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This list is a compilation of names from Middle-earth, either from J. R. R. Tolkien's Legendarium, or secondary and tertiary works (e.g. the MERP Modules). Some Middle-earth languages are very well devised, while others are either just fragments or not worked out at all. So several of these lists are disputable. For example: the Avarin and Nandorin lists encompass elven names that seem obscure or seem to incorporate elements that are of non-Sindarin and non-Quenya origin and might be Avarin or Nandorin; the final choice has mostly been made for geographical reasons (names from Mirkwood and Belfalas are more likely Nandorin or Nandorin-influenced than Avarin). Other lists were made by conjecture, either because the bearer of a name belonged to a specific culture or the name has strong similarities in sound and spelling to a name from a known language; for example: names from Enedhwaith that were obviously of non-sindarin and non-welsh origin but have similarity to names of persons from the People of Haleth were guessed to be of old Gwathuirin (i.e. Halethian) origin.


Naming in Middle-Earth


The Ainur originally had names in their own mental or spiritual language. When they descended to Arda they made languages of their own, notably Valarin and its various dialects. However Valarin was too complicated and complex for the Eruhini, so the Ainur often took names in the languages of the Elves or even Men. It was common for one of the Ainur to have a large number of names and by-names, often in many different languages, depending on the cultures in which the entity was known.


Dwarves would take secret names in their language Khuzdul that they would only use when among their own, and additionally outer names from the language of whatever region they lived, commonly the Mannish tongues. Rarely a Khuzdul name would become known to outsiders and these usually were rather titles or nicknames (example: Azaghâl) than the Dwarves' true names. The Longbeards usually chose Dalish names (example: Thorin) while the Broadbeams and Firebeards often took Sindarin (example: Naugladur), Dunlendish (example: Balin) or Lossothren (example: Lennar) names, but after moving to Rhovanion both houses would also often adapt dalish names. The four Eastern Houses would commonly take Easterling (example: Sadal) or Avarin (example: Talin) names or even names from Haradwaith (example: Túlor) or the Utter South (example: Mîn) if they would travel those lands, however they also took names from the Westlands, for example when they came to the northwest to gather or deal with important issues of the seven tribes (for example the Wars against the Orcs). As Dwarves would often use the same or similar sounding names (sometimes taken from tales or history) they would add their father's (more rarely their mother's) name as an address (example: Gimli son of Glóin); sometimes also by-names based on special traits or feats could be added (Example:Thorin Oakenshield).


Elven naming tradition was ancient and known as essë to the High Elves. At birth or near birth the elven mother would choose an amilessë (or mother-name) for her child; at the same time the father would give the child an ataressë[1] (father-name) which would often be based on his own name (it wasn't uncommon for male elves to bear the same or a similar name as their father and brothers, or for female elves to bear the female variant of their father's name). As the Elf grew older (s)he would often acquire an epessë, a by-name often honorific or based or outstanding traits. Often this would become the elf's main or best-known name while the other names would be used only in private by the close family members, but sometimes also the amilessë or ataressë could evolve into the elf's main name (although it was more usual that the amilessë would stay a private name only used by family and close friends, and the ataressë was the public name until an epessë was chosen). Sometimes the Elf would also take a name by himself, often to disguise himself or to refer to deeds or personal history, often such a kilmessë could be translations of their original amilessë or ataressë, for example the Noldor often translated their original Quenya names into Sindarin or mixed-forms (example: Feänor's original name was Curufinwë Feänáro; the Sindarin form of the name would have been Curufinweg Faenor, but instead he became known under a mixed-translation as Feänor). Galadriel's full name was Nerwen (amilessë) Artanis (ataressë) Alatariel (epessë given to her by Celeborn) but she became known as Galadriel, the Sindarin form of her epessë.


The original naming tradition of the Halflings was lost, if there had ever been one. In later Ages the Halflings took names from the mannish languages they had adapted; usually these names would describe outstanding character traits (example: Smeagol meant "he who burrows"). These personal names could be replaced by nicknames or titles (as Gollum became known as Gollum because of the gargling sounds he made). The Hobbits of the Shire had adapted names from mannish history and so it was common for descendants of the Fallohides to bear the names of great Northron heroes (example: Odoacar) or for Stoors to bear the names of great Dunlending or Enedhwaithian Chieftains and Lords (example: Gorbadoc). After the Hobbits had settled the Shire their families added surnames which became family-names and often were taken from the native place (example: Gamgee from the Hamlet Gamwich) or profession (example: Gardener) of a name's first bearer or special traits (Example: Proudfoot).


Black Númenóreans: The descendants of the Kingsmen would avoid elvish names and take archaic Adûnaic names (Example:Imrazôr), however as their culture declined more often vulgar-adûnaic (example: Alukhôr) or mixed forms of adûnaic and Haradrim (example: Telkurhaô) names would be used. Pious adherents of the Dark Cults, careerists or scions of families which had been servants of the Darl Lord for many generations also often took names from the Black Speech.

Drúedain The Drúedain use simple desciptive names for example Aghan (Drû."Very Wise"). Some also used patronymic elements for example -buri- (Drû."son of"), -praga- (Drû."daughter") or -ora- (Drû."descendant of"). Ghân-buri-Ghân essentially meant "Wise-son-of-the-Wise".

Dúnedain: The Dúnedain of Arnor and Gondor would commonly choose Elvish names or more rarely Edainic names from old myths or history. The Gondorian nobility would often choose Quenya names while the Arnorian nobles would rather take names from Sindarin. Quenya names were originally seen as a sign of royal descend and were abandoned by anorian nobles after the division of Arnor and by gondorian nobles after the end of the royal line with King Eärnur. More rare were archaic Adûnaic names, but such names were common among some of the older families such as the Princes of Dol Amroth. The lower Nobility and lower urban classes would often choose names from old myths or history which often were of either Sindarin or Edainic origin, sometimes mixed forms were used too (example: Boromir). Sometimes the birth-name could also be replaced or enhanced with a kind of epessë based on a certain achievement or personal history (example: Rómendacil).

Dunlendings: The Dunlendings would either choose their names from their tribal language (example: Doeth) or more archaic names from old tales or history (example: Hareth). Sometimes the name of the family or clan could be added as a form of address (example: Enion Gorust) but the clan-name could often be replaced by a by-name based on a feat or trait (example: Eribhen da Moigh). In later times the Dunlendings and Healfblod also would also take names from the language of their rohirric neighbours or translate their own dunlendish names into rohirric (examle: Wulf).

Easterlings: The Easterlings took names from their own tribal dialects (example: Bór) which could be based on personal traits (example: Shorab = Old Man) or personal history (example: Khamûl = horrible Thrall). Often by-names could be added which were also often based on special traits (example: Ulfang the Black) or personal history (example: Bór the Faithful). Occasionally these names could be superficially eldarinized, when the Easterlings had contacts to the Sindar, (example: Ulfang) or attuned to other languages as the Black Speech (example: Kómul = Khamûl). Often a child's name would be based on the father's name or begin with the same syllable (example: Bór and Bórlad). The Easterlings of Rhûn often added the name of their Clan or Tribe as an address, some tribes would set this family-name before (example: Hôs Harf = Harf of the Hôs Clan) others behind their personal name (example: Meonid Itô = Meonid of the Itô Clan). Some of the Easterling Peoples from the Far East would also add the name of their House or Family to their personal name (example: Dendra Dwâr = Dwâr of House Dendra) or add their native country to their personal name (example: Klea-Shay = Klea from Shay).

Eriadorians: The Eriadorians would take names from the Common Speech (example: Bert) or old tribal dialects (example: Cole). Often they would also bear a clan- or family name (example: Butterbur). These clan- and family names could have different origins, the Breemen would often have names of plants (example: Ferny) but other eriadorian men would have names based on hometowns (example: Colwich) or obscure origin (example: Pooth). At earlier times the Eriadorians had borne names of edainic or closely related origin (example: Balan) and sometimes these names could also still be common in the more remote regions of Eriador.

Gondorians: The Urban classes would often take names similar to those of the lower nobility which were often of Sindarin or Edainic origin while the rural men often took names from the language of their Old Gondorian forefathers. On occasion also the lower nobility would bear indigenious names (example: Forlong). Indigenous gondorian names often could use the prefix Tal- to refer to a special ancestor (example: Tal-Elmar = descendant of Elmar) often in combination with the patronymic u- (example: Tal-Elmar uHazad = descendant of Elmar and son of Hazad) but often also a byname based on a special feat or trait could come into use (example: Hazad Longbeard). The more urban Gondorians however often chose bynames indicating provenance from a certain settlement or region (example: Findegil of the Sirith) or a special feat or profession (example: Húrin of the Keys).

Haradrim: The Haradrim usually chose names from their own myriad dialects. These names often were based on character or reputation (example: Incánus = Spy from the north). The Near-Haradrim would often add the patronymic do or the matronymic sut and the name of the parent to their name (example: Harûth do Ramam = Harûth son of Raman or Yezmin sut Zareb = Yezmin daughter of Zareb), at later times these names could become the names of outstanding ancestors and become the name of the entire family or Clan, often the patronymic or matronymic syllable could be omitted (example: Khrâd Nissin = Khrâd of Nissins Clan). Often Names could also be replaced by titles (example: Akil). In Far-Harad also higher classes would add the name of their House to their personal name (example: Carnen Mek = Carnen of House Mek) or Heads of clans would be addressed by the Title and the Clan Name (example: Pon Opar = Chief of the Opar) or the Clan Chief would by addressed by his clans name (example: Gusar = the one (=head of the) Gusar) Names could also express the profession or reputation of a person (example: Al-Tufayil = the mediator expedient). The more sophisticated urban classes or Haradrim from strongly númenóreanized countries would also choose names of mixed origin (example: Alcârin) or adapt their indigenous names to adûnaic spelling and pronunciation (example: Suladân).

Northmen: The Northmen of Rhovanion took personal names from their own languages, however the forms often were archaic and could be taken from old titles (example: Eorl) or Weapons (example: Fram). In earlier times these personal names could also be based on outstanding feats (example: Elfwine = Elf-friend) or places of origin (example: Vidugavia = He who dwells in the Woods). Often they would add the father's or mothers name as addressing (example: Hildeson) or a by-name based on a special trait or feat could be added (example: Théoden Ednew or Bard Bowman). Sometimes also the home or place of birth could be added (examples: of Westfold or of Grimslade)

Snowmen: The Snowmen would bear short and simple names either chosen from old myths and tales (example: Grimk) or taken out of their own daily language (example: Jûoma = Beverage).


Orcs would bear simple names taken from words from the orcish dialects.These names would either describe special traits (example: Lug = Tower) or feats (example: Uglúk = Slayer) or were intended to sound intimidating (example: Bolg = the Cruel or wild One). Only on rare events Orcs would take a second name or byname and these names could often be rather titles (example: Gorgol the butcher) or translations of their orcish names into the common speech.

Adûnaic Names (Black Númenóreans, Dúnedain)

Female: Abattamil Adîruphel Adûnaphel Akhôraphil Amîn Amraphel Andramîn Ankalakali Aranitir Ardamîn Arkhabel Arophel Avradî Azgaradî Azra Azrabêl Azrakali Azranû Azrubêl Azûlamin Azûlaphel Balakradî Balzamîth Banakali Baranithil Bawâbêth Belzahîn Borabêth Borozirân Dairaphel Daramîn Daurumîn Dolgurân Durammî Galazini Gamalzinî Gilazil Gamîn Gastuzirân Gimilammê Gimilnitîr Gimilzân Gubalkali Gulamîth Êruhanêth Hallakali Îmin Imralis Imramîn Imrazil Imrazin Indabra Indokali Inziladûn Inzilbêth Irazil Kabilanî Kalezinî Kaldrammê Kallabamâl Karabammê Karabinzil Karmakhibil Kastakali Keldranithil Khôraleth Khôraphel Kostobêth Lôkhradî Lômebêth Lôminzil Malazra Malekhibil Maranî Miduranî Minalyô Miriphel Môramîth Mûrabêth Mûrekali Nâlohîn Nardammî Narîkabel Nimruphel Nizrithil Nûrigmil Ôlazra Ôloranî Omîn Penramin Pharazigmil Pharazirân Phazanîn Phôralêth Rabalis Radamîn Raduphel Rhomîn Rothramin Rozilân Sakaladûn Sakalûrê Sapadamîr Sarkarabra Suladûn Sulumkali Sûralêth Tamarnithil Tâna Tara Tarammî Taramin Teldûrkhibil Tirammî Ugrukali Uligmil Umbraphel Ûndaphel Urudigmil Ûrzakali Yôazra Yôlômin Yônûri Zabranithil Zagarigmil Zagrazinî Zamîn Zaramîth Zayanitir Zigruphel Zimradûn Zimrahin Zimrakhîn Zimraphel Zîrabel Zîraphel Zîrkali Zîrphel Zîrubêl Zôramîth

Male: Abattârik Abdakhil Abrazân Abrazîr Adrahil Adrazar Adrazôr Adûkhôr Adûnakhôr Adûnahil Adûnavar Adûnarik Adûnazil Adûntarik Adûrazil Agandaur Agâr Aglahad Agrahil Akallazôr Akhôrahil Alarik Alukhôr Amân Amrahad Amrahil Amrukhôr Ankhathôr Ankorahil Aphanuzîr Aradhil Arahad Arakhôr Araphôr Arbazân Ardukhôr Arimûr Arkhâd Arkhahil Arkhâzil Arûn Azakhâd Azalamir Azalthôr Azrabêlo Azrabêlôhin Balazôr Balzathôr Banazîr Barazôn Belekthôr Belzagar Belzazar Borathôr Borazôn Camrahil Celdrahil Cerizor Dethôr Dezinôr Edrahil Edorhil Erazôn Erdukhôr Farâhil Galathil Gilgôr Gimilkhâd Gimilthôr Gimilzagar Gimilzôr Gubal Haldrahir Ibâl Idrazôr Imrabâl Imrahil Imrakhôr Imralad Imralon Imrazar Imrazim Imrazôr Imrohir Indilzar Indoklâr Indrazôr Kalazân Kalazôr Kaldrahil Kaldûrmîr Karma Karnîn Kheldrahil Khôradûr Khôragân Khôrahil Khôraphil Lôkhazôr Lôkhuzôr Malezar Marahil Menezîr Midûrmîr Môrazar Mudûrmîr Mûlkhêr Mûrazôr Nardû Nîlardû Nîmradan Nimrugast Nimruzân Nimruzîr Nûrmîr Olrakhôr Olorakhôr Penrahil Pharazôn Pharazîr Phorakôn Radagast Radazîr Rôrik Sakal Sakalthôr Sakalûrê Sakhôr Sarkan Sarkarphôr Shakhôr Sukhôr Sulkhôr Takhûr Tamar Tarhad Teldûrmîr Telkurhâd Telkurhaô Tîrakhôr Tîrazôr Tîrkhôr Tôlmîr Tulzôr Ulbar Ulkathôr Ûlonakh Ulzor Ûrzahil Zagarakhôr Zimrahil Zimrakhil Zimrathôn Zimtarik Zôkhad Zôrab Zôrakhôr Zôrakhathôr Zôrik

Avarin Names (Avari, Stonefoots, Blacklocks, Wood-Elves)

Female: Aglindi Ánaknai Andanai Amatâru Oüruël Âratal Tarôdanu Artaurnein Tarôvaien Arxdonai Arital Balnai Ininai Kúrnai Dardarîann Dardarînî Dekdanai Dulonai Dendinâ Kläental Kläinidrû Nonai Kläisi Klâvin Neranenle Norien Ennan Ehelisi Elnai Eloröel Eniärel Evetal Evëaril Ermathail Etarûrel Etanai Fanrel Farlrîni Farlvïen Fellmerïell Finnai Forlindala Forïarel Füinai Nalataïell Nurrel Khelurel Ildanëinê Inidaril Ingrel Irtâla Ianedela Ïaturel Khelerel Khelurel Khonguru Kindirel Kiralian Koréklâvened Lanrel Lirana Litrel Lomorânâ Lôris Lîsan Manârel Mormirêsûli Morwin Murtal Mûrel Nadrel Narkalinâ Nikëoli Navakînâ Nómîrel Novogunïu Näiëtal Orofâtal Ororedu Tarassûrênâ Virtireset Pudüiënâ Radris Râwir Arimornâ Rihenâris Rilgëia Risil Rûtal Sarkarïak Sazarîgïell Selenrû Selevëiëlle Sil Silîdênâ Sirüinê Sûliun Sûlisendâ Süiürîgïell Talremis Târai Tarkurel Tïalïaläen Teluvened Teriläen Tëintâ Tignâ Tiliwinî Tirial Tortal Terdînâ Tûtal Tûn Ûvedëinâ Oköimïel Öurûlinvïen Balsûli Wäirêsûli Balmortal Bánïanâi Vïaürinantal Welesarîgïell Wendenval Ïari Ïarklinlâ Ïabkambâ Ïeltal Ïendilu Ïarimu

Male: Airêdîl Aikvanar Amaross Andârâx Târöind Târôdûbal Arxdukanga Awârom Balka Böada Kalind Kirissu Inipher Kuristäel Kurgonod Darïen Dekdarïo Dendînen Tulküamornâ Dunsûli Durâx Etolind Elerïaïar Elmir Elor Eloröi Elôru Enöiömorn Eöl Ermon Erokil Erunil Etäus Fanar Fangli Fankil Farada Finloss Forïaren Fúkil Garag Nornakher Nurukher Khelluni Idridala Ïerîg Ingva Ithloss Irdvaska Ïowanwa Kheglinâ Kheleklind Khelekara Khelurind Kherû Khôgoru Kindâ Kläen Langon Lîtu Manâgrom Manâgron Maru Mirëio Moraglâ Morâna Moru Lamâtankâ Lavarrê Lindâsûli Lïarindi Mônarlan Morfâna Morturuk Moru Mormäilgax Müar Namu Nanadar Näukâ Nôlêtat Nômikund Nuin Nuru Olândêr Orokir Orofâfor Oroikî Oröum Porokêl Prikilis Ralëanâ Rangôlëir Randanu Ringâlind Rumbarmerâx Ronnâdêl Silimâ Silimâmast Sûlidun Sûlihervok Sûru Tandâverû Tareg Tarëil Tarkas Tarkwindelan Taurklalaxa Tavinâkir Teluvo Terinsëo Tëiëköiru Tigonod Thoronöakla Toreg Terdînus Terumornâ Tû Tûlu Túvo Ûvedëind Ulkambâmbar Ulkambâtûl Ûrlôki Väile Balglînd Balkirissu Ballind Balnâr Balmornôl Vathoru Verûdene Väilëiätul Ïaru Ïarakla Ïuldavalnäor

Dorwinic Names (Dorwinrim)

female: Aldena Aldie Arcatia Atizil Baba Baldroni Baradi Baromba Baumna Behhrin Behhorn Bellia Ben Bendretta Benisa Biarda Blakylle Cardily Daelhaelin Devana Doda Donu Dreceld Dreloni Dudannis Durzil Dwári Ejjena Fendi Fennil Fiolla Fionella Foradi Foseta Fosta Freke Frella Frezil Frie Fu Fuik Fulda Fulnis Galori Galva Galvilya Garlana Gergadi Gilen Ginfilian Giordia Glaodi Gode Gorlana Gralis Greadi Gromadi Haldradi Hanadi Hannis Haradja Haroni Henra Hillia Hruoda Hylga Istadi Jaga Jecha Jeppa Jirfelian Jirfelien Jordalla Jorga Jula Kaidani Kalpadi Karika Kella Khillia Koldana Koleda Kondreta Kondretta Koradi Korla Lada Lado Lahra Laidie Leigadi Lelya Lelzil Logabath Lolla Mara Marzanna Meda Mede Mikoni Modra Mondonu Monnis Montia Nanguth Nargladi Noralda Opinella Orladi Paldie Paloni Pertha Pholoni Pranis Radonú Rathmere Reda Reomba Rhona Ricen Ricole Rogatha Ruthini Satroni Scordonu Selde Silvi Siwa Siwe Stampa Stefa Sulomba Sultoni Tardonu Tavhaelin Theldónu Tildie Uldona Urgaelin Vabusoa Valgavia Vallni Vanis Varlada Velnis Vila Wagyora Wanoni Wedori Wella Wendi Wensche Wensie Westora Widlo Widonu Yarnis Yaroni Yelta Zisa Zorica Zosia

male:Ailclar Asar Athello Atilik Bartaff Bartok Belobog Berstuk Biel Bog Brax Brothwen Cilis Chosum Cliven Creto Cuando Cyrus Daerthon Daled Dasron Davnos Dolgrist Drear Drekeld Drel Drexel Drusso Dudannis Dwóin Dworin Eldran Er Fano Farald Faran Fennil Filgo Flins Foret Forgar Forlet Forrd Frec Fregin Fulius Fulvius Garannon Gargal Garth Gendo Gergeli Gerovit Gersemi Glaos Goerdo Gollo Grac Greba Grimwasa Grof Grom Haldraker Hamalf Handel Hanedin Henelena Hilic Hirforn Húwo Hylo Istagol Jall Jampett Jani Kaidin Kaldigar Káidin Kalporin Karghiz Kelgi Konnul Korl Krodo Krulla Kurit Laif Lanios Layos Leigos Lel Levdan Lodeti Lollus Maijesk Malador Manins Marcatio Margran Mendal Mikel Mond Montag Montieff Morena Morreg Morse Moscote Múldek Nargloss Necimanig Ogel Oleg Ollonis Orlot Othelk Pad Pallman Palol Palon Pebro Pepbro Perlan Phol Polel Porlot Pralorn Radigast Ransur Rebo Rellin Reto Rencil Rod Rolm Rost Ruazal Rurik Rutingast Saladi Satar Sater Scorba Sethrian Stenk Stuffo Styb Sult Svelm Tavlo Thelos Tilo Turkelin Urgan Valla Vagor Voscu Vuric Wansutt Wargiz Waser Watoler Waul Wedke Wemetree Wensel Wili Winlos Winslo Wuid Vagofft Veles Yar

Drûghic Names (Drûghu)

Female:Aghi Alga An Anû Anbû Aru Baba Bal Balish Bandu Bâr Bilit Bhâm Bhû Bosru Bûra Dag Deghi Dhûr Dîra Drât Dumu Durga Eda Enki Êru Gal Gami Gês Ghôb Girin Gîsh Grûna Ghûr Gnô Hâl Hohîn Hûm Igâna Îna Irra Îsh Isi Kâl Kam Kara kâsi Kgûg Lhân Lhôs Lîl Lipi Lû Lûgha Lum magû maka mâmi Mish Mon Mônu Munzu Nâ Nân Nash Ning Nish Nûrga Nûz Nuzi Ora Onrî Prâga Rêta Rîgha Rûgha Rûm Sani Sêri Shrî Sîmu Shush Skâl Sûbu Sûda Sûmu Sûr Ra Tala Tâni Thena Tîli Tûa Tûm Tura Ûbu Ûgh Uksa Ûra Wôt Yûn Zâbi Zân Zîb zibti Zîda Zimû Zûr

