The Nelyar (Q."Third Ones",Av."Neledëiär") were the host of Enel and the third of the original three elven Kindreds. They were the ancestors of the Teleri (including both, the High-elven Falmari and the Umanyarin Sindar and Nandor) and the Nelyarin-Avari, notably the Penni.


The early Nelyar were simple hunter-gatherers, mostly enjoying a nomadic life.In contrast to the Minyar and Tatyar they preferred dense Woodlands, riverine valleys and coastal areas over mountains, hills or open plains.Many were adapt musicians and woodworkers and some had made early efforts as Boatbuilders as well.


The Nelyar were for the most part a bit smaller and more graceful and less muscular than the Tatyar. While their complexion varied from Ivory, silver and lavender to darker or red skin, most were dark haired and dark eyed, with a few Blond, grey and silver- or white-haired exceptions.


The Nelyarin Avari might be identified with the Erlini of Loremaster (ICE Series).

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