Mine of Nargubraz


The ancestral home of the Blacklocks people, located in the southwestern Orocarni. Nargubraz was founded in YT 1115 and stood fast and unconquered from the outside right into the Fourth Age.

After T.A. 2460 when the Necromancer was expelled from his halls, Var’s house willingly left their home, vowing only to return after Sauron had been defeated and the tribe’s shame being redeemed - initiating the history of the Axes of Nargubraz] order. After Sauron’s fall, Var’s people officially re-located their royal home to Nargubraz in the first year of the Fourth Age.


T.A. 2063 Sauron flees Dol Guldur into the East, where he takes refuge at Nargubraz. War with Vigdís's people erupts again.

T.A. 2460 Saruman helps Var and Vigdís's people to expel Sauron from Nargubraz. The feud between the two houses set right once and for all.

Ref.: Other Minds magazine, issue 4

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