The Village Net Riagaill

  • Type: Stockaded Town 
  • Inhabitants: 90% Hillman,10% Dunnish
  • Population: 840 
  • Origin: Founded by Broccach of Rhudaur in TA 1639
  • Purpose: A trading center; a military point of muster; local administration

  The only permanent Hillman town west of the Mitheithel, Net Riagaill (Hi. "Abode of the rough King";S."Caw-en-Archothor") was a trading center and a source of local justice. The movements of the semi-nomadic Hillmen, though, caused the town's population to vary widely with the seasons.It lay at the head of the Cos Riagaill, a steep-sided valley that—like the vale around Barad Eldanar—was one of the scattered fertile spots in the Everlasting Plain. It was on the old trail that led from Weathertop to Móin Dúldachd in Rhudaur, and was therefore an important stopover for the few merchants moving goods from Cardolan to Angmar.

In the Second Age, it had been the capitol of a petty Eriadoran kingdom. There were two shrines here. The Tatinhala, located in a small vale in the forest called the Whitbeamwood, just northwest of the town, was dedicated to the Second Age Kings. The Gersebroc, on a hill to the northeast of town, honored a local lord who had fought Trolls and a Dragon that had once threatened Nothva Rhaglaw about T.A.1100. A potent geas radiated from the two shrines and delivered a strong bane on any evil creature approaching Net Riagaill. The town had been occupied on occasion by Angmarean troops, but the Orcs garrisoning it sickened and fled. Sorcerers sent by the Witch-king went away confused, as their spells failed to detect the true source of the Tateshalla's power and badly underestimated that of the Gersebroc. Since the town, for all of its pretensions to independence, had never once failed to send its tribute and taxes to Carn Dûm, no serious attempt had been made to exorcise the two shrines. The Orcs used an alternate trail around the north and west sides of the Witbeamwyd; merchants and the Witchking's messengers had a safe stopover where the Orcs and Wargs couldn't bother them; and the villagers of Nothva Rhaglaw had a few more years of peace. The only outsiders who dwelt near the Cos Riagaill were a band of Hillmen who hunted from a seasonal camp south ofthe village. Accustomed to operating around places haunted by "evil" spirits, they were careful about their behavior while buying goods in Net Riagaill. Unknown to the Angmarrim, these scouts, roaming an area safe from the prying eyes of Orcs and crows, were also gathering information on the Witch-king's strength in anticipation of the Targadh-Arm Broccach's decision to precipitate a general rebellion.


Original form in MERP:Nothva Rhaglaw


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