Needlehole Overview

Needlehole was a Small village at the last ford over the Fairwater.

Needlehole about TA 1540

A rude family of Dunmen, the Measgans, run a tavern and inn here. The local Hobbits do not like them and offer little neighborly warmth. The Dunmen are hoping to sell out. So far, no Hobbit desiring to live in the area has come up with enough hard currency.

Needlehole about TA 3019

A peaceful riverside farming village. Floods are never as severe here as downriver. A river spirit, now taking the form of an elderly Hobbit , warns of flood danger and sometimes directs diking efforts.

Places of Note

  • Mailbox
  • Needlehole Pass
  • Old Ruins and Mine
  • Postman Redsmith
  • Rushock Gate
  • Stable-master - Hending Gamgee
  • Supplier Ulfar
  • Tavern and Inn


About T.A. 3018:

Bounder Chubb Daffodil Daisy Baggins-Boffin Filibert Bolger Griffo Boffin Hending Gamgee Herluf Iris Chubb Old man of Needlehole Onar Postman Redsmith Ulfar


  • MERP:The Shire
  • LOTRO:The Shire: Needlehole
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