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Daughter of the Noldor Istarnis and Mahtan, a smith among those most loved by Aule, Nerdanel the Wise wed Feanor. She was as strong willed as her mate, but possessed of greater patience.She desired understanding more than mastery, and for a time her wisdom served to check Feanor when his fiery spirit burned too hot. Yet even her eloquence failed to influence her husband when matched against the wiles of Melkor. The Black Enemy, freed by Manwes pardon to walk Valinor, fanned the jealousy between the sons of Finwe. Listening to Morgoth's lies, Feanor made a seceret forge and tempered fell weapons for himself and his sons. With his armory filled, Feanor spoke of rebellion,urging the Noldor to depart Aman. His words further provoked his half-brothers, who approached their father.Then Feanor drew his sword against Fingolfin and was banished from Tirion. Nerdanel, grieved by her mate's violent arrogance, did not accompany him. Nor did she follow Feanor when he led the hosts of the Noldor to the Kinslaying at Aqualonde and then out of the realm of the Valar. Before her estrangement from Feanor, Nerdanel bore her husband seven sons: Maedhros, Maglor, Celegorm,Curufin, Caranthir, Amrod, and Amras. Some portion of her calm strength did she impart to them, but their father s passionant spirit was more evident in the deeds all seven. Nerdanel lost her sons with her husband, for they departed Aman with him. She withstood much for and from Feanor, and it can be said that the fault in their marriage lay not within her.


red-brown hair


  • Necklace of the seven sons


  • Istarnië