Male: Aghan Agĥar Agûnu Akaji Ari Aru Baito Balûk Bhâg Bhân Bhûran Boghan Brâm Bûran Buri Dendra Dhân Dhôr Dhûn Dîn Dôb Durghân Dwâr Dwêm Dwîm Êkh Êno Fanghîn Frûm Ghabran Ghâl Ghâr Ghân Ghân-buri-Ghân Ghîn Ghûri Gnô Gor Gôr Gorghân Guri Ighin Ikana Îko Iôn Jûn Khan Khôn Khôr Khûn Khûr Khûrni Kô Krôg Kûnbeshû Lâm Lân Lôga Lôk Mîn Mori Nhâg Ôgran Ôk Oku Ôm Ombra Ôn Onak Or Ôra Ôrn Ôshaghan Padû Pulo Pôn Pragha Prûg Rhân Reghân Rhûd Shêrl Shîn Shûl Slîl Sogrân Sûm Tebîn Tômu Tica Tîga Tôri Twîr Trî Uri Ûro Wreni

Edainic Names (Eriadorians, Dúnedain)

Female: Acerinza Aderil Aegadis Aegaril Aerden Agaden Agalam Aibel Aithora Aivlit Akbuldis Akbuleth Alareth Alaril Alaris Alarra Aldabel Aldis Aldreth Aldura Alduris Algael Alilit Alisabel Allit Allureth Almrus Alnrid Alrabel Althora Amadis Amardese Amareth Amaris Amarlam Amdis Amleth Amliel Amlit Amra Amrid Amris Amthalia Amtharinna Anarel Anaril Anbel Anchel Andama Andara Andarra Andis Andlan Andra Andreth Andrid Andril Angari Angarinna Angelend Angelibel Angeliril Angerinna Anglam Anglit Angrid Angrus Anskemidese Anveldis Arahantris Aramberiel Aramel Archel Ardalam Árelia Arfandreth Argelit Aris Arlan Arlend Arma Arndis Arteveld Arveld Asgari Avabel Avadis Avantril Avathris Averis Avradis Awenabel Awerid Axardis Balasilit Baldis Balreth Balris Balthrodril Balureth Bandril Baradis Baragrid Baragril Baralam Baralan Baraldril Baranden Bardis Baril Barnlit Baroleth Bartrid Bassamba Bea Bedis Begoleth Behoril Behrilit Bela Belavanna Beldis Belegreth Belegril Belemrid Belenel Belerdis Belerid Beletel Beleth Belguiril Bellan Belvie Beneoleth Benleth Beocryn Beogril Beoralan Beoralit Beorbel Beoru Beradis Beranleth Beredu Beregril Beregris Berelam Berendis Berenel Bereth Berethril Bergrid Beril Berillan Berilleth Berndis Berodis Bessandis Bethuril Betrid Birlest Birlrid Birwin Blogath Bolgrid Bondareth Boralit Borandis Borcarid Borduril Borlinte Bornbeneleth Bornberis Borodis Borolam Boroleth Boromis Boronel Braegril Braeris Bragoluva Bralan Bralit Braniden Bravile Breglan Brelit Brendis Breoril Brethel Briam Bridoleth Bulris Cadnuel Cadril Caidlee Cairbel Calabel Caladis Calamere Calimiri Camalleth Camalril Camarina Camulreth Camulris Cannabel Canril Caraden Caralit Carcadis Carcaril Caribel Cartheleth Cathralam Cathranel Celendis Celeph Celeril Celesdis Celibel Cendrabel Cestine Cidibel Cieril Cimreth Cimril Civrui Clemendis Clothiel Coridis Corlaris Corubel Corvadis Craiebel Cuisan Cuoreth Curimardin Curis Dagabel Dagaril Dairin Dairis Dalam Damaian Damatring Darabeth Darana Daris Daroeth Delnen Delsiel Demuret Denamil Deneth Deremis Deris Desirnen Detulian Dindamil Dinil Diremis Dirhamil Dolisin Dongoeth Donvin Doraian Doramis Dorimil Dorvin Dosiel Dregoris Drineth Dromian Dromirvin Drosiel Drualphien Druneth Dunheuet Duranil Durbil Duris Durkasiel Duruldis Durvareth Eagachel Earhalrui Ebeleth Eboris Echarunel Edalris Edarui Edinna Edrid Edris Egale Egebel Egule Eilinel Eketrid Elabriel Elachel Elaeris Elagreth Elasanel Eldaradis Elerína Elgarian Elgerid Elgrui Elibel Elloreth Elmar Elmelen Elosian Eltaris Elwing Emerid Emerithdil Enthoris Ephacamrui Eralit Erastel Ercadis Erelleth Erendis Eresrui Erfaudis Ergris Erinna Eruthigrid Erwien Espheme Essebel Etharis Ethudil Eudail Evonyn Evrenrui Faivé Falabel Falatris Falegrid Falgrid Fallanbel Falmadis Fanneris Fanuila Fanuile Fanuira Farachel Faragrid Faranlit Faranril Farenris Fargilien Farrenel Farrenrui Feandis Felabel Felarid Feldagrid Fennelris Fenrid Fentia Feorid Feorui Ferendis Fergelit Ferrichel Fienbel Filligrid Fimaglariel Findumil Galadne Galina Galwéne Gamin Gara Garadyl Gathdîn Gildis Gillen Girge Gleefa Gloranin Glyorivia Grelive Gysiel Haedoriel Haldarie Halharyn Halla Hama Hannei Hardadrimis Hareladrimris Hareth Harondui Helda Herinde Hermgamel Herthien Hidril Hydril Ialanna Idris Igandril Ilaesa Ilday Imisiel Immi Imorial Imralis Inhael Ioanna Ionanna Iovin Íreth Iriel Irurn Jersella Kara Karvien Kerian Kerina Kerit Lamril Laurea Lencasee Lessith Lien Lintinen Lisswen Lith Lorenda Lorgas Lorianna Luinad Luinar Luinna Luwen Marynlinde Melabrian Meldis Meleth Melina Mellas Melmereth Menmeth Mereth Merethiel Merle Midmin Miradel Mirenil Mirin Mirrin Miruimor Mistrin Montúri Mufia Nandina Nathir Nienóri Nimalian Nimphin Ninen Nirdanel Nirnadel Nísi Ohrondril Olpessa Omin Orcare Orian Oteris Othirun Palomare Palomire Pasdal Paz Pelenil Perelenna Perelindre Pyrnen Ramfilante Regeth Remerie Rhomîn Rian Ricane Rieldir Rinel Roane Rogeth Romin Rophire Rosithiel Saenathra Sarkaraxë Selin Selven Sernesta Sinyadal Sirin Sorgire Súlanin Taerwen Taithrisán Tarbeth Tarmin Tembrith Tenebrith Terieth Terimbel Terrien Thandrain Thoril Tilmarin Tinare Tindiath Tís Toeredel Torendra Torifal Twi Uprodera Ursemil Velarian Vengare Vetril Vinie Wainreth Wilhaet Wilrith Wynael Zimrahin

Male:Aegach Agathor Aivnec Akbulkalthir Akbulkathir Aladil Alagarn Aldan Aldurin Algan Algen Algund Allurac Alnoth Alraits Amlach Amarad Amrith Amthal Anaras Andai Andróg Andvír Angan Angelimar Angelimer Angrim Angrus Angtham Anvelig Aramath Aranhantil Arfandhil Arfanhil Argemir Arnach Artan Avador Avanthir Aramath Arcanor Arfandhil Arfanhil Argemir Arland Arleg Arnach Artan Arthad Arthod Arvil Arvoreg Asgon Atargaen Avador Avanthir Avaor Avathion Avegil Avramil Awenahar Axardil Baga Balach Balan Balasimur Ballath Balthrod Balur Bandir Barach Barador Baragan Baragin Baragond Baragor Baragud Baragund Baraldrin Baran Bardir Barnur Barolir Bartrik Beegor Begor Behorn Behrin Belegor Belegud Belegund Belemir Belen Beleram Beletar belguinar Belvor Beneoracer Benor Beogrin Beor Beoraborn Beoracer Berair Beran Bereg Beregar Beregund Beren Berenar Beretar Berethor Bergund Berillan Bernar Beroth Bethurin Bettring Birlest Bolg Bondan Boranas Borandil Borccared Bordúmir Bornbeneor Bornegor Borodor Borohil Boromir Boron Bradir Braegil Braegol Branidor Bregil Bregor Brelam Brend Breor Bridofin Búlin Cadnuir Cairmach Calach Calawim Camallin Camulion Cannal Caradar Caramach Carcamir Carisan Carthean Cathrandil Celemer Celenn Celestir Celimer Cendralion Cidimir Cies Cimbrel Cimrion Clemendan Corinir Corlagon Corutar Corvagin Craier Cuodos Cuthan Dagan Dagar Dairkan Dairuin Damar Darin Daroin Delrim Denathir Dengar Derelon Derullin Desirin Dethor Dintam Direvel Dirhaborn Dirhavel Dolimir Domar Dongorath Donvar Doramir Dorias Dorandrand Doreorn Dorvic Dorvin Dregorn Dregorsgil Drinian Drómar Drómil Dromirbar Drunin Durag Duraldar Durbaran Durgin Durig Durkarian Duruldar Durvar Eagatar Earhaldol Eben Ebor Echarundil Ed Edacar Edalion Edgarth Edrec Egetar Eketta Eläemir Elagost Elamir Elasander Eldaravir Elgen Elgwain Elimer Ellor Eltas Emedil Enthor Ephacamreca Eraster Eratil Ercamir Erellont Erestel Erfaukar Ergrem Erig Erkam Eruthimar Esser Ethadil Evrendir Faladan Falatar Falen Fallandil Fallin Falmathil Fannen Faramir Faran Faranc Farandir Farang Farandal Farrenar Farenar Farren Farrenar Feanion Felamar Felanor Feldas Fenlon Fenneldor Feoran Feotar Feren Fergerin Ferrin Fienwe Fillitir Fimran Finralin Fiorin Finwaren Finwarin Firigil Flavin Fondil Forak Foralc Fordelin Fornagan Forweg Fur Gadhordag Galdeleg Galhen Gallan Gallemon Galt Galtáradil Galun Gamallin Ganimer Gara Garan Gardeleg Grinar Garzec Gathir Gedrin Geer Gendar Geof Gerdon Gerse Gileador Glaran Glastanan Glastanion Glorihirin Gluran Glurin Gollodur Gondlókel Gontran Gordacar Gorlim Goromil Goron Gothrol Grallon Grathian Grethor Grithnir Grunir Guidhlin Guilrod Gundor Gurin Gurtoron Gwathvoron Hador Haenadan Hake Haldalam Haldarion Haluir Hamrath Hamthir Hanastir Harach Harachtin Harathor Harband Hardan Harec Harech Haran Haren Harlluinar Harnastir Hasmir Hathaldir Hathol Hathon Hathor Haurian Heledil Heludar Henderch Henthor Herumil Hevellon Hieryan Hieryon Himramir Hindrasimir Hinrel Hirgrim Holg Horluin Huadil Huithorion Hulorn Húrin Húor Ianwar Iderion Ildramir Ilran Ilsendir Imberin Imcamir Imdor Imlach Imlahir Imrach Imrahil Imralad Imralion Imran Imrohir Indog Indoklâr Indor Ingar Ingold Ini Inram Intorin Ionel Irdamir Irhalmir Irolas Istdor Jeshan Jesprin Jo-Nag Johardur Jonag Kadak Kalarin Kalen Kalin Kallin Kalmag Kamalin Kammekir Karan Kasselrim Kaw Keleng Kelin Kellir Kelvarguin Kennit Keridan Kerylan Khadak Kilaran Kíron Kirrin Kisenam Koriayan Koron Korsca Kurf Laidil Laifrin Laran Larnach Larrithin Leddon Letta Lindethin Linkan Lintinen Lintoron Lithnantir Lothand Lotharion Madril Maellin Maethor Magor Malach Malador Malan Malantur Malatan Malcidil Malestir Malling Mámandil Manthor Maran Marach Maradan Marados Marchar Marhach Marhad Marl Marmedon Marnarin Mastáro Mathed Matorn Mattanor Medhilorn Meladorn Meldir Melecthor Melforn Merethorn Merisan Merithdil Merveleg Merwai Methair Methilir Methnir Micandor Michl Mikelin Mikhael Mirëadûr Mistan Mikarel Mikel Minadil Mino Mirnidar Monach Morelnost Morgomir Myarnil Nag Nagwech Nalorn Naranantur Naranatur Narmenacir Narmenacir Naechir Nasan Nasen Navir Neldion Neldorn Nelen Nerumir Nimengel Nimír Nimredon Nindram Nírena Nivtur Noirin Nóm Nomrel Nord Nuelan Obirt Obnur Odelard Odonil Odornel Ogar Ogbar Oget Ogot Oiondil Olby Olmkan Opperith Orac Orieg Orinas Orleg Orlin Ormendel Ornil Orro Orros Ostisen Othir Othirhan Othirhun Oxradir Palan Palanthrar Palarcam Palorad Parvhael Pegmar Peleg Pelegond Pelledur Pelisor Pelissar Perelion Permagin Peromir Perreren Pharaphion Pharconatar Pirasin Poronril Porothir Preions Pulg Pultar Purdin Purion Purth Quiacil Radhruin Ragi Ragnir Ragnor Raimáro Rallon Raltin Randar Randon Rannor Rastarin Rathumus Rávabor Rellam Rellin Renadil Rendor Renora Revorn Rhandinor Rhudainor Rics Rigdarabin Ríliltar Ringmir Rnager Rocúrion Rofyr Roginor Rogir Rognir Rohtur Romer Romrin Rongnir Rulgor Rumlard Ruzarmir Sadog Sador Sairaló Salan Sallan Samdir Sarador Sarbor Sarkan Serecan Sindbar Siradir Sisimmion Skrykalian Sonotor Sorandil Sovorn Stalan Sulgar Surnir Talan Talbor Tamarin Tamir Tarastar Tardegil Tarel Taren Targon Tarhad Tarifal Tebbin Teghin Teirion Telagal Telagar Telchar Telinmor Tempi Terem Tfaltz Thadred Thanagrim Thangan Thangar Tharagun Tharagund Tharos Thelas Thelgrom Therge Thergor Thomer Thrangir Thilréna Thiremy Thivur Thuram Tilmarin Tindor Tírbelór Tirgarion Tonfall Tork Torvis Toryin Tossel Trannon Tregon Trel Trelas Trentan Tri Tukenil Tullam Tumach Tung Tuor Turlin Turumir Unhir Ursevagor Usuarch Vorotha Wuftana Ynarri

Minhiriathian and Enedhwaithian (Arthurian) Names (Eriadorians, Cardolani, Dunlendings, Stoors)

Female:Abessa Acarive Acheflour Aclamet Acrasia Ade Agia Aglinda Aglinde Agnena Agostes Agresizia Agyana Ailleann Albagia Albe Albine Albion Albiun Alemandine Aleys Alice Alienor Alis Alize Alma Alundyne Alyne Amable Amande Amavia Amberval Amelide Amena Amercile Amice Amide Amie Amite Amoret Ampflise Amurelle Amurfina Analida Anayne Andelise Andrivete Andrivette Anfole Angale Angledis Anglitora Angnie Anna Annis Annore Ansgien Anzansnuse Arcade Argante Argretta Arnive Arondele Artesia Aurience Aylies Bagotta Beaflurs Beatris Beauté Belide Belphoebe Belté Behalim Bejolare Belacane Beleare Belide Bellices Belisent Belni Bene Benigne Berell Bertelot Bessille Bialté Bilis Bilei Blanchandine Blanche Blancheflour Blandisen Blanlis Blanschol Blant Blasine Bleiden Blesinbil Blevine Bliandois Bloie Bloiesine Braith Brangain Brangepart Brangien Branie Bresenda Brimeholz Britomart Bron Brunissen Byanne Bryn Bun Cabrion Cadrieth Caelia Calistra Camille Canile Carmile Catanance Celestre Celia Celice Chelinde Claire Clarete Clarette Clarischanze Claudin Clauditte Cleora Clice Clidra Columbine Condwiramurs Corbalain Cordelia Cramile Cressile Crisea Criseuz Cundrie Cunneware Dalis Dandrane Danise Delice Dindrane Dinifogar Dionise Dollallolla Duessa Dulceflur Duzabel Dyagenne Dyane Dyanne Dyonise Ebilis Egalaintine Ekuba Elaine Elamie Elayne Elena Elene Elias Elie Elies Elissa Elyan Enid Enide Enite Elergia Elie Elsam Elsie Elyab Elyza Elyzabel Emblie Eme Emmeline Enygeus Error Esclarmonde Esclarmondine Escorducarla Esmeree Esselyt Estrales Estrildis Ethelina Ettard Ettarre Evaine Evainne Evida Fascinia Favida Felice Felinete Felinors Fenice Fenise Fidessa Filledamor Filleduch Flegetine Flor Floraete Flordiane Flordibel Floree Florete Florie Florimell Florinca Florine Florisdelfa Flurdamurs Flúrent Flursenesephin Fragatine Fronia Gaia Gainor Gainovere Galades Galaida Galamide Galat Galiena Galiene Gamille Ganieda Ganora Gargeloain Gariole Garsidis Gaynor Gaynore Gueneloie Genever Gener Genievre Genoyre Geun Gialle Ginevra Ginover Giramphiel Girida Gliten Gliton Glitonea Gloriana Gloriande Gostanza Grisandoles Grysinde Guanhumara Guendoloena Gueneour Gueneuora Guenevera Guenevere Guenievre Guenivere Guenloie Guenore Guenteflur Guilorete Guinemars Guinevac Guignier Guiner Guinevere Guittonia Gundrie Gunnore Gveneour Gveneoure Gveneour Gveneoure Gwaeddan Gwendolen Gwendoloena Gwennor Gwenore Gwinore Gymele Gyneth Hela Helaés Helaine Heleine Helie Helient Helies Helizabel Hellawes Hermondine Herzeloyde Hierna Huncamunca Ibelis Iblis Idain Ide Igern Igerna Igerne Igraine Igrayne Ile Imane Inguse Inogen Irena Isalde Isaldt Isall Isalt Isaota Isaotta Isel Iseo Iseult Iseus Iseut Islie Ísodd Ísól Isoldt Isolde Isolt Ísot Isotta Isoud Isoude Ivoire Ixolta Izerla Izerna Izonda Izota Jandree Janduz Janphie Japhite Jare Jenover Jeschute Joan Joene Johenis Jolïete Kairenza Karsie Klaretschanze Klarine Kloudite Kusan Labiane Ladiana Lambore Lamide Laneth Larie Laudamie Laudine Laurel Lavina Lede Leigormon Leimas Lenomie Leonele Leonelle Levenet Liamere Liaze Libanor Libearn Lidoine Lilja Lingrenote Lorete Lorie Losanna Lotta Lufamour Lunette Lyanne Lye Lyle Lynet Lynette Madoin Madule Mahaute Malecasta Maledisant Marche Margerie Marinaia Marine Mariole Marnie Marrion Marsique Martha Mazoe Medina Melie Mollina Morgana Morgause Morguenete Moronoe Nereja Nida Nimue Niniane Norcadet Obilot Ocise Orgeluse Orvale Parcenet Perissa Phenonee Pulcella Pulizena Ragnell Rowena Sebille Soredamor Tantalis Terdelaschoye Trasfilas Tydomie Ugerne Vanour Velivera Verdoana Viviane Wanore Waynor Wenneveria Wilis Yblis Ydain Ygerne Yglais Ygraine Yguerne Yseult Yseulte Yseut Yseute Ysodd Ysolt Ysonde Ysot Zenevra Zenibra Zinevra

Male:Aalardin Aamanz Aanzim Abadan Aban Abastunagio Abelin Abelleus Abilan Abilas Abinors Abrioris Abudar Acadoes Acantan Accalon Accolon Aces Achadens Achen Acon Acorant Acorde Acoriondes Acostant Acquillans Acquitain Acricor Acubert Adaind Adalon Adameins Adan Adayn Addanz Adelons Adeluf Adnain Adolange Adoras Adragain Adragein Adragenis Adrian Adroenus Adtherpe Afarnach Affibla Affinamus Agad Agalone Agalus Agamanor Agamenor Agano Aganor Agar Agaran Agariz Agarnices Agen Agga Agglovale Aggravain Agion Aglant Agleot Agloans Agloas Aglons Agloval Aglovale Agoyer Agrafrayn Agrauein Agrauel Agravadain Agravain Agravale Agravan Agravano Agraveil Agregam Agrestes Agreuein Agricol Agrippe Agrippes Aguerisse Aguisant Agus Agusale Aharer Aigilin Aiglin Aikan Airem Aglin Aglu Akarins Alaaz Aladuke Alain Alaine Alains Alaman Alamis Alan Alardin Alaris Alban Albana Albanact Albao Alben Albewin Albion Albroino Albyon Alcalec Alcardo Alchendic Alchino Alcus Aldroen Aldroein Alecys Alein Aleins Alers Ales Aleyn Alfasein Algere Aliaumes Aliban Alibano Alibel Alibon Aliborc Aliduc Alier Aliers Alies Alifatima Aligrés Alipansin Alipanton Aliphatma Aliphatim Alis Alistans Alixans Allebran Allegreno Alles Allielle Alma Alohegre Alois Alom Alon Alous Alout Alphasan Alpheus Alquin Alser Altamondo Altan Alvrez Alwin Alyduke Alymer Amadan Amadant Amadis Amador Amagons Amangon Amangons Amant Amaspartins Amatin Amaugon Amauguin Amauris Amaury Ambigal Amfortas amilías Amir Amoroldo Angres Angusel Anir Ansalinero Antele Antor Aragan Aramont Arfasan Argons Armant Arn Arpian Arquais Aschil Assiles Ates Aumagwin Ausile Ayaò Bagdemagus Balan Balian Balie Balin Ban Banin Beaudos Bedivere Belias Belinant Bellangere Benoic Bercilac Berengier Berilac Berluse Bertilac Bliocadran Bodwyne Bohort Bors Brandegorre Bredbeddle Breten Breunor Briefbras Brigg Brimesent Britomart Bron Brons Bruin Brumand Brunor Bruns Brute Brysan Bryttys Cadant Calafes Caltbiaus Calogrenant Camber Canart Carduino Carmadan Cartmel Casibilant Chisebuth Claris Claristant Claudas Cleges Cliges Colgrevanc Corbenic Cormoran Cornen Cospatric Dagonet Damas Danain Danubre Davis Delet Dinadan Dinodas Diodicias Dion Dodinel Dondinello Dormadat Drian Drians Druas Eglatine Elaine Elimas Elinant Embres Emreis Engloval Egrefayn Ekunaver Engrevain Engrevains Enygeus Epinogres Erec Ernant Escades Escanor Esclabor Escladoc Esclados Eskilabon Farjelastis Febus Feirefiz Felec Flois Floriant Freichfras Frocin Fyrgan Gadarn Gaheriet Gaheris Gahmuret Gais Galahad Galahault Galaor Galar Galehaut Galescalain Galeschin Gallidés Galopear Gandin Ganemor Garel Gareth Gasozein Gaswain Gavin Gawain Gefferen Geffreyn Geraint Gilierchino Gilan Gilloman Gliglois Gloans Golagros Gornemant Gosengos Gramoflanz Greu Griffayn Gryp Guethelin Guignier Guinglain Guiniacalc Guirlandot Guiron Gurmun Guyon Hardifius Hardiz Harpin Hebes Helain Helaine Helayne Helias Helin Hellyas Hervi Hoel Holdin Julain Kahedin Kamelin Kay Kaylet Kea Kurian Ladas Lambekin Lamorac Lamorat Lancelot Lannor Lantris Lar Laris Lazaliez Lear Leigamar Leodegan Leriador Licoridés Linier Lion Lionel Lisanor Locrine Loholt Lot Lucano Luzes Mador Magloas Malagrin Maleagant Maleger Malloas Maragoz Marec Marin Mark Meliador Meliadus Meliodam Melot Meodras Meriadeuc Merlin Minoras Miroet Moneval Mordaunt Mordrain Mordred Morgan Morien Munstensar Myles Nabor Nascien Nascor Nentres Niatar Nut Ontzlake Orions Owain Palamedes Patrick Pecorins Pellam Pelleham Pelleas Pelles Pellinor Pellinore Perceval Perlesvaus Priadan Purdan Rancier Raolais Retan Rion Rions Roaz Safir Sagramor Sagremor Sardacia Seguarades Segwarides Sevain Sibroc Siraouc Soredamors Sorneham Tanadal Tandareis Tericam Tor Tradelmant Trevrizent Tristan Tristram Tristrem Trudet Tryan Turnes Tybalt Urien Urry Uther Vadalon Vortigern Vortimer Vortipore Wigalois Yder Yonet Yvain Ywain

