Nauk Zigildûn

Nauk Zigildûn
was the son of Ôrhi and the Dwarf Lord Ghâl Drûinakh. He became King of Rûrîk in T.A. 100 and ruled the Wailed Land in easternmost Endor until his, death in T.A. 280. His reign marked the dawn of the Age of the Hammer in the East.

Since the marriage of Nauk's parents symbolized the union of the Two Tribes of Ruuriik, young Nauk enjoyed a great deal of popularity from the outset of his very special life. Nauk's father Ghal, the second Lord of Ahule and chief counsellor to King Fulla XIV of Ruuriik, was the old and wise uncle of Barôr, the Lord of the Stonefoots. Nauk's mother Ôrhi, King Fulla's favorite niece, was the daughter of Fullm, Aside from completing the restoration of Ruuriik begun by Fulla XIV, Nauk was best known for having recovered the famous North Hammer from the Halls of the Mirror. He journeyed to the foul Halls in early S.A. 3441. The subterranean chambers were located deep beneath the mountain called Umlaher Danali, the highest peak in the Iron Mountains, and once comprised an upper Deep within Utumno, Most of the Halls survived Utumno´s destruction in the First Age. They were partially restored by the servants of the Nazgul Hoarmurath of Dir in the late Second Age, who used the delving to house ihe enchanted Mithril Mirror. Wrested from the Dwarf-lord Zigilûk along with the North Hammer, the Mirror was purportedly a gift from Mahal (Aule) and was therefore sacred to the Naugrim, The long, heroic tale of Nauk's Quest for the Hammer is too involved to document here. Suffice it to say, the Dwarven Prince retrieved the prized North-Hammer and returned to Ruuriik in early T.A. 1. Unfortunately, it was lost again when Nauk was slain by Amis Shug in T.A. 280. According to legend, the Hammer slipped from Nauk's grasp and plunged into a chasm the moment before Amis killed him, Nauk's accomplishments are many. Among other feats, he killed Sauron's famous "Slayer" or assassin, Shurûn Dûrax, in S.A. 3436. He also defeated Priclis, the Warden of Mithrisars, in an epic meelee during Midyears S .A. 3440. Nauk and his wife Nûiz had seven children: Nîz, Ballo, Rôn Airr, Fhûr, Drûhor, Nhâm and Nhûm. Both Ballo and Roin died during the Kank Rising in T.A,22. Nauk was succeeded to the Throne by his third son Fhûr.

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Original form:Naug Zigildum = Nauk Zigildûn


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