Nessa the Young

Nessa (Q."Youth") is the rather carefree and beautiful wife of the Vala Tulkas.


Nessa was the fairest of the maidens of Yavanna.Her fana was that of a strong, agile and athletic but graceful young woman with fiery red-orange hair and eyes of violet.


Joy, celebration, happiness, Dance, Running, Deer.

A ritual Dancer


Of all the Valier, only Vana possesses a wilder spirit. Like her spouse, Nessa loves to run, play, and laugh, taking delight in the celebration of life. She embodies mirth, joy, and happiness and never thinks to bear arms. Above all, though, Nessa dances. Cheerfully fluttering on Valimar's unfading green lawns, she rejoices in dancing whenever she is at home. In the woods, she sportly races the beloved deer that follow her on every frolic, knowing that she can always outrun the beasts that track her. Only Tulkas and Orome are more fleet afoot,





  • Green Rose Crown — Nessa wears a crown made of enchanted green roses in her hair. The crown denotes her station as Queen of Celebration. Its splendid magical glow protects her head as well as any normal helm.
  • Nessa's Goblets
  • Nessa's Carpets -made of living Grass and Flowers.Flowers and Plants bloom wherever she dances
  • robe of flowers from Vana's Gardens


  • Dance — While dancing, Nessa can leap up to 100' vertically and up to 500' horizontally (or anyvariation thereof). She can imitate and improve upon any dance, tumbling maneuver, or acrobatic maneuver she has ever seen.
  • Song-weaving — Nessa can use her voice to create any sound within the range of any mammal found in Arda and, while singing, she can communicate with any deer within 4 miles.


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