Enedhwaithian (Welsh) Names (Eriadorians, Cardolani, Dunlendings, Stoors)

Female: Acgarat Alarch Alicia Alison Almane Alson Amabla Amelina Amy Anabil Ange Angharad Anna Annes Annette Arianrhod Aranrhod Arddun Bethin Beton Brangaine Brangwane Blodeuwedd Branwen Brunwen Ceincaled Caer Catylyn Cecily Ceri Ceridwen Cicely Coedfa Creidylad Cigfa Crislye Crisly Danbrann Deallus Deira Dillen Dillena Dimed Dindraine Diota Dithge Dôn Douce Drwg Dugech Dulon Duthgy Dwynwen Dydgi Dyddgu Dyle Dythgie Eduduwel Efa Efrddyl Eheubryd Eigyr Elan elen Eleyn Ellylw Elyn Elynor Elyzey Emecus Emerchred Emery Emma Eneuawg Eneyd Engharad Eniad Eniana Enide Enith Enrydreg Erddylad Erdiduwol Erdudfyl Erfddf Essyllt Eun Eurneid Eurolwyn Evaine Eve Ewen Ewerich Felic Fflur Ffraid Fyn Garym Generys Geneth Genilles Genithles Glyn Godyth Goewin Goleu Goley Goleuddydd Gowyna Granwen Gringolet Guincalet Gwaeddan Gwaeth Gwallaten Gweirfyl Gwen Gwenabwy Gwenddydd Gwenhwyfach Gwenhwyfar Gwenhwyach Gwenllian Gwenwledyr Gwenn Gwennwyn Gwenover Gwerful Gwerfyl Gwerith Gwervyl Gwerydd Gwir Gwivill Gwladus Gwladys Gwledyr Gwydeth Gwynn Gwyrevell Hangharott Hawis Hegneharad Heilyn Helyan Heliabel Hellawes Henwen Hoen Hulyn Hunith Hunydd Idonea Igraine Indeg Ingharad Isabel Iseult Iweriadd Iwerydd Jelyan Jenet Joan Johane Joyce Judithe Karie Katine Keincaled Lea Lekey Leuke Leweke Lewelyth Lhinno LLeucu Llewen Lleyke Lliant Llyke Loure Lowrie Lowry Luce Luned Mabel Mabena Mabiley Mabilia Mabot Maderun Madrun Maine Mali Malkin Malt Manon Margeri Mariot Marsley Marured Mateny Matild Maud Meddefus Mereddith Mervyn Mevanou Mevanwy Milisandia Millicent Modron Mon Morfudd Morfyl Morgan Morud Morvel Morvith Morvydd Morwen Morwid Myfanwy Neslik Nest Neste Nwyvre Nyneve Olwen Onbraust Ourdilat Penardunn Perweur Pranwen Quefrul Quenhild Rhiannon Saige Sebill Senyllt Sible Sybil Sycyle Syslye Tacy Tallanwen Tandreg Tanglust Tangwistel Tangwystl Tarth Tede Tege Tibot Tiernan Tudgech Voylina Wen Wenllyan Wentlian Wervill Wir Wladur Wladus Wledyr Wymark Ygraine Yngharad

Male:Addaon Aedd Aeddon Aethlem Afallach Afaon Afarwy Aflawn Alser Alun Amaethon Amathaon Amhar Ap Arawn Arthur Avaggdu Ban Bedwyr Belárawn Beli Braith Bran Brychan Bucca Cadoc Cador Cadwall Caradoc Caradog Carantoc Carrog Cartwallon Caswallaun Catigern Catwallon Cavall Caw Cei Cernun Cestuddyn Ceu Cilydd Cisgid Cluad Cluth Clydno Cobble Coed Coech Coel Cof Coil Coelmar Coldomac Craun Culhuch Culhwch Cunyn Custennin Cyllin Cynan Dar Derfel Doderic Dodinel Dodimas Dodinas Doeth Drudwas Dryan Drystan Dunn Durnure Dyfyr Dylan Dyonis Dywel Edern Edeyr Efnisien Efrei Eiffel Eigen einion Eion Eliwlod Emrys Enion Erbin Eudolen Euog Euroswydd Floyd Gareth Garreth Geneir Gildas Gilfaethwy Gingalain Gláin Glewlwyd Gofannon Gorbadoc Gorboduc Gorbuck Gorbulas Goreu Gorhendad Gorlois Gorm Gormadoc Grawr Griflet Gronu Guerrehet Gurgi Gwythyr Guinglain Guiron Gurhyr Gurlais Gusg Gwal Gwalchaved Gwalchmai Gwanar Gwar Gwawl Gwendolen Gwennelon Gwern Gwillam Gwitart Gwyn Gwion Gwyar Gwydar Gwydion Gwyn Gwythar Gydda Hael Halwyn Hefaidd Helbran Hen Hendolen Hengroen Heol Hoel Hu Huarwar Hueil Huon Hwaid Hywel Iago Idoc Ilberic Iltud Iolo Landunet Lanorac Lanval Leddon Leflyn Len Leu Llacheu Llamrei Llawgad Llefelys Llew Llewi Llewt Lliaw Llongad Lludd LLwyd Llyr Mabon Madoc Maelgwn Maelgym Manawyddan March Marmadas Marmadoc Marroc Math Matholuch Maur Medraud Meirchion Meleagant Melehan Meliant Meliodas Mellt Melwas Menu Meriadoc Merimac Merimas Minoc Mogtalan Morganoc Morfydd Morholt Morien Mormaur Morvran Mungo Mynio Mynogan Myrrdin Neutres Nidd Nissyen Nudd Odgar Pendaran Penpingion Perchen Peredur Pesk Plo Prydein Pryderi Pwyll Rhuawn Rhudda Rhydda Rhun Rhyg Rhyga Ritho Rorimac Rost Sadoc Sanddef Saradas Saradoc Seredic Seredic Styvyn Talan Taliesin Taran Tegid Teirgwaedd Teneu Teyrnon Tharadoc Thrydan Tor Torbardd Tryffin Tryv Twrch Twy Uchel Uthyr Yniol Ysgithyrwyn Ysbaddaden Yspadadden Yryen Yvain

Éothéodan (Anglo-Saxon) Names (Rohirrim, Beornings)

female:Acca Aescburg Aesccynd Aescrun Afra Ainwyn Ainsyn Alchfled Aldcynd Aldugild Aldfléd Aldgyth Aldhild Aldlind Aldrede Aldrun Aldswid Altryth Aldwyn Algifu Anddraca Andsware Angolburg Angolswid Angolsyn Angolthryth Ar Ardith Athelwyn Baldidis Baldrun Baldugild Baldwyn Bardidis Bardlind Bardugild Bearawyn Bearwyn Beawyn Beawynn Bémacynde Bémafléd Bémagifu Bémathryth Béocynd Béogild Beorngild Beornia Beornidis Beorgwyn Béothryth Beornwyn Béowyn Bergidis Bergrun Blosoma Blostma Blythe Bogatung Baldhild Berathryth Boldegild Bornegild Bornhild Bornidis Brandfléd Brandgild Brandlind Brandrun Brandtryth Brandusyn Brandwyn Breawyn Bronwyn Brun Bryngyld Brytta Burgefare Burgenda Burgrede Bysen Caldwinna Ceanlin Cearo Culwyn Cwén Cwénthryth Cyneburg Cynecwén Cynefléd Cyneswide Cynetryth Cyst Dagayn Delgid Denwyn Deorcwén Deorgild Deorgyth Deorhild Deorlind Deorswyd Deorsyn Deorwyn Derne Derngild Dernlind Dernrun Dernwyn Dimgild Dimrun Doewyn Dohtor Domne Dunhed Dunhild Dunidis Dunnian Dunwyn Duri Dwimorgifu Dwimorgild Dwimorrun Éadburg Éadcwén Éadgifu Éadgyth Éadrede Éadsyn Éadwyn Eafe Ealdgydh Éanfléd Earwanga Ebba Ebbe Eda Édgarth Edhild Edlind Edlynn Edmunde Edre Edrun Édwyn Efentid Efre Eldride Elfgifu Elfhild Elfled Elfryd Elfswith Elftryth Elfwyn Elgerd Ellenweorc Emnetsun Enthild Entrede Éocynd Eoforcynd Eofore Eoforhild Éohild Éorede Eorlburg Eormencynd Eormenburg Eormenhild Eormengard Éosyn Éowyn Eorcnangild Eorlgifu Eormenburg Eorthwyn Éosand Éothryth Erkenhild Erkenidis Erkenrede Erkenrun Erkenwyn Ersyn Evergifu Evergild Everidis Eversyn Everthryth Ethelan Ethelburg Etheldreda Ethelfled Ethelind Ethelthryd Etheltryth Ethelwyn Evercyn Everhild Faracynd Faragild Farahild Fare Fasthild Fastrede Fastwyn Felagild Felarede Felarun Feld Fennelandun Firiencynd Firiengifu Firienhild Folchild Folclind Folcrun Folctryth Folcwyn Folwyn Fréa Fréacwen Fréacynd Fréagild Fréahild Fréalind Fréaswid Fréathryth Fréawyn Frecwen Fréowyn Fretheburg Frithufléd Frithuswith Fylcwén Galsyn Gambesunth Gardrun Garsegc Galsyn Garwyn Gelsyn Gerthryth Gimwyrtha Gingra Giselburg Gléothryth Godgifu Godwyn Goldgifu Goldhild Goldidis Goldlind Goldrede Grimburg Grimecynd Grimfléd Grimidis Grimlind Grimrun Grimesyn Grimthryth Guthidis Guthryth Guthfléd Guthrede Guthrun Gydh Halfgild Halicyn Haligild Halirun Hamcwén Hargidis Heldwyn Helmfléd Helmswid Hildrun Helmhild Helmrede Heorburg Heorcynd Hereburg Herecyn Heregild Herelind Hereswyd Herrun Herufara Heruwyn Heth Hethlind Hethwyn Hild Hilde Hildeswid Hildidis Hildwyn Hilfwyn Hláfwyn Holdwyn Holtidis Hornwyn Hrethe Huneburg Húthwyn Hwen Hwydwyn Hyrnegild Hyrnehild Hyrnethryth Ideshild Idis Idisrede Ingcwén Ingeburg Inghild Ingidis Ingrede Ingrun Ingwyn Iorsynd Irencyn Irengyth Irenrun Irenswid Isencynd Isengifu Isengild Isenhild Isenrede Isewyn Lafgild Lafidis Lafrede Lafrun Léoburg Léocwén Léocynd Léodyth Léofa Léofecwén Léofegild Léofidis Leofigild Léoffled Léogild Léothryth Léofwyn Leofyn Léorede Léorun Léosine Léosyn Léowyn Lufa Maide Malbicce Manrun Markhild Markidis Markrun Mearcynd Mearthryth Mefléd Medruna Medulind Medurede Meduswid Meduwyn Merecwén Mereláfdige Meridis Merwyn Merodwyn Mildburg Mildgyd Mildgythe Mildred Mildrith Mildtryth Mundrun Nelda Neorthryth Nithburg Nothcynd Orlind Ostryth Ósunth Óswyn Pega Recynd Redhild Réosunth Reth Riceburg Riddercyn Rindswith Rofidis Rowena Runeburg Rwyn Sagahild Samidis Sargrid Sarugild Séahmatha Seaxburg Seldrind Seldrun Sethrid Sethryth Silfrenfót Sisewyn Snowgild Snowhild Snowrede Spearwa Sulhsyn Sulwyn Suncynd Sungifu Sunthal Sunthryth Swannesha Syndrith Thancidis Thanclind Thancrun Thanethryth Théodburg Théodcynd Théodfléd ThéodgildThéodgyth Théodhild Théodidis Théodlind Théodrun Théodswid Théodwyn Théodgild Théodelind Tréoburg Thunorcwén Tibba Trigifu Trigild Trirun Udele Udhra Unthryth Uprodera Ure Wadeburg Wadsige Wainreth Waldrun Waldwyn Wardeburg Wardrun Wassa welcyrie Wendreda Wendreth Wet Widburg Widcwén Wilburg Wille Windfléd Withagild Wodegid Wenthryth Werburg Wesunth Wetryth Widgyth Widrun Widthryth Wihtburg Wina Wisegifu Wiselind Wiserun Wisidis Wisrede Withedis Withegis Wódecwén Wódewyn Woedwyn Woldwyn Wuducynd Wulfburg Wulfcwén Wulfidis Wulffléd Wulfgild Wulflind Wulfreda Wulfwyn Wulfrun Wulfswid Wulfthryth Wuna Wyldfléd

male: Aesca Aescstan Ágendfréa Aldor Aldhelm Aldoric Aldwic Aldryhten Alfeder Alfoeder Alweterfréa Alnoth Angol Anlaf Arod Arodban Baldor Bana Banacyn Bard Baric Barlof Badarof Badohun Badomer Baldor Beldwin Béaming Barnson Bedarof Béhorn Beldor Belefleca Béma Bémacynd Béneric Béodarof Béodoric Beodred Beodric Béogar Béor Beoraborn Beoracer Beorason Beorg Beorn Beornan Beornhide Beornan Beortnoth Beortnor Beotta Beow Beowulf Beraláth Borc Bornbéneór Bláin Blanca Blodwine Borccared Braga Brand Brandson Brandsun Breca Bregla Brega Brego Bregowine Bréohere Breord Broc Bróga Brothwen Brynwicca Brytta Celwin Cara Cearold Celwine Ceola Céolwulf Ceorl Chelden Cheldric Colgrim Colthegn Creftfréa Culbert Cuthan Cuthbert Cwellanbrand Cynebur Cyneferth Cynegrim Cynwald Cynoden Cynwóden Cyrefinn Daggar Dagawud Dár Deg Degbore Degmund Degred Delgid Déagol Dene Denngar Déomer Déor Déorhere Deorl Déormód Deorwin Déorwine Deoryn Derna Dernhelm Derning Dernmod Dígol Doten Dráfend Dréorl Dricared Dúnhere Dunn Dyrfed Éadwine Eangrim Éaoden Earendel Earm Earnas Earric Ebbaric Ebric Ecegar Ecglaf Edgard Édhere Ednew Edrec Édric Edwin Édwine Edwilbur Edwodyn Egbert Elf Elfheah Elfhelm Elfred Elfric Elfstan Elfwein Elfwine Ellenlic Elmund Elwin Éoder Éodor Eodoric Eofor Eofored Éoforn Éogaric Éogill Eoh Éohelm Éohere Eolaric Eolcared Eolson Éomer Éomund Éor Eoraca Eorain Eoram Éorcnanwine Éordor Eorg Éoric Eorl Eorling Eorlyn Eormenlic Eorwald Éothain Éothan Éowic Éowigar Éowin ereticsheard Erkenbrand Erkenwald Escstan Esgelféa Etenlax Ethel Ethelstan Ethelward Fácensaro Faelmeth Fegerfex Falfred Fastmund Fastred Fege Felanath Felaróf Felfed Fengel Fennric Fenric Féodric Feondic Feormenric Feorna Féothan Fern Fierson Finboga Finbrand Finbrós Fingár Finhwít Flota Folca Folcmer Folcwalda Folcwine Folgar Folric Formeric Fottred Fram Framson Frána Fréa Fraga Fréahar Fréahere Fral Freala Fréaláf Fréalár Fréalóf Fréalor Freamund Fréawine Frar Frec Freca Frelson Fréobéort Freomung Frithugar Frithuswith Frumbarn Frumgar Frumgara Fryancyrn Furn Fulcwen Fylaric Fylric Gain Galmód Gamling Garman Gárulf Geathelm Gedeling Gein Gerald Gerdric Gerdric Gerefel Gerric Gerwicca Gisel Gleowin Gléowine Godda Godric Godrinc Godwin Godwine Goldwin Goldwine Gondelf Gosling Gotshelm Gram Gréna Gríma Grimabald Grimbeorn Grimbold Grímhelm Grimlinc Grimwása Gristlung Groma Grothar Grum Guic Gúma Gurwafrea Guthlaf Guthwin Gydda haca Hacsel Hethen Hafding Haleth Halfast Halfred Halifór Háma Hambold Hamfast Harca Hárceorl Hardred Hasofel Hasufel Hasupada Heda Héden Hedric Hathegn Helda Heldan Helden Heling Helm Hem Hemming Hengest Hengist Hengwin Hengwine Heof Heorrenda Heorulf Herefara Herelaf Herewulf Hergest Herubrand Herufara Herufare Herulf Hestan Hildegripa Hilderinc Hildwine Hírbrand Hirgrim Hláfod Hláford Hlafwine Hofding Holdwine Hord Horn Horsa Hówal Hréowalda Hretel Hrothgar Hryfing Huntena Hwethrinc Hygegrim Hyld Hyllman Hyrned Hythwin Ing Ingláf Ingrim Ingwine Iseren Kember Láthspell Lefwin Léod Léoduth Léodwyn Léof Leofara Leofen Léofric leofson Léoeorl Léored Leothyn Léowig Leowin Letson Léofa Léowine Lirse Lodéor Methelgar Mahced Malsca Marathanc Marawin Mardsun Marhbrand Marhca Mearthric Malm Mearric Mefled Mera Mote Mott Múlric Mund Nanlocc Naric Nefa Neorth Nesan Nihthelm Nothelm Nudan Occared Octa Odharic Offa Ohtor Orald Ordgar Oreald Orgel Oric Orgol Orold Ós Ósgar Oslac Óslaf Ósric Oswidu Oswin Óswine Oswy Ottor Penda Pudda Rafe Rána Redgest Rendorric Reof Reomer Retha Retigshard ricraefen Rim Rodric Rofwine Roin Rúmawerd Séfréa Seric Sewulf Samwis Samwise Saruman Scatha Scéat Scodrad Selbym Seolfaric Sewic Sigbeort Sigfast Sigmar Sigward Sigwerd Sinrinc Siward Sleg Slaw Slawson Slawsun Sméagol Snotor Sorric Stam Stybb Stybba Súlwine Suneg Sunlending Swert Swéorson Sweorsun Swinsere Swithwulf Sylbrand Sylfarric Tam Thaneslag Thaswulf Thalaf Theneslag Thengel Theodgar Théoden Theodoric Théodlindáf Théodmer Théodred Théodric Théodwine Theogar Théoren Theowyrm Threr Thregar Thredgar Thunor Thurcytel Thurric Tellenduman Thrum Tirgeld Trumbold Thurgram Tibba Tíw Toki Torag Torhthelm Tréowine Trewin Trigric Tunglawyrhte Tur Twega Tyna Uglicwulf Unell Unferth Uthwit Úthwíta Verganric Wada Wade Wadfled Wádhfréa Wardric Wefre Wel Welcyriga Wen Waga Wagageorn Waggeorn Walcnoth Walda Ward Waldfréa Ward Webba Wecca Weir Weland Welcyrge Wendrith Wesson Wessun Wesun Widfara Wídlást Widric Widwine Wiglaf Wigstan Wilcara Wilda Wilfred Wilfrid Willéran Windfola Wisrinc Witbert Witstan Wode Wódegar Woden Wóderic Wódhére Woede Woffung Wolcenfréa Wolwin Womba Worm Wormald Wrec Wrecoth Wuduhama Wudurefn Wulf Wulfgrim Wulfhelm Wulfnoth Wulfrun Wullcared Wulfredda Wumba Wyden Wyldric Wyne Ymb

Far Easterling Names (Black Easterlings, Stonefoots, Blacklocks)

female:Adharnî Alaêd Alaulâ Alkhidinâ Amirê Amûrath Aôkî Babûlân Baîs Bêgh Bhrodâ Bhurîn Khannî Daôrîl Dhemîs Dhenlân Dhishê Dhralîn Dhrarîn Dralân Dranî Druhâr Dhrunîn Drûrn Emulhâ Fhrerîs Ghumîs Ghimlîn Ghrîs Ghrûn Ghuîl Ghurên Ghurîm Ghûrn Hanaên Hwên Iennâ Yîn Khôd Khodîs Kholân Khalân Khamîs Khamrîl Khorâi Khorê Khirî Khrî Khleâ Khidrî Khirifî Khodûldis Khomîs Khomoîm Khurî Lhilî Lhôadûr Lhofî Lhîanâl Lhoî Lhorâkh Lhôrantê Lhyîn Mhateshê Mhikî Mhilarê Mhoâ Mhonarnî Nheôernâ Nhuîs Nhurî Nhrîs Ôerlîs Ôervîs Ôlanî Ômbrîl Ôndrarî Ondrîn Pheît Phibuhâr Phîrl Phrîd Rhadî Rhanît Rhîlenâ Shây Shêmerê Shurîn Shurîs Skahîn Skân Slinâ Songhlîs Songhrî Sonkhô Sorhît Taî Taikhuê Thamâl Thânikî Tharâth Thîerâk Tkerî Ûlfhaîn Ulîs Ulthôr Ûtukhô Vhimîs Vhomîs Vrakîs Whomîs Ysandhâ Zhîrl

male: Adharân Akhûta Alaêkh Ailîkh Alaûph Amhîs Amnâkh Aôn Bhâs Bhabûga Babhûta Bhâk Balkhâ Bhalrîm Bharî Bhâs Bhelên Bhrodâ Bhofôr Bohûr Bhormûl Khorthûl Khryaktâr Dhamâ Dhaôn Dharâm Dharîm Dharshâ Demîkh Dhendrâ Dhîn Dhrâl Dhrâx Dhrûl Dhrûs Dhurâm Fhê Ghûr Ghurâ Gûrh Hûngh Hûrm Iâx Khâw Khartûl Khernûn Khomûl Khorgûl Khorthûl Khîriân Khodûl Khomôn Khraêz Khuân Kwân Lakhîr Larêkh Lhianîs Lhoâl Lhofâng Lokhâng Lhôm Lhorêv Lydêkh Mhônarlân Mhuâr Mûl Mhurâl Nhôm Nhôn Obhûsa Ôervîkh Ôlandher Ôndhrâl Ôphai Phibûl Prikhlîs Rhanzî Rhôlang Rhûbormyrâx Rhugî Shân Shirrân Shôn Shûg Shûrn Sirhiên Skhan Slîl Songhûl Sônghran Sorkhûr Stê Stênh Sûrh Swîph Szôranh Takhêr Takhô Thanûl Thâmakâ Thânakâ Thânselô Tanûkh Thanûl Tharân Tâsh Thêleûs Thamûl Thidâ Threvôr Thromêl Thuân Ûlfakh Ûpho Ûl Ûlmûl Ûpo Ûtha Ûtumkhodûr Vhadâ Varâkh Varghûs Vhartân Vhênoyê Vrâkh Vhôrn Vhûr Whân Whêm Wherûl Whîm Whomâ Whomâr Whomûl Whômarân Yârkh

