The Nandor spoke a Telerin dialect called Nandorin or Danian.After the split of the Nandor the west-Danian dialect evolved into Ossiriandeb (also Ossiriandic, Ossiriandrin or Ossiriandish and Laiquenderin or later Uialrin, Sîrrandrai and Lindellin) while East-Danian evolved into Leikvian or Silvan-Elvish (with dialects such as Galadhrin and Lam Tawaren).


  • Primitive Quendian
    • Common Eldarin
      • Archaic Telerin
        • Lemberin
          • Nandorin
            • West-Danian
              • Ossiriandeb (Green-Elvish)
                • Siragalian or Siranna
              • Uialrin
              • Lindellin or Eriadorian Nandorin
            • East-Danian
              • Leikvian
                • Lórien Silvan or Galadhrin
                • Mirkwood Silvan or Lam Tawaren
                • Taliska and Old Magol
              • Lossidilrin (Snow-Elvish)
              • Southern Nandorin
                • Hawnin
                • Ithilian


alm - elm-tree
Amroth - up-climber
-as - group, host
Beorn - man, warrior
Bor - fist
car - building, house
Caras - moated settlement
cogn - bow
cwenda -Elf
Dan - one who turned back
Danas, Dani - followers of Dan, those who turned back
Danitharo - saviour of the Dani
don -place, land
dóri -land, people
duil- spring
dunna - black
ealc - swan
eb -language, tongue
edel, elda - elf
el - lady, female ending
enel - middle
Eria -lonely
fene - shape
fin - slope, height
Gal - growth
Galad - tree
Galion - descendant of growth
Garma -wolf
gof -fruit
gol -light
golas -foliage
Golda - a Noldo
gwind - girl
hrassa -precipe
ion - scion, descendant
larm - elm tree
Leg, leik - green
Len - far, arrive
Lindai, Lindi - Singers, Wood-Elves
Linda, Lind - Singer, Wood-Elf
Lindon - Place of song
Lindóri - Singers, Wood-Elves
Lóri - golden
lygn - pale
meord -fine rain
nand - Valley
Nel - bell
Nî - woman
Nim - white
Nimrodel - lady of the white grotto
on -man, male ending
or - rise
orgof - rising fruit
Orgol - rising light
Oro - Mountain, height
Oron - tree
ornar - forest
rod - cave, grotto
scella, sciella - shade, screen
seld - daughter
Snaes -spear-point
spenna- cloud
Swarn - crooked, corrupted
telf - silver
telfin - silvern, of silver
Tharo - saviour
Thran - vigorous
Tôr - wood
Urc - Orc pl. yrc
Utum - deep
vir -host, folk

Outer information

Tolkien's Nandorin languages seem to have been inspired mainly by anglo-saxon, gothic and maybe to some degree by old Greek.The Neo-Nandorin languages, made up the the ICE Authors, are however loosely based on Estonian vocabulary.In 2000 Tolkien-Linguist David Salo published an extensive study and document on Nandorin geaturing a dictionary of Neo-Nandorin in #28 of Other Hands Magazine.He based most of his Neo-Nandorin on the few given Nandorin fragments and to some degree of Tolkien's earlier Ilkorin and Goldogrin languages.

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