line, and mistreated her behind closed doors. Their son Ar-Gimilzôr was aware of this mistreatment and resented it, resulting in a vow to never treat his own wife in such a way (A vow he eventually broke when he discovered that Inzilbêth was teaching Palantir the lessons of the Faithful, and never saw the mirror to his father’s behavior in forcing Inzilbêth to marry him). When Inzilbêth was forced to move to Armenelos to marry Ar-Gimilzôr, Nilûphel took pity on her new daughter-in-law and took her under her wing. Though Nilûphel was not of the Faithful herself, she sympathized with the plight of the people of the Andustar (who had recently been forced to relocate to Romenna), and with the line of Andúnië in particular. Inzilbêth, in turn, saw Nilûphel as something of a surrogate mother (Which comforted her, as she was no longer permitted to have contact with Lindórië or the rest of her family).

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