Forodwaithian (Finnish) Names (Lossoth, Forodwaith, Stiffbeards)

female:Ablum Ablunia Adelitsa Agata Agda Agneta Ainikki Aino Âitisava Akka Aleta Aliisa Alitsa Âllotar Âlto Âmu Anneke Anneli Annikki Ansa Anu Arnikka Asta Aulikki Aunikki Auvo Brita Dordi Ebba Eevi Eiya Eine Eliina Elin Ella Elsa Elseby Emae Esteri Estrid Eteletar Ewa Fuska Greta Gunilla Gunnil Hartikka Hebla Helka Hella Helle Helmi Henna Henriikka Hillevi Hulta Ibba Iida Iliana Ilma Ilman Ilmatar Ilpotar Ilta Impi Inga Inka Jaana Janeka Kaija Kaisa Kaita Kalevatar Kalma Kankahattaret Kape Kapo Kârna Kerttu Kesti Kirsikka Kipu Kiri Kirsti Kivutar Koskeneitti Kristiina Kû Kukka Kuntar Kuri Kûtar Kylli Kyllikki Lahja Lakka Lakko Lapsa Lavuntytar Lehmâ Lempi Liisi Louhi Loviatar Lowyatar Luonnotar Lyyti Mâ Maaria Maarika Maarit Maaritta Maderakka Mâemonen Mainikki Maisa Mammelainen Mana Manala Manalatar Maritta Marjatta Marjo Marjukka Marketta Märta Martta Maryatta Mechtil Mehilainen Meri Mielikki Mielu Miia Miina Mimmi Minttu Mîmu Mirja Mirya Monyatar Mûrikki Nea Nôra Oili Ora Oskari Osmotar Päivä Pâivâtâr Para Penitar Piia Pîka Pilayatar Pilli Pilti Pinya Piriitta Pirkko Piivi Pilvi Raiya Rauha Rauni Reeta Rîka Riina Rikitsa Ritva Rûsu Saaru Saiya Sana Sanelma Sarakka Sari Satka Satu Seikka Senja Siiri Silja Sima Sini Sinikka Sinetar Sinettaret Sini Sirkku Sisko Siitsa Sisilia Sohvi Soile Soilu Stiina Sû Sukkamielli Suonetar Suoyatar Suve Suvetar Suvi Sylvi Tahetar Tähti Taika Taimi Taina Tammi Taru Tellervo Terhenetar Terhi Tiija Tittô Toini Trimani Tuametar Tuiretuinen Tûletar Tûlikki Tulisydân Tuonela Tuonetar Tuula Tytti Tyttô Ukonlehmâ Uksakka Ulla Uni Untamala Untar Ursa Ututytto Valpuri Vammatar Vanamo Vaula Vellamo Vendenemo Venla Viiva Vôteli Vuokko Wanona Wanora Wetehilien Yâna Yuksakka

male:Âgrôi Ahava Âhky Ahti Ahto Aili Airikka Âiyâ Âiyô Aksell Akus Alf Algot All Arvid Ayatar Âkrâs Âmumeren Altti Aluenda Amund Anatis Andirs Andris Ansa Antero Arn Ârni Arno Arre Arvik Arvo Asikko Asko Aslak Âtos Báli Bengit Bero Bruka Culnum Egres Ekka Elânantaya Elin Eloeklo Emeli Esger Esko Etu Frânnard Hâin Hakuli Halla Halli Hannu Hârkâ Hâsikkâ Heikki Henrikki Hîsi Hîri Hirvi Hyvâ Idâ Iku Ilmarinen Ilmo Iltatûli Iri Isâ Isâinen Iso Isoinen Jaakko Jöns Joukahainen Kaitolainen Kaj Kaksi Kalasta Kalervo Kaleva Kalevanpoika Kalevo Kalma Kalû Kammo Kantaya Karhu Karhunkâsi Karhupuhka Karvainen Kauko Kaukomieli Kauppi Kauri Kave Kerkko Kettil Kielen Kimmo Kirves Kivi Klas Knikkano Knippano Kontra Kosto Kôtamoinen Kristo Kukka Kullervo Kullerwoinen Kulli Kullikki Kumukoiva Kun Kûra Kurki Kyvyn Lailli Lalli Laso Laulumistaya Launo Lassi Lauri Lemminkâinen Lemminki Lempo Lennar Lufsen Lumilintu Lumipallo Lûvalo Lylikki Mainio Manu Marras Matka Matti Menikko Menninkâinen Meri Metsânvâki Mies Mika Miksitar Mursu Musta Nâkki Niki Niklis Niko Nuolennoutaja Nuoli Nyyrikki Ohimoiden Oiva Okko Olavi Oll Oravarri Orvo Oskari Osmo Otava Otso Ottaya Paevae Paha Pakkanen Painaya Paise Paksu Panu Parrakas Partalainen Pasi Paval Pekka Pekko Peko Pellervoinen Pellervo Pellon Pentti Pieni Pietari Pikku Pistos Pitâ Pitkânen Pitkât Poevoe Poika Puhuri Puit Punakâsi Puolikarhu Pyhâ Râko Rahko Rautakâsi Sarmet Raimo Rauno Remmen Remu Rîmukâsi Rillit Rîsi Ruoka Ruotus Rupi Rutto Sadenainen Sahri Sammas Sampo Sampsa Santtu Saarelainen Seikka Seppo Sinipilvi Sten Suni Suowakko Surma Surmataja Suwantolainen Sydâmen Syôyâ Taehti Taivasta Tâhtivalo Tahvo Taivas Tapio Tarsas Teppo Terho Tero Tíli Tontu Topi Torso Totta Tuoen Tuomas Tuonen Tuoni Tûri Turisas Turkka Tursas Turso Turyalander Ukko Ukkonen Ulkô Uni Untamo Unto Pyydystâyâ Urho Urmas Vâinâmô Vâinâmôinen Vâinô Vâya Vakka Valio Valkotukka Vallo Valtteri Vâmmâ Vanhâ Vasara Vesihîsi Veistâ Vetehinen Ville Vipunen Virokannas Vuoyalander Yânainen Yâsilmâ Yalmari Yani Yari Yaska Yhdeksân Ylermi Youkahainen Youtsen Yryânâ Yuhani Yumala Yumal Yumi Yûoma Yussi Yyri

Halethian and Gwathuirin Names (Haladin, Dunmen, southern Eriadorians)

female: Achain Adein Agalmel Andaceld Andrial Angil Anrae Anveag Arachath Arlenni Armi Areth Arnail Avrach Bagith Balaig Balaen Balbered Bassan Behil Belith Berma Bondig Borel Borcil Bornin Borru Braveli Breli Brennen Brinen Bruarun Brus Bûnd Burag Burnig Bwaloe Byil Cadian Caima Cainhet Calren Carandae Carrian Cartmel Carwai Casselmi Ceassan Cebbil Celeig Chal Cieren Cimith Cinloe Cluin Coiet Craiwe Crennial Cullith Culmani Cunered Daelin Daelib Dagimel Daine Damah Dar Dareth Derna Desiri Dibith Dilaeth Dinin Dorith Dolin Duinhit Drun Duoeris Eath Elharian Elmericel Eniad Eribhen Eudail Ferna Fentil Fiorel Fioreth Fwen Gellain Guern Gwideth Halbered Halduril Haleth Halwen Hareth Heleth Hunleth Ilewi Ini Ionna Iorinwe Ishil Keleag Kena Lagaith Leath Lillen Malbicca Melba Merisan Merismi Merwai Merial Mien Miren Moig Nansaib Nedilli Ninen Nirnadel Noma Nuag Nunaib Oget Orian Peath Puedh Rainheth Risloe Rogeth Saranelda Sebrim Smuath Tam Talegi Talrenis Telethal Terieth Tugaib

Male:Acair Agaldor Agathor Andarra Andra Angtham Anvelig Arachon Archel Arl Arma Arnach Avranc Baga Balafren Balasimur Bassamba Begor Bela Belligel Bondan Borrin Borkul Breca Bregor Brem Borar Brit Bura Bûrna Bwálin Cadro Caima Calmuad Carradar Casselrim Ceasgair Cebbar Celeclú Cies Cimra Cinard Coiren Craier Crennan Culnun Cunart Cunnat Daelec Daelech Dagir Dargar Desirim Dibin Dilan Dintam Bruademal Dôb Dolbúr Dolimir Domar Dorban Dorlas Draimmer Druleg Dunnarth Earhaldol Edallaigh Eion Enach Eratil Esecu Fadon Faelum Fennard Fercha Ferna Finnel Firchad Firdok Forhend Freca Frem Froithir Furish Furnuren Gabran Gaertil Galdor Galhir Galkur Galsoim Gelir Genaibha Gestir Glirhuin Glorin Glossarn Gluran Gordaigh Gorgan Grishmoigh Gorum Grumm Gugle Guthir Gwarin Gwerniod Gwul Halach Halamir Halatir Halbar Halbaron Halbor Haldacar Haldad Haldahir Haldalam Haldamir Haldan Haldar Haldir Haldor Haldrahir Halgan Halgad Halgon Halifor Halin Halinir Halla Hallan Hallas Halmir Halog Halond Halrin Handir Harband Hardang Harec Haren Harran Hathon Heglin Helin Hescen Hirgrim Hiri Hilath Hogo Hundad Hundar Hundin Hundir Hundor Huntan Hunthor Hurn Hwain Iellec Ieroiba Ilrar Inledair Ioinen Ierl Ieroibha Krina Kûrl Kurna Ladro Laebur Lengha Logar Logâz Loghar Lumban Lurco Maben Mach Maebair Magone Malatan Mar Marn Manthor Mengron Menoib Meorag Miffli Monûnaw Morgizern Mortaim Mungrod Naim Nedilli Nenua Nidd Nivtur Noirin Obhel Obur Ondurs Orac Orgulas Orig Orne Oroburam Padderec Pesc Pilkun Nidd Pordin Pureneir Purfin Railec Randi Ranil Rec Rechorca Rechorcha Rhotti Rinsvor Riudegha Rongnir Rubb Ruil Rulart Runil Rurik Rusark Sagroth Sargulik Sargulk Sarrelic Scammar Seinacaid Seinadair Serecam Sereccan Sevim Sevin Sherl Sibroc Sispar Solofhen Strunthor Sulgar Suralic Thelor Thrydan Tigon Ulgar Varthor Walec Walech Werlar

Haradwaithian Names (Haradrim, Barangils, Blacklocks, Ironfists)

female:Ára Abíra Abíris Ablínir Absúgi Acárli Acimin Acúramah Adáli Adúil Agamah Agbami Akigal Akurasil Alcami Alchúl Alcith Ál Aláca Altiyín Amadicá Amâdika Amál Aména Amrúri Amil Ancirgi Aniá Ankasil Ará Arcami Aremin Areri Ariyín Arigi Armeiris Armorith Arosil Arthranir Arusil Arzá Ashántha Ashgi Ashás Aûr Aúrni Aymín Banli Baragi Bargal Barlal Barsá Baudâna Bawali Bazarah Begith Belgal Bethrah Bidamil Bídash Balmín Blâs Bulgasil Calmi Calómi Caionir Calri Camanir Carami Carigi Carmín Carnás Casuri Cathomir Catusil Celonis Ceremah Charisha Chy Ciagal Cirmeris Coami Conegal Crami Crelgi Cunbemil Cygal Cyrmenir Dalasil Dáma Damagal Damah Darána Dégla Delri Deíra Demami Demarí Densil Desigi Denir Desili Dhanash Dinli Dírah Dolimín Dremi Drozil Dûis Duligi Dulis Dumul Durarin Durbami Dwóme Dûri Dzemi Effenés Elimi Ellonir Émil Emúna Errenís Esagi Esrin Eyeyín Fadogi Falegi Familil Farila Faumi Feiryín Feyinir Feleri Ferisil Fhaléme Gabazá Gabrami Gairen Galagi Galamín Ganeril Ganiragal Gárgal Gargi Garinis Garlamah Garlemin Garliris Garmasil Gastmórgi Gatára Gelfail Geris Gedith Ghasami Gílyn Gilmash Gimmiri Gimnir Gomusil Grôris Hacil Hakémi Haminés Hammesha Hannaris Hardegi Harfanir Harisil Harumi Hasil Haskamin Hasali Hircamil Hisála Hisami Hossinir Hwáil Hwasil Hydagal Ialimi Iamasil Iaragi Iarisha Iasari Ianína Icasha Idrimah Iezmín Iftil Ilaesa Imala Immí Ianés Iaenir Iefya Incaris Inrami Isdasil Iuldasa Iubasha Iunamin Iusiril Ivimi Iviza Izami Izatha Izura Izuris Yín Kahregi Kaldimin Kaldusil Kalimi Kamagi Kannoren Karesà Karmanis Karumi Karusá Kasanir Kasnir Kasil Kastali Kathaumi Kathaunis Katugi Katuri Kelamin Kelaril Kellogal Kelmi Kéasha Keltezá Khanmi Khannamin Khannasha Kharinir Kharisil Khrami Khranis Khuzari Khuzata Kiranís Kiromin Kirogi Kirzá Kithigal Kithil Klanir Klanís Kloriri Koasil Krenis Krobora Kumín Kuramil Lagréna Lamhami Lardinir Laril Leízha Lerin Lesil Lís Lûfa Lunás Lunumin Luthis Luthri Lyána Lyli Machil Mainir Maramin Mairasil Mammanís Mardail Maris Marnés Marresá Martori Maruil Masil Matali Meiya'hyn Mémin Merimi Merkámpa Merusil Mezimi Middali Minúl Mirëadûr Mitasil Mogri Morargi Morbail Morvagi Murarin Musali Musami Múthanna Mydursá Mytunis Nadhasil Nahigal Naldursha Naldumin Nantaris Naryin Nasme Naunir Nedri Ninás Nínwi Nisri Nugi Nûma Nyrin Obasha Obezá Oburi Oérmin Olarla Omúas Opagi Oposil Ordumah Oremi Oriri Ormomi Ormurah Orrinis Ossilo Oturgal Pallasá Pádua Parli Pathami Peshtíme Phatisil Pínir Pórah Póri Purgi Qamanis Qannasil Qesseri Qusamil Radamah Rahgal Rallía Ramri Rancura Razalah Raziámin Rekal Rhavami Relorni Relri Rethrin Réya Rimás Rísil Rûgi Rukás Rûl Rúneren Rúrin Rytva Sacúgi Sadigal Sadril Saigi Sáleme Sámara Samil Sernésta Shábla Shámara Tabáya Táli Tello Terdûrith Thena Tiéna Thris Tyréath Úthanna Utántha Véred Vígávril Vygavril Warris Yanína Yézmin Yibrasil Yilamin Ygána Yohogal Yóra Yoramil Yórnva Yubali Yunaza

male:Abit Ablish Absúmeir Acárc Acúrarí Adar Adáran Adûmir Agár Agbathû Acíl Akil Akûrarí Alcárin Alchmar Alcmár Altír Amrúc Amrukh Ancirtán Ankatáre Arcástur Ared Áren Arig Aril Arim Armeirtán Armeirtän Arméithdûr Armeitdúr Armoq Arólic Arthrazoc Arum Ashdam Ashdum Ashr Aurom Aúsir Aytens Bánid Barás Bárlund Bartéc Bartek Bárthanan Bârw Báwac Bazaud Bêgli Bél Béthin Bídash Blâs Blymíras Bulgan Cal Caldúmeir Calíc Calón Caióde Caiús Caldór Calíc Camástel Carán Caríc Cârl Cárlon Carnén Casu Cathól Catúb Celót Cérrec Chárias Cíath Cirmeirnúr Coasún Conebrá Crád Crél Cunbesú Cykur Cyrmeirnûr Dalamír Dalamyr Damác Damak Del Demarí Dénnil Desinór Dét Dhanli Dîn Dólin Drécca Drózhna Dúlimer Dúlo Dûmra Dúranir Dúrban Dwóin Dzépar Êffem Eyenna Elim Ello Esárc Esrá Fadón Falén Fálin Fárithain Fáun Féirr Féyil Felés Férit Féritor Fhalén F´rtena Gabar Gabran Gáib Gálabas Galán Gánek Gániraib Gár Garíc Gârk Gárlan Gárlen Gárlin Gármaud Gastmórgarth Gastmórgath Gê Gedron Gelfan Ghasán Gilmon Gimmin Gimthor Gómun Grôma Háce Hakên Hámid Hámmed Hánnad Härderin Hárfar Harîy Haríth Harúth Hâs Haskas Hasáb Hircánus Hísab Hossish Hwáid Hydar Iamán Iasán Iasár Icánus Idrís Iftá Imát Incánus Inram Iuldán Iubáir Ivíc Ierréc Imran Incánus Isdârth Iúnast Iusúl Ivíc Izain Izúd Iaeru Ialib Iamak Iamir Iaran Iarnir Iarrin Ieirn Ienthar Ierik Iérrek Yibran Yilâd Yohon Yorál Yûbayr Yunast Kahreb Kahred Kaldir Kalduméir Kaldurméir Kalik Kamak Kannok Karmarac Karun Kas Kasáir Kastarb Kathaud Katub Kelarín Kellot Kelt Keltelin Khanli Khannât Kharid Khrâd Khuzaymah Kíral Kíron Kithiar Klatu Klórin Kóashûn Krel Krobon Kúb Kúran Lamhan Lardín Led Lunul Luthcán Mara Machun Maib Mairán Mammanat Mardát Marreth Martorin Maryât Marudír Masrá Mek Meríot Merúl Mezin Middat Mín Mitari Mogg Morárthdur Morbásto Morvár Murákir Musáb Mûsavir Myáll Mydûrmeir Mytum Nadhaim Nahir Naldúrgarth Naldûrgath Nantas Nar Narett Nármur Nashur Naubirk Neddet Ninko Nissin Nul Nydur Obad Obed Obur Oéren Olarti Omúl Opár Opor Ordún Oren Orít Ormón Ormul Orrit Ossím Otúrna Pallas Pár Pathan Peshtin Phatimât Póa Pón Púrth Qamára Qannatir Qésset Qusái Radáyan Rahdi Rállah Ramam Rancúlir Razárac Rékka Rhávas Rélortin Rélt Rethan Rimer Rukar Sacúr Sádin Sádu Sáid Sa'Kelen Sákur Sálem Samaub Sán Sárg Sargan Sársor Satark Saubaiz Savgak Sazar Sébin Sélath Selen Sellif Sérgir Shalatar Shalon Sharg Shebbin Shíno Shômos Shuftas Síron Slú Sófan Staibir Sudúr Súfian Súftas Súhair Suladân Sulyati Súlladan Syntar Syrón Tacôur Tahar Taimaraud Talásc Talús Tamáth Tárbaiz Tarfil Tárn Tártas Tásmar Tatás Tel Teldúnair Teldúrmeir Telgír Telicúr Temíloc Teníth Tarasaba Tennith Terélorn T'halla Thamachor Tímman Tólmeir Tolodin Tonn Tór Trabain Tredûrmerith Tréhtur Tréyan Tufáil Tôlmeir Túlor Uiár Uríb Urranthu Uthinac Vâl Vál Valdûrmir Vamman Vándor Vángir Vargaelás Varthkúr Vásnir Vílmur Vûlmek Vûr Wân Waqqás Wiátan Wyatán Yáman Yáshar Yôbad Yón Y'shar Yud Yussul Zâde Zareb Zaytón Zeín Zimfar Zórdin Zumman Zuxzúldur

Khandian Names (Variags, Núrnians)

female:Adha Aivaizha Akhaizha Akhosha Alvrai Anzruth Arizha Arkirai Arpoia Asterel Azdrivet Azesha Azzan Baltarid Baluril Begulazha Bounith Brodgi Bulga Dagharga Dáma Dár Daurith Duranir Gorovet Grisha Gomun Gouril Gurthrith Hargrai Havril Irven Itazha Kankha Kashal Khedenith Keinith Khalril Khalven Khazini Khionet Khodal Khurini Khundai Khurukhal Khuruven Khionan Khonenith Khutit Kongrai Krathven Kuik Kurit Laidan Litharil Lithril Luthrai Luthruth Mael Maraia Mardral Markhezha Marven Mashad Mionan Molluzha Nann Nazonith Nazrokha Neiven Neburkha Nith Nomizha Norgit Norget Nounith Odaven Oldahal Olrizha Olvûsi Omini Oravet Orazha Oriven Ororil Ôvaizha Ovarai Othoril Ovasi Ovathruth Othazha Othoven Ovala Ovathruth Othouni Ovazha Ovongi Ozarai Pavet Pêka Raezha Raizhâ Sakhal Sakugi Sevrakhara Shakani Shakaven Solini Surakhla Tala Tarkhagi Taroven Tormikh Turgazha Tukrai Ûlruth Ulthuven Ulthuzha Uthlizha Uonruth Urdravini Urizha Urpoven Uvaril Uvanan Usriven Uthoril Uvatruth Uvangi Valshad Vakhreven Valatrai Vangaril Vargaezha Varhal Vastarai Vazekha Vazenith Vaugaril Verangi Vîkh Vrakhril Vrângi Vronkhali Yarlik Yotaven Yuktan Yumruzha Yurzavet Zhâd Zinaidha Zorven

male:Adel Akhev Akonid Akul Akvoth Alvrev Anzhar Arîg Arkish Arpov Askul Azdrionîd Asternakh Azev Azernakh Azzad Baltab Balun Begûlakariz Bondin Bountig Brodvaga Daio Dauthar Gorovôd Gour Grasku Gûrtilm Habod Hargrog Harvâl Harvatha Hurnen Irbo Itâna Kadon Kanhai Karm Kashak Kedezh Keiseimu Khaliar Khâzath Khionvad Khodid Khursh Khurubra Khionîd Khônebra Khongiu Krazkham Lûthkan Lûthku Markhetha Mardrash Mashak Mionîd Molluk Nazog Nazrog Neida Nikath Nomîd Nuhuth Ôdavith Ôldur Olriag Ômad Ôrag Oran Ôrig Ôron Ôvag Ôvan Ôthour Ôvag Ôvatha Ôvathar Ôthatha Ôthour Ôvan Ovon Ôzad Retvir Sakun Shakal Shakhal Strogush Surakhariz Tarkhân Tarôk Tormog Tukhik Tulrok Turga Ûlthug Uonîd Ûrdrath Ûrig Ûrpov Ûvatha Ûsriev Ûthour Ûvatha Ûvathar Vâl Vakheraltan Valathmir Vangariz Vargaelaz Varid Vazev Vaugan Vedat Verakh Vrakia Vrônkhar Vârlog Vastaph Yarl Yotaen Yotaezeimu Yuktir Yumrukh Yurzal Zor

Khuzdul Names (Dwarves)

Female: Azalidûm Bâiz Bîz Dhêo Drîz Drûiz Drûz Felik Ghamûn Grîz Khun Harnekil Ibîv Ibîz Núril Thîz Thîzt Unkîz Zûm

