The Vale of Angmar

  • Type: Highland Plateau.
  • Area: 12,050 square miles.
  • Elevation: average 3,746 feet.lowest point confluence of the Anghiril with the Anghir 2,100 feet. highest point: western end of the Angirith (S. "Iron Pass") 5.673 feet.
  • Climate: average annual precipitation: 10-20 inches.mean annual temperature- 22-32°F average low. Gwaeron - 20°F average high: Ivanneth 77°F
  • Composition: The rugged land of Angmar is made up largely of deeply eroded limestone, which robs the surface soil of the little water it receives. Some igneous and metamorphic rock is present in the vicinity of the Hithaeglir. The Witch-king's fortress at Carn Dûm appears to be built on and around a massive block of dull red granite. The forces of Angmar rely upon the mountains for their mineral resources, for any valuable ores on the plateau are buried too deeply to trouble about.
  • Notes: The Nan Angmar is a natural fortress, and for this reason (as well as its proximity to Amor) the Witchking chose to make it his home. The soil is frozen for most of the year, there is little water to encourage agriculture, and the lack of trees puts lumber in critically short supply.The slaves of Angmar manage to survive, however, despite the odds. The few plants which grow on the plateau are uniformly small and hardy: coarse grasses, mosses, lichens, ferns, heather, and an assortment of bizarre succulents.


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