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Ned Ashleaf was a man who was a member of the Ruffians that secretly operated in the city of Bree during the Third Age.


Known to be much of laughter sometimes, Ned Ashleaf was in to thievery these days which made him an honory member of the Ruffians that had terrorized in all sorts of places in Eriador. While mianly stationing himself at Bree, Ned would sometimes take a time off in the Prancing Pony and enjoy the fresh ale. Since he enjoyed the ale very much, Ned would not learn how to stop laughing from all the jokes he be hearing. During the War of the Ring, Ned was involved in helping his fellow Ruffians in taking Bree for the glory of their leader Sharkey, who sought to conquer all of Eriador. He was soon killed in the skirmish.


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