Male: Ardûladûm Antharakûl Azaghâl Azakhâd Bril Brûn Brûr Bûnd Bûndugal Bhûr Daram Dheben Dhebûn Dhemîm Dîbin Drûhar Drûhor Drûhr Felageómor Felagon Felagoth Felahrór Felakgundu Felek Fhalagund Frôm Fûl Gamil Ghamîm Ghâr Ghîm Grûhr Grûm Grûn Gûnd Gûrh Gûrn Ibîr Ibûn Ikûs Izin Khadak Karak Khain Khanli Kharni Khâzi Khîm Khîn Khîrn Khôrni Khûrni Kôl Kûl Mahal Mîm Nabûn Narag Obûn Omîm Ôrn Sharkûn Telchar Tharkû Tharkûn Thrangull Tûrukûlon Ûkhin Zeddik Zigildûm Zigildûn Zigilûk Zigli Ziglûn Zîgum Zigûr Zîrak Zôdik Zodori Zôrn Zrîm Zrôr

Nandorin Names (Wood-Elves, Snow-Elves, Green-Elves)

Female: Abadel Adoine Adoril Adouri Aitele Alagwind Alair Alam Alchrien Aldora Alduidrie Amaneth Ambonel Ammallas Ammarithaie Amnarithaien Amronel Andaldónnie Andrien Anherinien Ankemdene Annimbe Annseld Annulena Anorine Antine Aralaine Arangwind Aranpele Argololiss Arherinrien Arndadna Arnferothine Arngwind Arninmîr Arnisbinine Arnseld Arthanaine Arthrien Astel Asturine Augandiline Balagwind Bandarien Bantine Baradell Baraseld Barlass Barnasel Barthrien Beldeine Bellass Belurin Benerien Beraseld Berchine Beregwind Berethrien Berlass Berillumgwind Bornine Boronel Brethrien Brilgwind Brilinel Brithbess Brogrien Brogwind Bronoseld Calinind Cambrachine Carasigline Celumndile Ceregidana Cereline Curachel Dandarien Daumseld Delass Denebess Derrien Dilegwind Dilmine Dimbess Diorel Dolgwind Dolrien Dorel Dorningwind Dornseld Dorntindine Drogrien Duilel Dulass Dungwind Duomine Edetarmine Egasgwind Egrien Egurista Elebess Elfine Elinel Elistida Elistorine Erelass Esgalrien Esgarel Esgelgwind Estrien Eslinf Ethelgwind Ethrien Ewrien Faeni Falrien Fanarraine Feneduomni Fenelass Fenelindos Ferongwind Filigrien Findlass Fuigwind Fureseld Galadel Galas Galasgwind Galbrethel Galdine Galdoranen Galdriene Galmine Gandarien Gandorel Gandrangwind Gangolseld Ganolass Garmbess Garnseld Garthine Geladumel Gelebess Gellass Gelorien Gelorind Gelouonana Gergwind Gilumel Golass Golgwind Golobess Gondine Gonrien Gornel Gorrien Guilint Guolrien Guorel Gurlass Gwathrien Guineth Gwathlint Gweloseld Gwenebess Gwiasel Gwienlass Gwilabess Gwinel Gwirulin Halaseld Hallhirine Handabess Hathni Helchaman Helchrien Heloseld Herinel Herinfilig Hilmine Hindrien Hirewni Hirlass Hongwind Huiseld Idaelgwind Idalass Idarien Ienaskarani Iendelgwind Illumana Illumine Illumnith Indhalael Indranel Indrien Ingaduilni Ingwind Innethinien Irel Irlintine Isbinrien Istillass Istilrie Istorgwind Kalarien Kalinel Kalinfenegwind Karabrien Karafene Karfine Karmine Kelumel Kemrien Kenebess Kenelass Kilaseld Kilnegwind Koldine Kolgwind Kollbess Koronel Koronkalfagwind Kuiline Kuinel Kuiness Kulass Ladseld Ladrien Lagorine Lambrien Larmel Lassgwind Lastabess Lavonrien Lebrien Legoline Leldrien Lergwind Leseld Lessine Lethrien Liana Lildani Lilene Lilnebess Lindagwind Lindelin Lineanel Linebess Lineulne Lingolni Lintrien Lioglass Lirnelass Lirni Liskel Lissgwind Lisshirine Lissine Liwrien Lominni Lorfalni Lorindana Lorinel Lorni Lorrilni Lortiss Lossel Lostaine Lugwind Luinana Luinel Lumine Lumni Lungerien Luodarel Luodrien Luogni Luosni Luthel Luthebess Magolni Mailgwind Maladel Maladni Maldinel Maldinni Maldinseld Malinbess Malinine Maloel Malorien Malumni Manseld Marilind Megorel Meleidagwind Meleseld Melimni Melinna Mellass Melnebess Merainga Merani Merneni Mestrien Midni Migel Milagwind Milnebess Mindile Minelass Mirgwind Mirleneine Mirnele Miruimor Mordrien Morgwind Morine Mornel Mothni Muidni Muilel Muilingwind Muinine Mundrien Murni Murulin Nandelní Nandine Naramirni Naratindine Narnebess Nassel Nathathine Neldorel Nellas Nellni Nenael Nenegwind Nenni Nenseld Nereni Nerlass Nibrien Niegel Niethine Nimbannnor Nimbelgwind Nimbnor Nimbrien Nimpladel Nimplorel Nimpriline Nimrodel Nindel Nindlindel Nirni Nithni Noldine Nomlossel Norni Numel Nuolgwind Nuonuethi Nurgwind Oloine Ofrien Olofel Oloni Olosine Olwarel Orgwind Orien Oronni Ornarel Orni Orriri Orseld Orthael Orthine Osni Othgwind Othorni Pagalass Palnebess Palonrien Parchine Parchni Pastdaldni Pedagwind Pegerien Pegline Pelerien Penemith Perinlass Pessel Pestrien Pethine Pindasni Pindel Pindeni Pindorel Piogel Pirlossel Piugwinel Pogrien Poldel Ralagwind Randeni Randrine Ranndorni Ranorel Rassni Rennel Ranneni Rastmerne Regornel Regoroni Renagwind Riebess Rifni Restni Rilass Rimdodel Ringni Rochine Rodlass Rofni Romel Rondel Rongwind Rostrien Rothel Rothni Rugrimel Ruidorni Ruimel Ruomni Salfrien Samogwind Samwel Sardel Sarnand Sarnine Sarnmith Saumine Saurni Selni Seluini Siglel Sigolgwind Silumine Silmlass Simenel Sinidael Sirandrista Sirani Sirbess Sirel Sirneseld Somni Súlanni Sulmith Súmel Sûraldgwind Talnelass Talrenaisbin Tambrien Tamorni Taragmine Taragwind Tarchine Tarmine Tarugni Tathoríne Tathorisbin Tathorni Tathrel Tathrindine Tegni Telatathorni Telchine Telfine Telfinni Telumel Telmni Terereth Teseld Thandil Thavonil Therail Thimboril Thindil Thonil Thoril Thoronil Thriwrien Throdgwind Throfni Thronni Throskil Throssagwind Thruonel Thuani Thuneseld Thulrien Thundine Thurabess Tildine Timni Tindalass Tindarni Tindegwind Tindelni Tindrien Tindumel Tindumine Tinduomel Tinglarien Tinglenebess Tiragwind Tisserel Tolchine Torchrien Tollgwind Toril Torlethni Tormeraind Torni Tornil Tossgwind Tovonil Triewil Tuilindil Tulusil Ugalmel Ugalni Uiduil Uienadelind Uienirind Uienulani Uilarien Uilni Uilthindani Uirien Ulunel Uluni Umbarni Umbothel Undumil Ungline Ungolni Ungoril Ungumel Uorannarni Uoriendal Uorlass Uormaldin Uorrien Urgwind Urinseld Urni Urnine Urrilind Uruialne Uruiel Uruigwind Urunil Usparnel Uspil Uspulúni

male:Abrél Agrél Airalin Aithel Alderin Aldohir Alúdor Amadar Amalin Amroth Amrotho Ando Andoran Aramath Arcamcrist Arcamir Archam Arculaglar Arculas Arélin Arganil Argemir Arinehtir Arraer Arthanand Ascorin Asdur Astirian Atargaen Avador Avanthir Avaralas Bancadan Bannos Barandell Baraldrin Barlin Bel Belarum Belcarsûl Beldor Belearsûl Belebragon Belenthrod Belphegor Beoraborn Beoracer Beorn Bethos Bilinc Bornbeneor Borosaith Breagla Breor Broedhir Broehir Brogdin Bronwe Bronwega Calamar Calandur Camaron Carihir Cariltar Celdrion Celequar Cirdas Círdus Civrui Clemendan Cogn Coibor Cospindel Cuodos Cyrondur Dairos Dân Daniros Danitharo Darglas Davnos Delduthling Deneldír Denilos Derdil Dernil Dhrauthodavros Diernglir Dimailin Dolgrist Dorbeorn Durlund Duros Dwaithohir Ebarthon Ebrion Eglavirdan Eldran Elefandil Ellollen Elor Elorn Elmericel Eroder Fain Faleriod Faleriond Fanar Felardan Feleor Finculin Flinding Froedhil Froedhir Froithir Galad Galandeor Galerin Galion Galoranan Garranon Geliad Gilim Gimli Gir Girion Gladhwen Glosnar Golodhlir Gorlin Gostir Gumniow Haddil Hanedin Heglin Heladil Heleder Henelena Herenyand Hevellon Hilvanar Hinrel Hiradur Horluin Huithorion Hulorn Iaugalas Idros Ildros Imrislir Imristir Ingwa Irdaal Irolas Istagol Istdor Ithilbor Kaland Karamar K'elektor Kelmandol Kerian Khelgin Kilaran Korlin Korsca Lairathim Lairathin Lalquell Lamalas Lamarod Lamthanc Lanthir Leärdinoth Legolas Leigos Leôrdinoth Lethuin Líndal Lindethin Lisgarin Lithnandir Lithnantir Lolindir Lomamir Lomros Londoroth Lumilintu Malkir Malvindel Marados Melecta Melkir Mellas Mendal Mengron Mhôrlen Morleg Namut Nandeli Nano Nardhol Narindel Nárliltáro Narthseg Nassiel Nathir Nenladil Nenledil Nestador Nimradan Norantir Númedur Nuorilintu Ogbar Oikeroi Oiondil Oleg Opperith Oraume Orcobal Ordulus Orgof Orgol Orophin Opperith Paros Parvhael Pelilas Penrahil Perdido Perelion Peringiul Pherion Pilindur Purion Quethfirin Ránian Ringlin Rocúrion Roginor Rogir Ronindil Saeros Sandil Sendur Serindar Sethrian Silanir Sorianrand Sovorn Sûmoth Sûr Talan Taladhan Talanthir Talfannan Talin Targen Targin Tarlan Tarminion Tarquillan Tarúdan Tauressar Taurnil Tawgir Tensidir Terrin Talanthir Telecil Telethal Telissring Tensidir Terelin Terendil Terision Terisonen Thalos Thanadirian Thancalion Thandronen Thangwil Tharudan Thaurung Thelas Thelos Thivur Thonnas Thorod Thraear Thranduil Tiberth Tielaglór Til Tilinias Tillanwen Tilmarin Tinindil Tiralgar Tiranir Tírbelór Tirgarion Tirithos Torqene Treharn Trelas Tuiligon Tuminir Tûr Turalos Turibor Turlik Turoth Turlómath Ualgorn Ulgar Uldros Umaran Umbor Unhir Urmadolir Urthel Urundil Uthanna Uthrin Valhad Valtramil Varnacil Varthor Velnion Verdil Veryam Vorgûdil Yelwalo

Near Easterling Names (Balchoth,Rhûn Easterlings,Wainriders, Ironfists, Blacklocks)

female:Adasha Aivavi Akoi Allit Amal Amûrat Ancanli Aradre Arditi Aril Astrith Ayitula Ayni Baigu Bais Bári Barw Basri Blymiras Borgu Braga Bregg Bregu Bril Brogi Bruam Brue Brusfa Calinli Carrin Chinta Cila Cilis Cilze Closk Coefa Crym Cüce Daer Dáma Damah Damya Darva Dejyk Dhanli Dinu Diravin Dirkal Doli Dregani Dûmra Dûoerris Durcat Durde Durna Ecuris Edian Elyen Emûrath Eona Erennis Esgân Estâris Estûra Êvikel Ethâphel Evîge Evit Faigi Falri Fefdia Fen Ferrin Figilin Filan Fiolla Frella Fruli Fûril Fyen Gafâla Gardâlia Garlana Gârnesa Ge Gênina Gêrlai Gergênas Giziva Gontrarin Gordlin Gorêke Gôrode Govli Gozym Grahaba Gralea Grasphel Grel Grelgu Grenina Grîlaesa Grimist Grisha Grofani Grulian Gûlepse Gulshi Haddil Háin Halli Harila Harmir Haurva Henva Hesnian Hilisha Hillia Hinrel Hisala Hôampa Hôdis Hodya Hossagi Huikel Hujai Hureke Husis Huyai Hûzula Ialdida Iamukha Iarde Iasala Iataris Idag Ieppa Iyislan Ikuli Ilaesa Ilset Ilsil Ioghali Iorris Irista Iugampa Iula Irfelien Iveya Jan Jasala Jeshan Kadida Kaidia Kalkuya Kalpôni Kamhali Kangu Karârag Kargi Kari Kaunis Kavelian Kelai Kemudur Kêrira Khôreke Khûruphel Kililak Klalshi Konirhaba Kôrli Kôumai Krina Krulnas Kubris Kufina Kulgi Kursufa Kusko Leärgi Lahira Lhân Lisri Lisgagani Lito Lôthraphel Mâliya Mahlrin Mareke Mariya Marja'Pur Makôli Makôslan Malfoli Marari Mararân Magochil Mayenva Meôgi Meriya Merkampa Michiril Mionil Mikel Mir Mirag Mirali Mogshi M'raj Morinas Nabirin Nas Nataris Nedilfa Neffalin Neviri Nicoli Ôbalan Ôgdâni Oldirin Ônaris Ôranil Ôrbila Orlteh Ormêris Orvani Ôygu Padilin Pakúsko Palmirde Parnaësha Pebrelis Pode Polgu Pôrtona Poskel Princat Pultinas Raesha Rêkirde Relde Rêlist Remlis Renril Rhugen Reya Rhona Rovla Rugi Sahali Saranda Saym Selachil Serrin Serris Set Shagelda Shagu Shagym Skakaym Shân Shanva Shardani Shargi Shen Sheylis Shergani Shiril Shorala Shugin Shuko Shurdani Silens Sinuphel Skaumia Skôgit Skulëa Skabil Slôvian Sluko Smey Smôdil Sorsufa Stea Striûrin Sudúr Suraris Susufa Susyko Sûvali Sûvalian Svelgi Syrin Taigin Tako Talagani Talfanas Taliset Tamaphel Tamhûge Tarlaris Tetnëa Thîst Thredâni Thuriko Tôranas Treyni Tikgaris Tigulrin Tôstegi Trichin Tumgi Turgaël Tuva Tyragin Tyohli T'ze Ucaphel Udni Ulaphel Undaphel Urdrarde Urgani Urilis Urunya Utnëa Vachrode Valêke Valla Varchani Varglian Varide W'ricke Yelta Yirfelian Y'rage

male:Aara Aasan Adajo Adek Akonîd Alaup Aluap Aluenda Alûpa Amdûr Amnac Amôv Ara Aran Aren Ari Aris Arpa Arpov Art Artri Ash Aski Atakûl Atilik Avas Avos Ayric Aztaur Baisheuin Balam Balan Bana Barakat Barsa Bascam Bassan Baudana Begli Bisc Biscovic Bleda Blyga Bohlman Bom Bragha Breja Brem Brojasht Bruad Brûdhan Bruka Brun Brûst Búlin Bura Calinz Carfe C'ha Chosam Chosum Cileto Coeshay Côl Conúl Dame Dár Darath Darric Dasakûn D'Breh Deniroik Derrim Derrud D'Mallo Dolg Drâg Draik Drek Drexle Durac Dûran Durban Dûrthin Edgu Esgathig Estaban Estus Etha Ethacali Evit Fain Falen Fef Figilu Filgo Fruhar Fuqkazam Fuqkatam Gaffnin Gardagd Garny Gartog Gendo Gerdo Gergeli Gizikh Gontram Gontran Gorka Gorku Gorovod Gov Gozef Gozev Grada Gradu Grallon Gras Grasti Grasty Grell Grena Grilic Grimling Grof Grólin Gulla Gurin Guton Halla Hanaen Harf Harfar Harkmar Harv Harizän Haurl Hesnef Hesnev Hestan Hilic Hoamurath Hodya Hossadam Huil Hurdriak Hurm Hûst Hûz Ida Ikûs Ilsnef Ioghul Iorga Iuganoth Ivêk Jalor Jardan Jatar Jax Jellek Jey Jissom Jukath Jyka Kalcuna Kalporin Kam Karamar Kargi Karghiz Katrisel Karyn K'aun Kav Kay Kemik Kerit Khanli Khârsh Khôrni Khûrthan Kilic Klalg Korl Koumiss Krulla Kub Kull Kur Kustig Kuzu Leärdinoth Leôrdinoth Lís Lisgarin Lothrax Maalon Mahlic Maijesk Makôv Makow Malforr Mara Maraz Margoz Marig Meonid Michl Mîonid Mira M'loy Mohrig Nabin Natak Navrati Nara Natak Nedilli Neffar Nevido Obad Ôgdei Ôgedei Oldur Onree Onri Orad Oran Orash Orbul Ormid Orvid Oyan Pad Paji Paku Palman Palol Parnelion Pebro Polig Portik Pôs P'trich Pultar Rekka Relin Reluka Rên Rhukar Rov Rolm Ross'a Rôzi Rûdaz Rult Ryykaar Sadun Samêl Sarkan Selnoi Sen Sey Shabun Shagelda Shârk Shakal Sharikan Sharzig Sheynk Sherkôz Shorab Shorob Shug Shurn Skauril Skog Skulif Slabu Slovas Slubu Smod Sorr Striuk'ir Suralic Súrk Susymog Suvac Svelm Syr Taichu Talfar Talin Tam Tanhuz Tarlo Tetnak Thredin Threlin Thuric Torak Treyan Tigkîz Tiglin Tôsti Tumna Turga Turgarin Tyga Tyoh Udra Ugus Ukaag Ukog Ulam Ulapic Uldul Ulgin Ulor Ulrag Ulruth Ulthang Ûonid Urai Urdrath Urga Urig Urunshar Utra Vacroz Val Varchaz Vargloth Varig Vellser Velsya

New Lands names

Female: Anashi Aud Daiô Dêlo Glîsi Hiôla Ilêsi Îlkwe Inîkwi Inniwân Inîtu Laikwi Lîlbrad Linto Mekwi Minwi Nâ Nânan Nayî Nînish Ôiya Sismîl Tiûk Undul Wîndi Yênid

Male: Anlanak Anta Awatâk Enbi Enôakk Gâmo Gûpik Hîgûnahl Ipûk Lâmbo Mailik Kûnap Kûwa Nâs Ndul Nîb Nîpok Parlat Phây Têkme Tinkû Wâlasso Yend Yûlma

Northeastern Eriadorian (Gaelic) Names (Angmarrim, Hillmen, Eriadorians)

Female:Ablach Achall Achtan Adene Aeb Aefe Aer Aetern Aibell Aibgrene Aide Aideen Aife Aige Ailin Ailbhe Aimend Ainder Ainge Aine Ailsa Ainge Airmed Ana Anann Anu Aobh Aoife Arlend Arranan Argoen Badb Badh Baine Banba Bannie Banseech Beare Bebo Bec Becfola Bechuille Becuma Befind Befionn Berrach Beteithe Bhainnan Bind Birog Blai Blaitine Blanaid Bláth Blathine Blathnath Boand Boann Boi Bonnie Braedi Bragha Braig Brecc Breen Breog Brenda Breng Bri Briam Briannan Brid Bridget Brig Brigid Brigida Brís Buachalla Buan Buanann Buann Bui Caer Caesair Cailbe Caillagh Cailleach Cainche Cainder Cainnlech Caintigern Cairenn Caith Caitlinn Camra Camrynn Carman Carr Cassmail Cathach Cayleen Ceara Ceasair Ceithlenn Cesarn Cessair Cethlenn Ciarda Cila Clidna Cliodhna Clothra Clothru Cochrann Coleen Colleen Cred Creide Cree Crochan Cruacha Cuimne Curcog Dairine Dana Danu Dealgmait Dectera Deichthe Deichtine Deirdre Delbchaem Delgnat Deoch Derbforgaill Derbrenn Derdriu Dern Di Dichorb Digde Dige Doideag Doirenn Domnu Donu Dordmair Dorn Dornoll Dris Druis Duach Dubh Duibhlinn Duineach Dunlaith Durbhola Durra Eab Eachtach Eblenn Ebliu Echraide Eibhlear Eile Eimhir Eirne Eirnin Eithlinn Ele Elgnat Emer Emergaid Eorann Erc Eri Erin Eriu Erne Erni Ernmas Esa Etain Etan Ethlenn Ethniu Eithne Fachtna Faife Fainche Fand Fann Fea Fedelm Fedlimid Fethnat Fiachra Fial Fidelm Findige Fingel Fingula Finn Finnabair Finngheal Finnine Finola Finscoth Fintigernd Fionnuala Fionnuir Fithir Flana Fland Flann Flidhais Fótla Fuamnach Fuinche Gaible Garb Gillan Goibniu Goitne Gormlaith Gormshuil Grainne Grian Gullion Ibhell Iuchra Jin Leanan Liaban Liadain Lian Liban Lugach Macha Maigneis Mell Mes Mona Mong Mongfinn Mongroe Rhyanne Shaleen Tughaib LiBan Macha Maga Mara Meabel Medb Meng Mesca Mey Mor Morna Morrigan Morrigu Mugain Mugan Muirenn Muirne Mumain Murine Murna Muryelle Nas Nass Nemainn Niamh Nuala Odras Odrus Oicnis Righa Rigru Saba Sadb Scathach Scathniamh Scota Sgoith Shaleen Shaneen Shee Sin Sine Sinend Sionnach Slissima Smirgat Tailtiu Taise Tara Tasha Tea Tlachtga Tuag Tughaib Uathach Uirne Una

Male: Abhean Acair Aden Adeyn Aed Ai Aidhan Ailill Alldui Amergin Aodha Aonghas Ardal Arias Art Artrach At1hair Baga Báir Balfor Balor Ban Bén Beul BicFelmas Bior Bith Bodb Bogan Braig Braiga Brennan Breog Breor Bres Bresal Broc Brogan Brách Braes Bram Bratach Brian Britain Brogan Brogga Broin Bruad Brug Boru Buacail Buan Buarainech Bura Cagh Cainte Cairbre Calatin Camaron Cameron Camman Carr Ce Cen Cenn Cennaigh Cethen Cethor Chulainn Cian Cinard Claith Cliath Cluag Clúan Coire Colum Conan Conn Corann Corc Cormac Cormak Cermait Corpre Cory Cospatric Credne Crennan Cridenbel Croggan Cu Cuag Cuistan Culainn Daedehel Dagan Daghlas Daonghlas Dar Daroc Darragh Deleadh Delbaeth Derc Derg Dergcroche Derra Devin Dian Dichu Dob Dohe Dolb Donall Donn Dorian Dornog Dote Droca Druin Duach Dubad Dubhglas Duffy Duinfinn Dunadd Duran Durkin Durrick Eadon Eagan Eaghan Easal Easgan Elatha Eber Elcmar Esarg Eochaid Eoin Erc Eremon Ewan Feargus Feghail FerDiad Fergus Fiachna Figol Finn Fionn Fintan Floid Gael Gaidiar Gam Gebann Gleigal Gobhan Goiridh Gordaigh Gorm Gruan Harer Haver Hearon Huc Iarbonel Iestin Ilbrec Indech Indui Ith Iuchar Iucharba Kalen Keemac Kennaigh Kennegh Kermac Kern Kieran Kreg Labraid Laebur Lanaigh Lann Larth Lassar Leith Len Liam Lir Lod Lodan Logaire Luachaid Luchtar Lugh Lughaid Lumban Maccwin Maeltine Magmor Malloye Manannan Maraigh Math Mathgen Measgan Mechi Miach Mide Midhir Miled Moctallan Mon-raogh Mongan Morthec Morias Muc Mulligan Múrin Neacal Nechtan Neit Nemed Nial Niall Nuadan Nuadu Ocriallach Octriuil Ogma Oirbsen Ollamh Orín Osgar Owen Partholon Portan Puil Rabach Raeda Raogh Raghnuill Raonull Riagall Roighen Róin Rory Ross Ruadan Rubb Rudrach Rudraige Samthainn Seammus Sencha Seinecaid Seinedáir Semias Sethor Shamas Sigmall Sult Tadg Tethor Tethra Thob Thóin Tuiri Tiabhal Toin Torann Torbett Tor Tost Treon Tuan Tuirbe Tuirnen Tuirenn Tull Uaithne Urias Uruqhart

Northern Rhovanian (Old Norse) Names (Dalemen, Lake-Men, Dúrin's Folk)

Female:Adaliz Adallaug Adalmaerki Adis Adisa Adisla Aesla Afrid Agata Agda Agdis Ágense Agerd Aisunt Aldis Aldrif aldwid Alfdis alfeid Alfinna Alfgerd Alfild Alfifa Alflaun Alfnu Alfrun Alhild Allogia Allaug Almweig Alof Althrud Alwi Alwig Alwor Alvilda Ama Amba Amgerd Amma Amoda Angeuia Anna Angurboda Argwin Ári Arinbiorg Arinborg Aringerd Arinwi Arna Arnbiorg Arnborg Arndis Arndisa Arneid Arnfasta Arnfrid Arngerd Arngunn Arnheid ARnhild Arnkatla Arnlaug Arnleif Arnliot Arnora Arnrid Arnwe Arnwi Arnthora Arnthrud Asa Asbera Asbiorg Asdis Asfrid Asgauta Asgerd Asgun Ashild Askatla Aslaug Asleif Asmod Astrid Atís Atla Attlidís Aud Audhumla Auia Aurboda Bara Beila Bergdis Bestla Beula Biart Bil Biort Bleik Blíd Blodughada Bredda Brengla Briost Bruia Brun Brungildi Brunhild Borgenda Bulgia Buseura Cár Cori Dáma Daudi Dís Dreng Drifa Drofun Dufa Dumfa Durlund Dúva Edda Einwin Eifura Einmuria Eir Eisurfala Eirswinta Eisa Elde Elli Embla Eurgiafa Fiolvor Fiorgun Eusanna Fala Fenia Fiorgun Fonn Fordis Forndís Framsun Freila Freuia Fríd Frig Friga Frowe Fulla Ganglot Gardrófa Gefion Gefun Geirdriful Geirahod Geiravor Geirolu Geitla Gelda Gerd Gerdur Gersimi Gestilia Geusa Gialp Glumra Glút Gná Gneip Gneupa Gnissa Goi Góll Góndul Grár Greip Grid Gridur Grima Grimhild Grisla Gróa Grottintanna Grula Gudrun Gudur Gulla Gullweig Gunnild Gunnlod Gunnur Gullweig Hadda Haera Hala Halla Hardgreip Harthgrepa Havnis Hefring Heid Heidur Heidrun Hel Helia Hengiankiapta Herfiotur Heria Herkia Hermuthruda Herthogun Herun Hervor Hetha Hialmthrimul Hild Hildur Himinglaeva Hiordis Hiorthrimul Hladgud Hlif Hlifthrasa Hlifthursa Hlín Hlodun Hlokk Hlora Hnóss Holgabrud Horn Hrimgerd Hrist Hronn Hruga Hrund Hrugda Huld Hulda Hundla Iarnglumra Iarnsaxa Iarnvidia Hurrokin Hvaedna Hvedna Hvedra Idun Iduna Ilm Ilmur Ima Imgerd Inger Iord Iormungard Iorun Irpa Iul Iord Iorun Iule Ividia Kara Keila Kiallandi Kolga Konirhava Kraka Kruda Kruna Landdis Laufeu Leikun Leirvor Líf Liota Lodinfingra Lófun Mardoll Margerd Menglod Menia Meu Mioll Mist Morn Mundilfara Munnharpa Munnrida Myrkrida Nal Nanna Natt Niorun Nipt Nórn Nott Oflugbarda Olrun Oskmeu Radgrid Rán Rani Reka Retha Reia Rifingafla Rigraven Rind rindasund Rindasuth Roskwa Rug Rugi Runnál Saga Sangrid Sárgrid Síf Signi Signu Sigrid Sigrun Sigun Sigurdrifa Sílwin Simul Sín Sinmara Sinthgunt Siofun Sír Siwor Skadi Skeggold Skell Skialf Skogull Skrikia Skuld Snotra Sól Strenia Sult Sundrid Suthala Sún Sundafullir Súnrid Súr Svól Swánhild Swara Swawa Sweid Sweipinfalda Swipul Swiwor Tala Tanngnid Taska Thidlind Thiodwara Thiodwarta thistil Thogun Thok Thorbiorg Thordis Thorgerd Thrima Thrud Thurid Tída Tilda Totta thris Udur Ullis Ulfhis Ulfris Ulfrun Ulla Unger Unna Unngerd Urd Urdur Valkuria Valthogun Vanadis Vár Vára Vardrun Ve Vegandi Verdandi Vidis Vigdís Viglod Visna Volva Vór Vrind Wegandi Werdandi Werwin Widís Wigdís

Male:Aegir Aerwaldi Agi Agin Agnar Ai Albard Ald Aldur Aldurek Aldurin Alf Alfodur Alfrait Alfrik Alfur Alfwin Algeir Algfrig Allrek Alswid Alswin Althiof Alvís Alwís Anár Andar Andrimnir Andwari Annar Antharis Arald Arek Áren Argwian Argulf Ari Aridwa Arland Arn Arrik Arwak Arwakur Asathor Ásgeir Ask Aski Askur Áslaf Aswid Áswin Atli Atrid Aud Aurgelmir Aurwandil Austri Baedi Bafur Bain Baldur Baleig Báli Balli Ballin Banakun Bandur Barald Bard Bardir Bardrin Bari Barlin Baugir Bavór Beli Bergelmir Berling Biaralaf Biflid Biflindi Bifur Biggwir Bileig Bileist Billing Bodda Boe Bofur Bolthorn Bolwerk Bombor Bombur Bork Borri Brág Bragi Brand Bréf Brimer Brimir Bró Brodir Brogga Broin Brók Brólin Brór Brórin Bruka Brúni Bofur Bombur Bor Bori Bórin Budli Buggwir Bur Burr Buleist Bulin Búri Burin Dag Dáin Dainwinur Dár Delling Dellingur Dim Dinnu Dolgdwari Dólgi Dómur Dór Dori Drár Draupnir Drór Duf Duneir Durathor Dúrin Dvalin Dwain dwalgun Dwálin Dwar dwari Dwóin Dúi Eggther Egil Eikthrunir Eikturnir Einhári Eirek Eirik Eitri Eldir Elgur Eltas Erland Fafnir Fál Farald Fárbauti Fárin Farmagud Fegin Féir Feldur Fenrir Fenrisulf Fialar Fili Fimbultir Fimbultur Finn Fiolnir Fiolswid Fiolwar Fiorgun Flói Flóki Fólaf fóli Fori Fórin Forn Fornold Forseti Fraelsen Framir Franang Frár Frég Frégin Freki Freri Frérin Freu Freiur Fródi Fróin Frór Frósti Fruhiri Frúin Fulin Fundin Furik Fúrin Fulli Fullrek Gáin Gairin Galar Galdalf Galdrin Gallurin Gandalf Gang Ganglati Gangleri Gangrad Garf Garm Garmur Gaut Gauti Geirin Geiri Geirod Gelin Gelmir Gerdrek Geri Gestir Gestumblindi Gialar Gilling Gimir Gimli Ginar Ginnar Giuki Glád Glapswid Glén Glóin Góin Gondlir Gorm Gothialmur Goti Gotti Grabak Grálin Gram Grani Greufel Greni Grer Grim Grimbal Grimir Grimnir Grimwasa Gripa Gróin Grór Grórin Gullinbursti Gullir Gullintanni Gullstaf Gumir Gunnar Gúrin Guttorm Haedh Haka Hakon Halli Hallinskidi Hannar Hálrin Hamrad Hanigand Hanigandur Hannar Hár Harald Háraldin Hárbard Hárek Harfar Hárkarl Heimdall Helbrand Helgi Helgin Helung Hennar Heptifili Hermod Hermodur Hiuki Hlediolf Hodur Hoenir Hoeg Hogni Holf Hór Holting Hoth Hrolfur Hrugnir Hugi Hugin Hugstari Huwalha Hullman Hwergelmir Ian Iari Iarl Imir Ing Ingar Ingi Ingwi Ini Ionakur Iormunrek Iornrek Iotungast Iwaldi Iulson Kalmar Karl Kiar Kili Kiri Klaswig Kó Kóri Korin Kúr Kúri Kwasir Kunodin Ledson Leif Lífthrasir Linnar Lisgarin Lít Lódbrok Lodur Lofar Loki Lóni Lonning Lúfson Magni Malm Máni Marforn Marháni Marodwin Marrik Medrunár Meili Menner Míki Mimir Miolnir Modi Módwitnir Mundilfari Náin Náli Nalin Nalle Nár Nári Narin Nárri Nárvi Nels Níd Nídi Nifelung Niping Niord Niordur Nordri Nori Nórin Núi Núr Núrad Odanal Odarik Ódgeir Ód Odhur Odin Ódrek Óin Ólin Ónar Ori Orm Ormar Osten Ottur Pér Radswín Raenar Ragnarhar Ragnár Ragnir Rálin Randgeir Rant Raudgeir Raudrek Regin Rék Rerir Ríg Rigbord rigraven Rikirek Rim Rindgeir Riudrek Ródmar Roen Rognir Rón Rónsen Rost Rugi Rul Runnal Runsig Rugir Siar Sigeir Sigmar Sigrad Sigurd Sigmund Sindri Sinfiotli Skafin Skioldli Skirpir Skirnir Skuldlif Skullif Slaemur Slagfin Sleipnir Smaug Stam Stigmuld Sudri Sult Surnur Surt Surtur Swarin Swinder Swipdag Táli Teve Thár Thasulf Thek Thialfi Thidgeir Thidlinaf Thidlindaf Thidmar Thidrek Thingrek Thingrik Thóin Thor Thorag Thorak Thorbard Thorifal Thorin Thorlaven Thráin Thrálin Thrall Thrallin Thralling Thrár Thrarin Thrir Throdin Thróin Thrór Throrin Thrudgelmir Thrum Thrur Thulin Thulur Tíli Tosti Túr Ugga Uggrulf Ullerek Ulf Ulfrek Ulfur Ull Ullur Umir Urdregin Urgregir Úri Vafnir Váli Vallir Várin Vasa Vé Vegir Vidri Víg Vili Vindalf Vindler Virpir Vitur Vogir Volsung Volund Wali Walrek Walúrrek Wardrek Wása Wé Welsi Westri Widar Widrik Wiglaf Wíli Wilihelm Wilimar Wilirek Wókir Wonir Uggan Umir Ungar Ungeir

Old Breeish and old eriadorian Names (Brythonic, Cumbrian, Cornish) (Breelanders, Eriadorians, Gauredain, Hobbits)

female:Aedoc Anaguistl Anaudat Anauprost Angharad Arganteilin Beladore Catguistl Ceindrech Ceinguled Clarly Cuik Dama Denw Denyw Diuset Drilego Duihon Dwywai Efrddyl Enynny Ewsannec Fuandrec Gloiumed Gloiucen Goddau Greg Guelet Guenbrith Guencen Guencenedl Guenguiu Guenmon Guenneret Gwladus Gwawl Gwawr Gwrygon Herannuen Ilcum Iudhent Iudprost Languoreth Luncen Mabern Mabena Madern Medguistl Meduil Meonre Milian Modron Morfudd Moruith Nyfain Oncenedl Oncum Onguen Onnen Ordguydel Ourcen Ourdilic Perem Proscen Prosguetel Prostlon Rhieinfellt Rum Sulcen Sulmed Tanguistl Wawl Ystradwel

male:Adiuni Adoyre Aedan Anaoc Aniud Argantbri Argantmoet Artaca Bath Belado Beli Bledros Bleidcum Bleidiud Brenci Brethoc Brit Brithael Britou Broggha Budic Budnouen Cadan Cadoc Cador Cantgueithen Catgutic Cenmin Cingur Cinhoedl Colan Comoere Conbriti Conmonoc Conredeu Dar Dengel Dofagan Frioc Gallmau Gauri Gennovevs Gladoc Gososwald Gospatric Gratcant Grifiud Guencor Guenguerthlon Guentanet Guentigirn Guincum Guithrit Gurbodu Gurcant Gurcencor Gurci Gurcon Gurdilic Gurguaret Gurguistl Gurdilic Guriant Gurlouen Gurthcid Halbiu Harenbil Hedyn Heranal Heranhal Hincomhal Howel Iarnguallon Ilcarthon Iliud Inisian Iofa Iudicael Iudnerth Iusti Kenan Kenver Kenwyn Kevern Lagu Laouic Leucum Loi Louenan Louhelic Loumarch Mael Maeldoi Maeloc Maelpatraic Mall Maonirn March Matuid Medrod Mell Mermin Mihael Milcenoc Minnoc Mor Morcant Morhaetho Mungo Oss'ne Pasco Patraic Perran Petroc Putrael Rannoeu Resmen Rinduran Rioc Riol Rith Rumun Ryd Salenn Scubrycht Sulleisoc Talan Talek Telent Terithien Tethion Turtouald Ungust Uormuin Wella Yestin Ythel

Old Easterling Names (Bórians, Uldorians, Shrel, Sea-Easterlings, Angmarrim, Lossoth, Forodwaith, Hillmen)

female: Allid Aradre Atri Awani Babig Bais Blénis Bórthid Bréwar Broddun Brúgun Brúwar Búgil Chukis Cómid Curlad Dasdun Delid Dórid Dórob Dráre Esgani Fósgel Frédun Frella Fulda Fúrob Galva Garmani Gármis Glashva Góldun Gragel Gralis Grásid Grefis Grimva Grógel Grólva Grórid Guddun Hoegwar Hórgun Hullob Húrni Hwaldun Iukarid Kadagun Katriva Khainis Kelai Kómi Korbrild Króid Krulid Kúbalid Kúbun Kuldre Kúlshodun Kúrlad Lada Lísdun Líswar Lómid Lórid Lóris Lóthid Lurd Mashis Míkin Mirag Mírun Mólid Mónda Múagun Mutag Mútid Mútun Nadagel Nadnani Nárkis Noild Nurdun Núrlun Ogel Ólbag Ólbais Ópid Órab Óradis Órarag Órmaid Oswar Ólwis Rendeagha Rhurid Rógel Rógis Rúre Senis Senzael Talni Tárai Tárfis Tárfob Thelad Tósag Trimani Tula Tumis Turai Turgawar Túrgun Ugud Ulais Ularil Ullis Ulwaun Úmid Únid Unisoturi Unkuni Wárid Widonu Wízid Vizona

male:Alano Blodren Blodrin Bór Borda Borhan Borlach Borlad Borlas Borth Borthan Borthand Borthandos Borthur Braogha Bregga Brodda Broeda Bruggha Chukka Comac Dasron Delosh Dogrib Drari Esgathig Falen Foskat Fregim Fregin Furn Galvuz Garmarca Gartog Geer Glashtoc Gol Gorron Gradda Grasti Grebba Grepp Grimk Grimling Grolin Gromk Grumm Gudda Harf Hos Hurog Hwaldar Jukath Kadash Katrisel Khain Koma Kreg Krennt Krog Krulla Kulshadar Kulshodar Kur Kurtan Krulla Kuball Lârunag Lisgarin Lom Lorgan Lorgas Lorthand Lothand Mashbram Mira Mirra Muagan Mutfast Nadash Nagan Narkar Nog Nudan Nurgan Nurl Obad Olbaddol Opor Orad Oran Orash Orbul Ormat Osgan Ren Rhugga Rof Rogan Sen Senzal Tarfoth Tarok Thelor Tost Tros Tumna Turga Turgarin Ucas Ucin Ugus Uka Ul Ulam Ulas Uld Ulda Uldor Uldul Ulfand Ulfang Ulfast Ulgan Ulgar Ulgor Ulgin Ulor Ulrac Ulrad Ulrag Ulruth Ulwar Ulwarth Ulwas Uma Unkus Urd Urdrath Urga Urgan Vacros Wafar Warlog Wumba Yar Zaran

Old Gondorian Names (Mountainmen, Coastal-people, Gondorians)

Female:Abrin Abris Aerden Aidhon Als Amaid Anrea Araet Arai Arlenui Azaer Baereten Balibogach Belanoth Bererit Berid Berkhalimur Betheal Bethlan Beus Belanoth Billem Braes Bretel Caen Caere Ceaid Cerome Ceun Cleg Cleva Clin Coelmar Croggan Cuisan Dár Damah Darnic Doreoren Duroin Effem Emacha Erdae Fatih Fecandra Fimalcú Fois Fónd Gael Gaem Gaen Gerlon Gevas Gillan Grannen Guik Gwun Heth Imkel Irm Irn Iska Jerrind Kern Klatu Laim Lain Lamhan Linnad Lith Lonn Mikeli Maeflad Marvran Mathed Merearer Mikarel Miren Neld Ninaer Nísi Morlaen Olain Onre Orden Paedy Pathirad Radelain Ramland Retha Rodhel Sach Dûran Shabla Sogra Sisia Sisin Sudha Sunil Tan Tana Tara Taraim Tasca Torbet Treva Tunghaib Tuva Urmae Urnae Usca Usla Venaib Vinie Warris Ygana Yganna Yoinen Yova Yora Yorinve Yornva

Male: Aeghan Aenpe Agar Afar Aghoin Airl Aisteac Amplac Amplag Ancu Araclin Arad Arat Argan Arl Arni Avram Aysteac Baen Balian Bargur Bea Belgel Belligel Berma Bheil Bhenaim Bofa Borar Brem Brenith Brentring Breorch Briannon Brontring Bulda Buldar Caebur Caenesta Caerch Caerd Caerlinc Cambed Camhach Camhan Camhed Caramach Carnam Carrac Cea Cealen Chaem Chaen Clenman Cleg Clenman Cliin Cober Coerba Colfen Corl Cormacar Craum Cordeli Corl Corutar Crognu Cudin Cuerd Curocdil Curocdili Daer Damas Denathir Derra Dobiac Dobiach Doreorn Dostir Duacan Duacam Duoveris Dûran Durger Duros Duvos Edoc Egwa Egwar Elanta élen Elkerzen Ellollen Emaca Erastoch Erkam Eskerzen Erstoc Estûran Fadón Fanghin Farzh Fegc Fego Feirr Fianim Findar Finlong Finwan Fordelin Forlong Frandica Fremdang Froeca Froecca Fumall Gabbon Galf Galadach Gaoth Gariac Gehdarn Geiri Gobha Goldang Gordai Gorghiric Gorgirich Gruan Gudon Guich Guton Haedrec Haega Hazad Haedrech Haegu Haitagan Hazad Hescen Hogo Holf Hundil Hurdil Ilora Jeirn Jerrin Jesec Joraal Khathog Khatog Kollan Korzh Krobon Kurf Laca Ladro Lagrena Lamhac Lanhach Laren Larn Larras Linnad Locen Lomenech Lomros Lowenec Lufa Mach Madac Mardo Marvu Mephn Merhast Merisan Merro Merul Meryn Miall Micharel Miena Mikelin Mogru Monach Morbasto Morchaint Morthec Motech Nadhaim Nard Naum Ninko Ogmal Ogoran Om Oravai Orden Orgaron Orinas Orvig Ostisen Parigan Parnil Pesk Poddit Olanin Ormig Pauren Pesk Phreir Pollel Portan Rech Reghian Rello Rethan Rhavas Rinek Rodin Roighen Rovik Ruem Runzh Sahail Sargan Sarvelich Scoel Scrogal Selin Semarg Sergir Serogal Shauc Shaug Shoglic Shômos Siedel Sindbar Sisimmion Skain Slovas Smardo Sogran Sogru Soharad Spa Subud Suenes Súlema Sumil Suvac TanrayTaral Taren Tarlang Tarlann Tarr Tarv Taska Teigor Thaedin Tharadoc Tharl Thebo Tigon Tiralgar Thirrio Tonekil Topi Torac Torach Torich Toran Torang Tovig Tovik Trapun Trazen Trelas Tremac Trentan Treru Tulan Tuar Tul Tumaibha Tun Turbith Turjomil Turukulon Ugal Ugranor Ulgar Umadoir Undarak Urchoid Urdrek Urib Urmah Vagaig Verden Vilik Virin Virloch Wailu Weriach Ygan Zafor Zeddik

Old Rhovanian Names (Gothic) (Northmen, Fallohides)

female: Alvira Amalavinta Ansvinta Attacausia Attahis Brunniogilda Elvira Forgotha Hulthvinna Isca Linsvinta Lithumavi Liuthamavi Marhari Marhsvinta Reisvinta Rindosvinta Scudasvinta Sigisrativia Suliasvintha Svintala Teva Thiudahis Thiudagilda Thiudalinda Thiudalindia Thiudamarhi Thiudanantia Vairthamavi Vandiasvinta Vaurdumavi Veinasvinta Veniasvinta Vidasvinta Viduaica Vidumavi Vinitsvinta Viriasvinta Vorota Vulfa Vulfis Vulfreda Vulfruna

male:Agilulv Airdic Aivahari Aivareic Aivasandia Aivaulv Acareic Alareic Alboin Andhari Ansoin Ardacer Areic Armanareic Athaulv Attagavia Attanareic Attavulv Attaulv Attila Atugavia Audacar Audagavia Audharya Audoin Aurdric Auduin Autila Avirdic Bair Baira Bairg Bathigavia Bathila Baurgavia Bautila Beidareic Bogigavia Botila Driuscara Gailareic Gravia Hildwini Formanreic Forthwini Framsulv Framwini Friuhari Friuharya Gardila Gisulv Gudiareic Gutagavia Haitila Hacila Harigast Hecila Itangast Liudareic Liutareic Marhcavia Marhgildulv Marhareic Marhat Marhreic Marthureic Marhwini Marhvulv Matila Odoreic Odogavia Odovacar Otalgavia Patila Radigast Radireic Rautreic Ricireic Riudimar Rudiareic Saireic Saivareic Salianvrat Sculdila Sigradivia Sigvard Scildila Scop tassulf Thiudalindav Thiudamarh Thiudamarhi Thiudareic Thiudameria Thiudamarh Thiudanantia Totila Triggvareiv Trigoreic Tulga Uhtila Urila Urnreic Utila Vailareic Vaireic Valiagavia Valiareic Vallareic Valthari Vandureic Verecanreic Vidugavia Vidumarhi Vidureic Viclaiba Vidugavia Viliair Viliacara Viliareic Vindila Vinitharya Vodacer Vodogia Vulv Vulvila Vulvo Vulvreic Vultreic Wacho Waldreic Wamba Winthila Wutharya Vuthila

Orcish and Black Speech Names (Orcs, Trolls, Men of Mordor)

Female: Adglubig Adkui Afimish Afrul Agbunut Agdish Agini Agli Aglush Agnu Agogi Agra Agral Agrolob Agruin Aguin Agunu Aguzu Akargra Akaruin Akht Akhuru Akgru Akush Akhuth Antaragru Araudauth Araunuth Ardagru Argru Arguth Arknu Arkulalob Arkulgra Arukh Arub Arukuth Arunuth Arxdulob Arzhul Ashfand Ashburfand Ashdurgra Ashnu Atub Azgirz Azgurnuth Azorug Azruth Baaaabs Baragru Barfnu Batul Batum Bazaral Blogath Bog Bolar Bolfand Bolgru Bolplashnag Boluin Bor Borba Borgag Borguth Bralguth Bralob Brôk Broyasht Brukai Brukshalog Bukranuth bula Bulgru Bulshalog Bumfh Bûnd Burlfand Bûrna Burati Burnuth Burwayaz Burzuin Chaurka Chûnráka Dagogi Dakalgru Daumdori Daurnu Dogshalog Draka Dreceld Drek Dreka Drishfand Drishnu Drisnuth Drogru Drurgru Drurguin Drushalog Dulug Dumfa Dumra Dur Durgru Durwayaz Dynca Eagoth Enna Fanggru Fangshalog Faulgru Faulwayaz Fhishrul Fimbulfand Fliznuth Flurg Fradufand Frakege Fugla Furn Gabagru Gardagi Gargi Gargnu Garran Garrus Ghak Ghamargik Gharona Ghashgru Ghehari Gelob Gharshuth Gharul Ghorzu Ghûra Ghlash Ghorshu Ghurzu Girlob Glurula Gnaznu Gnornu Golgru Gorfand Gorgi Gorgru Gornu Gorshalog Gorwayaz Grabla Grabuth Grabwayaz Gradum Grâg Gradag Gragi Grago Gragrud Grahuk Grakasha Grakil Grakul Gralag Gralaga Gralak Gralok Gralug Gralun Grana Granag Granekh Grapot Grarag Grarog Grarud Grarubk Grashi Grashgru Grashog Grasnag Grasnauk Grastak Grasuk Grat Grazoka Gretkh Grimnu Grishgru Grishguin Grobgru Gromka Grorfand Grorgi Groshak Grulgru Grulob Grûna Grushfand Grushnuth Gulfand Gullob Gulu Gulwayaz Gûnd Gundi Hagra Holguin Hulgru Hulguth Hulnuth Hulth Humraz Hurgru Hurguin Hurngru Hurni Hurplashnag Hurshalog Hushnuth Ilkrûm Ilkrûn Kadagru Karaguth Khorlnu Khorshalog Khrinfand Khuni Khurgru Khurnuth Khuzadrepa Klagi Klagru Klalob Korga Korzh Krawayaz Krazgurtha Krag Kraplashnag Krath Krog Krogi Krowayaz Krulla Krunlak Kullfand Kurgru Kurkrakh Kurkruth Kûrl Lash Lashi Lefthak Lobamab Loggru Loguth Lokk Lokka Lorka Lorke Luggru Luguin Lûrd Lurguin Lurshas Lorwayaz Luzgru Magurgru Magurni Magurnuth Marlgru Marlugi Marn Maugru Maunu Mauri Maushalog Mauwayaz Mogsharlob Mordnu Morthruth Moshgru Moshrul Mozari Mulgru Mur Murbul Murob Muruin Murumat Muruth Murzush Mushnag Muzgnuth Muzlob Muzuga Nargru Narwayaz Nazgru Naznu Nazri Nufnu Nufshak Nurga Nargluth Nurl Nurlgru Nurlnu Nuzgru Oggru Ogni Ognu Ogshalog Olguin Orag Orash Orbul Ormat Plaznu Poki Praglag Pragnuth Pralgru Pralnu Prug Purth Purunûr Radnu Rakadak Rekka Retikhall Rhugnu Rhukwayaz Rogbut Rogmish Rognuth Rogshalog Rokal Rómok Ronkgru Ronug Rugfand Ruki Rulthi Rukshalog Rulfim Rulnuth Rult Saggo San Sarab Sarae Saraga Saviga Serraki Sgug Shabla Shagnz Sharamp Shardakh Sharn Sharzag Sharzuth Selthar Shebash Shebrog Shebuz Sheglash Shel Shelash Shelob Shelog Shelur Shemat Shelug Shelurg Shemog Shepot Sherak Sherath Shergnuth Sheronk Sherolg Sheslab Shetaur Sheturg Shezlag Shil Shogi Shurfturz Skardon Skargni Skarwayaz Skaurnu Skaurnuth Skessa Skorgru Skorguth Skorlub Skorshalog Skrobab Skrûb Sluargru Slumala Smargru Snagnuth Snagshalog Snaguth Snak Snaplashnag Snaguin Snawayaz Snorwayaz Snufand Snugnu Snukh Stellarka Stula Stulgu Sturwayaz Thirk Thrakni Thrakshalog Thrakuth Thrulgru Thrulob Tragk Trâpûn Trufni Trushuth Ufgalob Ufgru Ufkral Uflob Ufnuth Ufshalog Ugfand Ugluin Ugrulla Ugur Uguth Ulknu Ukhurol Uknu Ukwayaz Ulbandi Ulgru Uloth Ulgandraeth Ulumfha Ulzi Umagi Umug Unglob Uplashnag Urfa Urfand Urfuth Urgru Urhu Urnu Urshalog Urzuga Urzul Ushug Utumkodur Vorkri Vrasli Warggru Warguin Woduri Wrasgru Wulafi Yag Yagni Yagnu Yagru Yagtui Yanntek Yarlob Yazguin Zabranuth Zakuth Zalfand Zalgnuth Zalgru Zalki Zalshalog Zarbi Zauglob Zauguin Zawayaz Zebak Zoshi Zuldi Zumnu Zulgru Zuli Zurfand Zurguin Zurguth Zurlob Zurnu Zurnuth Zurshalog Zurti Zuruin

Male: Aarlok Afrodestak Agburanar Agin Agog Agrog Agrolg Agûn Akargîn Akargûn Akth Antarakûl Araudagul Ardagor Argdush Arkish Arkuladum Arkûlaglar Aruk Arukh Gul Arxdukanga Arzhtûm Ashburgnûl Ashdûm Ashdurbuk Ashdurgnul Ashkash Ashkronk Ashrak Ashturg Athrug Azdush Azgurath Azog Bairanax Bakzur Balg Balkhmog Balthrod Bân Barakat Barfka Bargrisar Bargûr Blazolg Bo lagg Bokdankh Boldog Bolg Bolog Bolvag Borgthaur Bralg Brogg Bruka Bugrug Buhrdur Bulkûpar Bulrakûr Bulthrok Bumat Bûrat Bûrazog Burgrug Burlag Burlsug Burthrakh Burtrakh Buruz Burz Bûthrakaur Buthrakur Chebornek Cro Crugbit Dagawud Dagbash Dagog Dakalmog Dancu Dankû Darzum Daumdorut Daumdurub Dâurukh Dôb Dogdorut Dorashug Drâg Dragjak Drangû Drishak Drisnak Drogoth Druleg Drurgandra Drurgangra Druzhag Dûrax Durba Durblakh Durbuhuk Durclax Durg Erfaukar Fang Farzh Faulrok Faulvok Fektalg Fektalgh Felagrog Felgrom Fha Fimbul Flizhpot Forak Fornagath Foruk Fradûrag Freg Frôm Frûm Fukhazam Gaballol Gabaloll Gajutar Gamshok Gardagd Garg Garni Garny Gashafoc Gashbuz Gashlurgak Gaskbuz Gastmorgath Gaurithoth Gayergûl Gazmog Gaznag Ghaam Ghardak Gharsh Ghash Ghashlurlag Ghashurlagk Gîrakûn Girkhush Girishag Glashtoc Gnorn Gorron Goblok Golfimbul Gollum Goolgoff Goragâsh Gorbag Gorbla Gordúf Gorebash Gorfel Gorganog Gorgol Gorkil Gorkin Gormuk Gorron Gorthak Gorthog Grabstak Grachuk Gradgûl Grakhuk Grashûkh Grashur Grath Grimbosh Grimburgoth Grinnah Grishlug Grishnákh Grizbat Groblog Grolg Grorg Grud Grufath Grulag Grûna Grushnog Guarthoth Gul Gulavhar Gulthum Gûnd Gûndza Gurbash Gûrkrog Gurthlug Hagrakh Hakknash Hargrog Holg Horhsak Horza Hoshû Hukor Hullob Hûra Hurn Hurog Hushkash Huskash Ichashu Ikgor Illkrûn Jo-Nag Juithrech Kadak Kadakh Kadash Kalmog Karagat Kardûsh Kargmaushat Karikamorarthur Karnak Karrog Karsh Kathog Khaidakh Khamûl Khathog Khatog Khrinchak Khrinkhak Khun Khûrsh Klalg Klalûg Klyaxar Korlash Kraez Krashnak Krazgurtha Kreg Krek Krô Krob Krog Krûpaz Krûpazk Krûsnak Kruxtogg Kull Kulshodar Kur Kur Kurfrag Kurkrakh Kurtuk Lagbug Lagduf Lagdush Laglug Lairathin Lârunag Larzog Leegrash Lesh-Y Ligrash Log Logabath Logâz Lomaw Lug Lûgat Lugbol Lugdush Lughorn Lugmuraph Lugronk Lunug Lunul Lurd Lurshas Lurshras Lurtz Lúrz Luzog Magergoth Magurgoth Makrolg Malkur Manresh Mardrash Markûl Marluk Marlurg Maroch Maugrath Mauhúr Maurmaelgax Mauthak Mhôrlen Mogtûl Moraxar Moraxar Morbâz Morclax Mordu Morg Morlug Mornadak Mornartur Morthrog Môshrul Mourfuin Mozgog Muagan Muar Mûgall Muggrath Mûgull Mûkajkum Mûkar Mûkojkun Mûkokun Mûl Mûnd Mûranog Murkha Murlaga Mushnag Muzgash Muzlun Nadash Nagan Nagzag Naldûrgath Nargla Narkar Narkga Narlga Narzug Natak Nazog Nazrog Nereb Nhâk Nog Nordstrak Nufshak Nuik Nurgash Nurl Nûzu Obad Obirt Obnur Ognor Ogrod Ogrud Ogslap Ollog Ologg Ologûl Olrok Oologg Oomaug Opai Orad Orcobal Orduclax Orgash Orkamur Orkarmur Orthog Orthrod Osh Othrod Paash Plâzolg Pochak Pokhak Praglag Pralag Prug Raakhuga Radbug Radgûk Radzag Râg Ragavaug Rashkuk Rask Ratbag Razarakh Regûk Rekka Rhugga Rhukar Rhukskâ Ridorthu Rigai Rôb Rog Rogash Rogrog Rómok Ronk Rugat Rugrath Rugrul Ruimur Rukar Rûkdûg Rulart Rulthak Saenathra Saggo Sarkar Sarkaraxë Savgak Scabstak Schleinstak Scorba Scutsparg Shagla Shagog Shagrag Shagrat Shagrath Shagrug Shagrun Shakaa Shakhôr Shaknar Shân Shardakh Shardur Sharkey Sharkû Shartok Sharzig Shaûn Shelob Shergnakh Shogmog Shuflat Skain Skammar Skargnakh Skauril Skessa Skoralg Skorg Skrâg Skraggit Skropab Skrûb Skurnûrg Sleestak Sluardakh Slugat Slyardach Smarga Smuath Snaga Snagul Snakpak Snarak Snargab Snufai Sokralg Sperkstak Sripsh Storlaga Strulug Sûrk Tarfuluth Tharzog Thôb Thorgur Thraknur Thrakrak Thralug Throkmaw Thrufgul thrugg Thrulfak Thuk Thurraz Tol Toltuk Tormog Trâpûn Trek Trogdor Trûshak Tuk Tuk Tûma Tûmag Turrog Tusk Ufgamog Ufkral Ufluk Uftak Ufthak Uggorzih Uglag Uglúk Ugnar Ugrad Ugslap Ugtog Ukandar Uklurg Ukog Ukrish Ûkrom Ulbandi Ulflag Ulflog Ulgin Ulgrunk Ulkaur Ulonakh Ulthak Ulthang Ulthu Ulthug Ulzog Umagaur Umraz Unglob Ûnk Upo Urbuth Urdrak Urfa Urfase Urfash Urgrog Urgubal Urgurk Urmek Urnik Urudrak Uruflath Usuarch Uthkû Uthlug Uthmag Utlash Utor Utsar Utumkodur Uunk Virsh Vîshrakh Volg Volog Vorazg Vorb Vorkrôbûl Vraskú Vrásluf Vráslut Vûkrôbûl Vurbôk Wedegog Wiglaf Wigwack Wirsh Wodûrishak Wûlafûrad Wuluag Wûmag Yaghu Yagool Yagrash Yagthak Yagûl Yakkaz Yarnaghk Yazhgar Yazneg Ygan Yurak Zabrag Zaglûn Zagmuz Zaken Zakûn Zalg Zarbag Zoshk Zûm Zurga Zurtuk Zuxzuldûr

Quenya Names (High Elves, Númenóreans)

female:Aew Aiwe Alarien Alatáriel Almarian Almáriel Almiel Alquawen Altáriel Altarielle Amárië Anaire Anariel Ancalime Ánkalina Anrien Aranna Araphel Ardamíre Ardaniel Árie Ariël Áriën Arienwen Aroniril Arovesse Arsil Artafinde Artanis Arthaniel Arvaire Ascarnil Atarinke Ázie Bävire Brilwen Calime Calmiriel Castariel Daenya Dorian Earalinde Eariel Eärwen Earwing Eldalóte Elemíre Elemmíre Elenien Elentári Elentiriel Elenwen Elestirne Elewen Elótiel Emerie Emerwen Emmeril Enelye Erinti Ernis Estë Estéliel Ethetariel Evranin Fanariel Feamire Featiriel Feawen Feiniel Fendómë Findis Finriel Firiel Fui Gwîr Herucalma heskil Hyarleuka Ilmarë Ilmarien Iminye Indis Ingwiel Ingwilendë Inwithiel Iralussiel Irilde Írime Isilme Isilwen Istariel Istarnie Itaril Itarilde Itarille Ivare Kalamîre Kaliel Kementári Kémi Lastalaika Lauraiwe Laureyalmaya Lauriel Laurindel Lindórië Linqil Linvaire Liriel Lóme Lomelinde Lungumaqa Maia Maleriel Malquen Mánwen Margoliante Marwen Mavoine Meásse Melosse Merelen Meril Merinde Míretári Míriel Mírien Mirnil Mîrwen Morfána Morelen Mormiresul Móru Morvana Naimi Namarie Nanya Nariel Narmire Nerwen Nerwende Nessa Nieliqui Niena Nienna Nimriel Níralissë Núri Núril Ohtariel Oinen Ondolini Palandal Palomire Palúrien Qalme-Tári Quenandel Raswen Rian Rinhil Roheryn Rûmenna Sangavanya Saraxe Serende Serinde Silanna Silinde Silmariel Silmariën Silmarwen Silmien Silrien Taltelemna Taltelepsa Taramin Tarbeth Tári Tári-Laisi Tarien Tatie Tauriel Telerien Telperien Telwenel Tindóme tindomeril Tindômiselde Tindúmhiell Tinnúviel Tintalle Tintanie Tinúviel Tinwerína Tinwetári Tiranne Tiriel Tirome Tirosse Tirwen Tolwen Tuilére Turinqi Turlindë Turwen Uinen Uinéniel Uiniel Undómiel Ungoliante Ungweliant Ungweliante Vainóni Vairë Vairesul Vána Vanamel Vanatari Vanimelde Varda Vê Veanne Vinyawen Voronwen Wirilóme Yavanna Yavekamba

male:Aikanár Aikanáro Ailios Ainairos Aiwe Aiwendil Alacatar Alakadaro Alandur Alatar Alcarin Aldamir Aldarion Aldaron Aldawen Aldumir Alkar Alue Aluin Amadir Amaltar Amandil Amardil Amaron Ambaráto Ambarto Ambarussa Amillo Amnon Anaras Anardil Anárion Anaristar Anarond Ancalimon Ancantar Ancirtan Andaron Anducal Angamaite Angaráto Angomaite Ankalimon Annatar Anvegil Ar Arador Arafinwe Arakáno Aramacar Arami Arandor Arantar Aranto Aranwë Aranwion Aratan Arato Araval Arciryas Ardamin Ardamir Ardaron Ardûval Árie Ariël Áriën Arienwen Arkáno Armacil Arondil Artaher Artamir Artamo Artan Artanga Artano Arthorotur Árundil asfaloth Astaldo Atanacar Atanaher Atanamir Atanatar Atandil Atano Aulë Aulendil Avatan Axandil Boromíro Boronmíro Bragolmaite Cal Calandur Calantir Calendil Calendir Calenorn Calimacil Calimehtar Calimendil Calimir Calimmacil Calimo Calimon Calin Calion Calir Calmacil Calmarin Camagal Camaron Camear Carambo Carmendil Castaher Castamaite Castamir Castarion Castimir Cemendur Cirator Ciriáran Cirya Ciryaher Ciryamer Ciryamir Ciryanca Ciryandil Ciryang Ciryatan Ciryatir Ciryatur Círyayan Ciryion Ciryon Colmorwe Coratar Coravar Corëmor Cormacar Corostal Curotal Curufinwe Curumo Cyril Cyrondur Danuin Derufin Dervorin Dior Diro Dorgilatar Dulinvar Dunmardo Duros Eadur Eamir Eämon Eärantar Earantur Earbaldol Eardil Eardol Earedur Eärendil Earendilion Eärendur Earnár Eärnil Eärnur Eätor Êde Eketya Elan Elatan Elatar Eldacar Eldacil Eldahil Eldakar Eldamir Eldanar Eldanon Eldarion Elemir Elemmakil élen Elenaerion Elendil Elendin Elendor Elendur Elentir Elentirmo Elenwë elerosse Elessar Elesser Ellion Elmavoite Elmo Elramar Elulindo Elwe Elwenil Elwenildo Encaldil Encalion Enedrion Enel Enner Eönwë Eredur Erelion Erestol Erestor Eriol Eriollo Erion Erúdâmor Estel Estelindo Estelmo Evinyatar Falather Falman Falmar Faltar Fältur Fanar Fanatur Fanuin Fayanáro Feafuin Feamiro Feänáro Feätur Feawe Felyashono Feonwe Ferillót Findamir Findaráto Findegil Findekâno Findelin Findicáno Fingolma Finicáno Finwarin Finwë Finwion Fionwe Foalóke Fordelin Formennar Formenya Forodacil Forodil Foros Forvagor Fuinar Gildor Giltur Gilwe Gorgumoth Hallacar Hallamon Hallan Hallatan Helkama Herion Herucalmo Herudor Herudur Herumor Herunúmen Hostamir Huandil Huore Hyarleuca Hyarmadil Hyarmendacil Iaurloke Ilinsor Ilmandur Ilmar Ilverin Imin Imindor Indoglaure Indorildo Ing Ingalaure Ingil Ingilmo Ingwë Ingwion Inwe Iôn Íracáno Írimon Irmo Isil Isilavanimo Isildor Isildur Isilmo Istar Istor Kalamando Kalamon Kalatar Kalimehtar Kalimmakil Kalimos Kalion Kalmakil Kanafinwe Káno Kapalen Kastamir Kemendur Kenwe Kherû Khôgore Kiryahir Kiryandil Kiryatan Korekalwen Kosomoko Kosomot Kundo Kurufinwe Kurúki Kurvo Kúvion Laiqalasse Laltáro Laure Laurindel Lenwë Leuke Linda Lindenar Lindion Lindo Lintinen Linto Linwe Lómion Lórellin Madil Mahtan Mahtarion Mahto Mairon Maitimo Makalaure Makar Malatan Malfinwe Malion Mallion Malvacar Malvagor Malwe Mando Mandos Mandosse Manwë Máraher Mardil Martan Martano Marwe Mektar Melcor Mêlekô Melemno Melinir Melinon Melko Melkor Mendacil Menel Menelcar Meneldil Meneldir Meneldor Meneldur Menelmir Menelrama Menelrana Meneltir Menildir Meredur Methestel Mikúmi Minalcar Minalkar Minardil Minastan Minastir Mindacil Minohtar Minya Minyatur Minyon Miretar Mirifinwe Mirion Mirkano Moranar Moratan Morimando Morinehtar Moringotho Moringotto Mormakil Morrannu Morvagor Morvegil Morwe Moryo Nahar Nambarauto Námo Naranatur Narantir Narmacil Narmakil Narothal Návatar Nefantur Nessaron Nightingale Ninwe Noldatan Noldorin Nóleme Nólimon Nolofinwe Nornore Nôwe Nuin Númedur Númekundo Númendil Númendur Núr Núron Nurufantur Nurwe Oeros Ohta Ohtar Olofantur Olórin Olorindel Olórion Olwë Ómar Ondilion Ondoher Ondohir Onotimo Ontolin Orendil Ormar Ornendil Oromë Orondil Ossë Ostoher Ostomir Palandor Palantir Palanwe Pallando Palvano Parmaite Parmandil Parn Parnardil Pityafinwe Pityo Poldórea Quenandol Quendingoldo Queneldor Quengoldo Quennar Ramandor Ramandur Rána Ranuin Rómendacil Rómendakil Rómendorgil Rómestámo Rúmil Rúsitaurion Russandol Salmar Sanavaldo Sangahyanda Sangahyandim Sangahyandion Sangahyando Sangarunya Sarkarphor Sarmo Sarondothor Sauro Saweron Serendur Silima Silion Silmo Silwe Sindacollo Sindikollo Sindo Singoldo Singollo Solorion Solwe Sômar Sorondothor Sorontar Soronto Sorontur Stalgondo Stangasyandô Súlimo Súlinwe Sûlistar Sulkano Súrion Súro Taimonto Tar Taracoron Tarakilô Tarakon Tarandil Tarandor Tarandur Tarantar Tarassar Tarastor Tarcandil Tarcil Tarciryan Taren Tarion Tarkalion Tarkas Tarkil Tarma Tarminion Tarondor Tarostar Tata Taurendil Tauressar Taurion Taurmoresar Tauron Tauros Telcontar Telemehtar Telemmaite Telemnar Teleporno Telimektar Telkontar Telufinwe Telumehtar Terendul Tevildo Thancalion Thindikollo Thoron Thorondor Thorontar Tifanto Tilion Timpinen Tindomul Tindor Tinta Tinthellon Tinto Tinto'ellon Tinwe Tinwelint Tinwerontar Tinwetar Tirion Tiriondil Tûgore Tulkas Tulkasse Tulkassen Tulkastor Tulkatho Turambar Turindo Turkafinwe Turko Turondo Turumart Tyalangandô Tyelkormo Uin Ulmo Ulmondil Umbardacil Umbarto Umuiyan Uole Úrion Vaiaro Vailimo Valacar Valadil Valadil Valador Valahíru Valanáro Valandil Valandor Valandur Valatar Valatúru Valdor Valhad Valkrist Vallin Valsûl Valwe Vanatar Vardamir Varthor Veandur Veantar Veantur Veatur Vefántur Vilyatir Vinryon vinya Vinyaran Vinyarion Voromir Voronar Vorondil Vorondur Voronthor Voronwë Wilwarin Wilwarindil Yantolindo Yaventur Yon

Sindarin Names (Sindar,Edain, Dúnedain, Gondorians, Wood-elves)

female: Adanel Aerin Aerinel Ailinel Ailwing Airin Almiel Almoth Alphlind Amalda Amareth Amarien Amerian Amrith Andreth Andriel Andril Andril Anduinil Anglalaith Angwedh Aniril Anirin Annaben Annaniel Ansil Araliniel Arallas Araneth Aranna Aranwen Arassiel Ardaniel Ardanien Aredhel Areneth Arhendhiril Arin Arisiel Arphain Arvaeth Arverethiel Arwen Astoreth Bailindiel Banwen Baraniel Barathil Barchiril Barithil Belaurin Beleth Belewen Bellindiel Belthil Bereth Beriel Beril Berithil Berthil Berúthiel Bethiel Bladorwen Bogbereth Brangloth Bredhil Brethil Brethilas Brethilwen Brilwen Brithwen Brunil Brunwen Cambragiel Carandae Caranel Caraneth Carriniel Celdrian Celdwen Celebeth Celebren Celebrían Celebriel Celebrindal Celeserwen Celwen Cenedril Cethwen Ciril Crisduriel Daelomin Dagorlind Dainedhel Danedhel Darien Delwen Deniel Diloriel Dineth Dinithel Dinithiel Dinturien Dior-lasse Doliel Dorien Dorniel Duilas Duilwen Dunedhel Dûranna Dúril Durithel Durmariel Edenithil Edhellammen Edhellas Edhellos Edhelwen Edhetariel Edheturiel Egalwen Eilinel Eiliniel Eilwen Eirien Elanor Elbereth Eldien Eldwen Eledhwen Elendril Elenien Elenril Elenuil Elfriniel Elgwain Elharian Elindiel Elladrien Ellas Elleth Ellonel Elrenniel Elring Elulind Elwing Elwith Emeldir Emelduin Emelien Emelin Erdîniel Erendis Ergweth Eriel Erien Erwen Esgalfea Esgalwen Esteledhel Faegfaer Faelinoth Faelivren Failivrin Fain Fainahíril Faiwen Faniel Fanuilos Feiniel Feremariel Fimbrethil Fimril Findóriel Finduilas Finellach Finniel Finriel Firichal Firiel Fluithuin Forwen Gaerwen Galadhrien Galadhwen Galadloriel Galadriel Galadrien Galadwen Galathiel Galdrien Gallind Galorwen Geauanna Gelebrendal Gereth Gilbrennil Gildis Gileth Gilfanon Gilien Gilith Gilmith Gilorwen Gilraen Gilthoniel Gilthonieth Gilwen Gilweth Gim-Githil Ginglith Girithlin Githil Gladhil Gladhwen Glassiel Glathlírel Glathril Glewellin Glindiel Gliniel Glinnel Glithui Glóredhel Glórel Glorfinniel Glóriel Glorien Glorindal Glorwen Goldriel Golthadriel Golweniel Guilos Gulwathdel Gwanwen Gwathryn Gwedheling Gwenaewen Gwenethlin Gwenniel Gwerin Gwerlum Gwethil Gwingalos Gwingloth Halbered Halheryn Hallduril Halwen Hareth Harwen Heldíriel Heledil Hethluin Hiraew Híriel Hiril Hirumith Hirwen Hithril Iauanna Idh Idhrien Idhril Idril Ifan Inglorel Ingwiel Ingwil Ionanna Iorecthel Ioreth Iorhael Iornaith Ireth Írith Isfin Ivann Ivon Ivonwen Ivorwen Ivren Ivrin Ivriniel Laegel Laerind Lalaeth Lalaith Lambragiel Lavaneth Lendithil Lhugrien Lindal Lindedhel Lindis Linduriel Linglorel Linvaire Linwen Lóranna Loreth Lóriel Lorniel Losduilas Lothedhel Lothiel Lothiniel Lothíriel Lothriel Lothuial Lothwen Lothwing Luinen Luinil Lunil Mumithil Lunwen Luthanna Lúthien Maerien Mailwin Maraldawen Mariel Marwen Meiniel Melawen Meldis Meleth Melian Meliel Melloriel Meluial Mereth Meriel Merien Meril Merril Mileth Miniel Mirabeth Miriel Mirin Mirwen Mitheithel Mithrellas Morbenedh Morcheryn Moredhel Moriel Morlîn Morloth Mornedhel Mornil Morwen Munfaeril Muru Nardiriel Narmeleth Neldor Neldoreth Nellas Neniel Neth Nielthi Nienor Nienóri Nimbrethil Nimglîn Nimithil Nimladel Nimloth Nimlothel Nimphelos Nimriel Nimril Nimrilin Nimroch Ninaer Ninedhel Ninen Níniel Núath Nuinoer Núneth Nurdiriel Oarwen Onen Orian Orodriel Ostie Ostiel Owen Palandal Pariel Parien Pelenwen Pelnimloth Pelrith Penemith Pengoloth Pethil Ramloth Raniel Rathlóriel Reniolind Rhien Rian Rilwen Ringlódil Ringwil Rinwil Rivil Rodwen Rogeth Roheryn Roniel Roswen Rothinel Rúnedhel Saelin Saelind Saelthaliel Saermith Seregonwen Seregwen Silanwen Silin Silrien Siriel Sirith Sulimith Sulluith Sûlwen Taeglin Taiglin Talcelep Tarbeth Targon Tathariel Terenis Thanadirian Thelawen Thuringwethil Thurmeriel Tim-Bridhil Tindriel Tintoglin Tinwiel Tirial Tolwen Túriel Turwen Tynwfiel Uilos Unanwen Ungoliant Uruial Úrwen Urwendi Yoreth

male: Adanedhel Aeglos Aegnor Aelindur Aelinor Aerandir Aerennel Aerhir Agaldor Agarwaen Aiglos Ailinel Airandir Aldan Aldan Aldúrin Almoth Alphros Alurin Alurin Amaldor Amandir Amarath Amaron Amarth Amarthan Amarthion Amboron Amdír Amenor Amerod Amferen Amglin Amhir Amlach Amlaith Ammalas Amonar Amondil Amonir Amrahir Amras Amrod Amrodan Amrohir Amroth Amrothos Amtaur Amthol Anach Anarin Anarod Anarond Anborn Anboron Anca Ancalagon Ancú Androhir Anfang Anfauglir Angaroth Angbor Angdraug Angdring Angelimar Angelimir Angelion Angen Angin Anglach Anglachel Anglas Angon Angor Angren Angrist Angrod Angruin Anguirel Angûlion Angurth Annaël Annúnlor Anrod Anvegil Ár Ar-Gûlar Arachon Aradan Aradil Arador Arafain Araglas Aragorn Aragost Arahad Arahael Arahil Aralas Arallas Aramund Aran Aranarth Arancil Arandor Arandost Aranel Arangar Arangorn Aranil Aranion Aranrúth Arantor Aranuil Aranuir Araphant Araphôr Arassuil Arasuil Arathorn Arathornion Arathur Araval Aravir Aravorn Araw Arbragol Arcambion Arcamcris Arcamir Archam Arcondur Ardagor Ardal Ardamir Ardehir Ardol Arduin Ardulion Ardûmir Ardur Arfin Argaldor Argeleb Argemir Argil Argirion Argon Argonui Arhuan Arithir Arlaith Arleg Arluin Armagor Arminas Arnil Arodreth Aros Arothir Arroch Arthad Arthael Arthelion Arthod Arum Arvallen Arvedui Arvegil Arveldir Arveleg Asardil Ascar Ascarnil Asfaloth Asgil Asgon Astoron Aurandir Auredhir Aurgondril Ausir Balar Balcam Balcmeg Baldaerion Balendil Balglin balli Ballin Bandir Bandring Baragond Baragorn Baragud Barahir Baramor Baran Baranglim Baranor Baranthir Baravorn Bardhan Bardir Barendil Barfindil Barin Bárin Barithil Barlin Barmacil Barmir Barngor Barnur Barthalion Barthan Bauglir Baugron Baugur Belatar Belathir Belcha Belchamion Beldir Beldor Belecam Belechael Belechor Belecthor Beleg Belegcam Belegdur Belegol Belegor Belegorn Belegûr Belegurth Belemir Belengol Beleram Beletar Belethorn Belgor Belion Belthronding Benrodir Beradan Beratar Bercar Bereg Beregar Beregond Beregor Beregrond Berelach Beren Berendur Berendûr Beretar Bereth Berethor Bergil Beringol Bethin Bethlam Bethurin Bladorthin Blodrin Bodruith Bolcar Bor Bordumir Borgil Borlach Borlad Borlas Boromir Boron Borondir Borosaith Borothor Borthand Borthur Bragol Bragolhir Bragolmaite Brandir Bregal Bregalad Bregil Breglor Bregol Bregolas Brégon Bregonar Bregor Brelam Brethil Brethildur Brilthor Brithon Broenwi Bronwe Bronweg Bruithwir Caerion Calaglin Calardan Calarhir Calben Caldamir Caleledh Calion Camamir Camargil Camarod Cambal Cambant Cambragion Cambragol Cambre Cambril Camesgal Camlan Camlin Camlir Camlost Camrenir Camril Camrin Camring Camrinir Camthalion Canadras Cangalen Carach Caradhras Caradras Caragdûr Caraglin Carambor Caramir Caran Carandrian Caranfin Carangil Carangul Caranlain Caranor Caranrass Caranthir Caranthor Carathir Carcaras Carchamir Carcharolch Carcharoth Carmagil Carmathir Carmil Carnathir Carnen Carnendil Carnendol Carnil Carnion Carnistir Carondor Carthoron Cauril Cebermoth Ceirdan Celafaroth Celahir Celandur Celarin Celdrion Celebdil Celebduin Celebendil Celeborn Celebrim Celebrimbor Celebrin Celebrindol Celebrindor Celebring Celebrith Celebros Celedhrig Celedhring Celedil Celedur Celefarn Celefaroth Celegorm Celegorn Celemenegil Celemir Celendur Celepharn Celerdan Celestir Celgor Celgor Celion Celos Celthoron Cembalas Ceren Ceril Cerin Cethwen Ciramir Cirband Círdan Cirdas Cirdor Cirdur Ciril Cirion Cirith Cirlos Cordof Cornen Cranthir Cranthor Cristion Cúforn Cúgalen Cuin Culcamalin Culfin Culgor Culnandor Culwen Cumarth Curmegil Cúronlaes Curonweg Curuband Curubor Curucam Curucarn Cúrudil Curudol Curudur Curufim Curufin Curugon Curugond Curulam Curulam Curunír Cusereg Cúthalion Cúvagor Cyrodur Daedhel Daeron Daeros Dagir Dagmor Dagnir Dagnos Dagorlind Daimord Dairoin Dairon Dairuin Daldin Damgorn Damrod Dancú Danel Dariman Darin Darion Darlas Daron Daruin Daur Daurin Delduthling Delimorgoth Delin Delnen Delu Denethor Denithor Denweg Derufin Dervorin Dhrauthodavros Dhuilin Diarin Dieraglir Diernglir Dimcú Din Dindal Dínendal Dinrohir Dintur Díor Dirghel Dirgon Dírhael Dírhaval Dírhavel Dirhoel Díriel Dolin Dolmed Dolruin Dolwin Dor Doranir Dorelas Dorlad Dorlas Dórmir Draugluin Dregorn Drengist Dringin Dringir Drógil Drondor Drû Du Du-finnion Duildin Duilin Duin Duinhir Dunhir Dunsul Dur Durbaran Durlhach Durlin Dúrmegil Dúvir Earadan Earbaldol Ebarthon Echad Echorion Ecthelion Edennil Edhel Edheldur Edhelharn Edhelion Edhellos Edhelmir Edrahil Egalmoth Egil nor Egilmir Egladil Eglahir Eglan Eglavirdan Eglor Egnor Egthelion Eladar Elan Elaran Elbenil Elberil Elberin Elbin Elboron Elbragol Eldairon Eldathorn Eldebeth Eldún Eldûn Eledhser Eledhwen Eledrial Elefandil Elegar Elegost Elemir Elenduil Elenfaroth Elenuil Elfrith Elgwain Elladan Ellendel Ellon Ellu Elor Elorn Elphir Elred Elrohir Elrond Elrondhel Elros Elrún Elthor Elthorn Elthoron Elu Eluchíl Elulin Eluréd Elurín Elvir Emelbar Emeldir Emerdan Emergir Enadar Encabion Ender Endolin Enerdhil Enthor Envir Eradan Eragol Eramion Eranoth Erchamion Erchamron Erchamui Ercharmion Erchirion Erdil Eregdur Ereinion Erellont Ereol Erestor Erethón Erhamion Erhir Erhuan Eridor Eriol Erithámrod Erlinion Ermabin Ermabrin Ermabwed Ermabweth Ermegil Ermithdin Eroch Ervorn Esgaldil Esgaltur Estel Ethelden Ethelion Ethrog Evromord Faelivrin Faenor Faiglindra Falacar Falan Falassion Falastir Falastur Falathar Falather Falborn Faleriond Fangluin Fangorn Fanuidhol Fanuidol Faradil Faragon Farahail Faramir Farandir Farang Faucarach Feabor Feafuin Feagoth Feagwaith Feagwath Fëanor Felagon Felagoth Felagrog Felagund Felegron Feleor Feren Fereveldir Ferevellon Fhalagund Fim Fin Finarfin Finarphin Finbor Finculin Findarfin Findegil Findobar Findor Findur Finellach Finglas Fingold Fingolfin Fingon Finhenlach Finlachen Finlas Finn finnion Finrod Finrún Finvain Finu Finweg Fladrib Fladrif Flinding Foen Forgil Fornaeth Forweg Fuilin Fuindil Fuingurth Fuinor Fuinur Gaerandil Gaerdae Gaerendil Gaerhuan Gaerdil Gaertil Gaerweth Gaerys Galad Galadan Galadar Galadhelion Galadhil Galadhon Galadhor Galadlin Galador Galahir Galantir Galatar Galathil Galathir Galavir Galbar Galborn Galdaran Galdor Galenlain Galfaroth Galhir Galion Gallor Galmir Galorin Galweg Galwen Gamlost Gandil Gandring Ganthring Garathon Gargaroth Garron Gaul Gaurhir Gaurhîr Gaurin Gaurthuring Gelimar Gelimer Gelin Gelind Gelion Gelir Gelmir Geluin Gethron Gieluim Gil Gilamdir Gil-Estel Gil-Galad Gil-Orrain Giladan Gilbarad Gilcúdor Gildor Gilgalad Gilglin Gilgôr Gilim Gilrána Gilrod Giltur Gim Girion Glamdring Glanhir Glaurfindel Glaurung Glindûr Glingal Glingol Glinnel Glirhuin Glóranar Glorfindel Glorin Glorinadan Glorindol Glorinion Glórnaur Glorund Glorwendel Glorwendil Godhel Goenlin Goenor Golamir Golasgil Goldang Goldor Golfin Golfinweg Golodhlir Golodhros Golradir Gon Gondil Gondlammen Gondring Gonglin Gonlin Gonmegil Gonnhir Gorin Gorion Gorlim Gorlin Gorlos Gorron Gorsodh Gorthaur Gorthol Gorthû Goth Gothmog Grambeort Grithnir Grithron Guiar Guidhlin Guilin Gul Gular Guldúmir Gulma Gulthuin Gumlin Gundor Gungliont Gurfannor Gurth Gurthang Gurthlug Gurtholfin Gwaedun Gwaehir Gwaeron Gwaewar Gwahaedir Gwaihir Gwaihir Gwairon Gwaiwar Gwalin Gwanûr Gwarblin Gwárin Gwathir Gwindion Gwindor Gwinhir Gwinion Hadhod Hadluin Hador Hadorion Haerandir Haeron Halamir Halbar Halbarad Halbaron Halbor Haldacar Haldamir Haldan Haldir Haldor Haldorion Halgon Halin Hallamon Hallas Halldir Halmir Halrin Halweg Hamthir Handir Haranholir Harathor Harband Hardan Hardang Hargon Harluin Harluinar Harmandil Harn Harran Harwain Hathaldir Hathol Hatholdir Hathon Heldarion Helgor Helim Helin Helluin Helvorn Henderch Hendolen Hendor Henthor Herendil Herion Herluin Heruvorn Himring Hir Hir Hiraer Hirforn Hirgon Hirgond Hirgrim Hirilorn Hirion Hirluin Hirvegil Hithril Horluin Huan Huandil Huinen Huon Huor Huoth Hurin Húrin Iarwaeth Iarwain Iaur Iaurloke Ifant Ilfiniol Ilfrin Ilfrith Ilu Imdor Imindor Indor Ingildor Inglor Inglorion Ingold Inram Iôn Ionel Ior Iorhael Iorhail Iorlas Ithilbor Ithilmir Ithilnir Ivann Iverin Kalarin Kalin Karkaras Keleborn Kelegorn Kelin Kheleglin Khelekar Khelurin Labadal Lachend Lachglin Ladros Laegel Lamhir Lamril Landroval Langon Lanthir Lassiril Laurelach Lefnui Legolas Leucaruth Lhachglin Lhachglin Lhandroval Limhir Limlach Limlint Lindel Lindion Lindir Lindor Linglor Linhir Linmir Linsul Lintoron Lirin Lisgarin Lissuin Lithir Lithuantir Lolindir Londil Lórin Lorindel Lórindol Loruin Lothand Lothirion Lothrod Luin Luinar Luinar Luindol Luingurth Lungorthin Lúthien Mablon Mablosgen Mablost Mablui Mablung Maedhros Maedron Maedros Maegdros Maeglin Maeldring Maeleg Maelor Maenros Magladhonn Maglor Magor Maidhros Maidros Mailgond Mailrond Mainlos Malador Malantur Malbeth Malborn Malcam Maldring Malduin Malegon Malegorn Malengil Malgalad Malgil Malgolodh Malion Mallin Mallindor Mallor Malloriel Malloth Malréd Malthon Malthon Malvagor Malvegil Mánfréa Mánfridh Manthor Manweg Maradan Marados Marborn Mardin Marendil Marhir Marilgon Maroch Megil Meglin Meladorn Meldin Meldir Melecta Melegor Melephin Mellas Melrandir Melrandir Melros Melthinorn Mendal Menelrond Menelvagor Meoita Miaugion Miaule Midhroch Minalant Mindolluin Minuial Mirborn Mirborn Mirenil Mirimon Mirion Mirnil Mithlor Mithorn Mithrandir Moeleg Moradan Moraglar Moranar morarthur Moravar Mordúlin Morelen Morfuin Morgalad Morgon Morlammen Morleg Morlhach Morlin Mormael Mormagli Mormaglir Mormegil Mornaur Morsûl Morthaur Morthil Morthond Morthu Morvagor Morvegil Naerion Nan Nandir Naragond Nardhol Nardol Nargalen Nargil Narnor Narog Narthseg Nathir Naug Naugladur Naurdil Naurudûn Neithan Neldorín Neldorn Nencar Nendol Nenduhir Nendur Neranir Nerdanel Nimanaur Nimdil Nimglin Nimhir Nimros Ningarach Noegin Nórin Nuinor Nûrmîr Núron Ódhel Odrodreth Ognor Oikeroi Oin Oleg Olfannor Ondilion Oradan Orbragol Orchal Orchaldor Orcobal Ordulus Orestel Orfin Orgof Orgoph Orlin Ormaid Ormain Ornil Orodan Orodhil Orodlin Orodreth Orondil Orontor Oropher Orophin Othir Othrondir Othrondor Padathir Palan Palandir Palandor Panthael Paros Pedraug Pelador Pelandor Pelandur Peldûr Peleg Pelegond Pelendor Pelendur Pelenil Pengedhel Pengolodh Perelion Perhael Perhail Peringiul Perion Pherhael Pherion Radhruin Radhruin Radros Raenar Ragnir Ragnor Ramdal Ramdinor Ranil Rannor Rasmund Rathgil Ravanor Rerir Rhandir Rhimbron Rhimdir Rhimlath Rhogorn Rhomrin Rhyvelûr Rimbedir Rimhil Rimion Rincar Rinel Ringlin Ringlódil Ringmîr Ringnor Ringór Rochallor Rochon Rodeol Rodin Rodnor Rodrim Rog Rosithil Ruingurth Rûmil Runnor Sador Saelbeth Saelin Saelon Saerol sAEROS Saldan Sagroth Saithnar Salgant Sammathar Sammathir Sarador Sarbor Sarmith Sarn Sauron Selin Seregon Seregul Serindor Silamer Silivros Sindingul Sirandir Sirendan Siriondil Sirnaur Sirrin Sûlarin Sûldan Sulduin Suldun Sûlroch Taeglin Talagand Talagant Talan Talanthir Talathorn Talin Talion Talmabrith Tarain Tarandur Taranir Tarannon Taras Targin Targlin Targon Tarlang Tarminion Tarmund Tarthalion Tathar Tatharim Tatharin Taurendil Taurion Taurnil Tauron Tegilbor Teiglin Teiglor Telchar Telcrist Telegorn Terelorn Terendul Tergon Thalin Thaliodrin Thalion Thalos Thang Thanga Thangar Tharannon Tharos Thauron Thelas Thelon Thelos Therdil Thergor Thilgon Thingódhel Thingol Thinnedhel Thinrod Thonador Thondir Thonnas Thontur Thordil Thoril Thorlaven Thorluin Thorn Thorndor Thorntor Thorod Thoron Thorondil Thorondir Thorondor Thorondur Thorongil Thoronion Thorontar Thorontir Thorontur Thorturnion Thoruth Thorúth Thû Thund Thur Thurin Thuringud Tiberth Tindingol Tindor Tinfang Tirdolen Tirgil Tirin Tirithos Tirluin Tirrin Tirwin Torfir Torgir Torhir Tóril Tórin Torthurnion Tuan tugor Tuor Tuorthin Tur Turamarth Turambar Turcomund Turgon Turin Túrlin Turluin Turmen Turmir Turumir Udalraph Ufedhín Uial Uialgorn Ulband ulbang Ulbor Uldor Ulduin Ulfand Ulfang Ulfast Ulgin Ulgond Ulthang Ulu Ulwar Ulwarth Umagaur Úmarth Uner Úner Unhir Urgost Úrin Urthel Vagor Valadan Valmorgûl Valnaur Veandir Virloch Wethrin Ylmir Yssi Yssion

Utter South Names (Black Men,Barangiles, Far-Haradrim,Men of the Inner Seas, Blacklocks)

female: Abûde Abûdu Abûli Akâli Alâdu Amal Amârin Amû Ânbu Anôrel Apûrel Arâel Arkâshin Arkîli Arôli Arthrâel Ashkûbu Aûr Barârish Bârsa Bârw Baudâna Bawâbu Bîwu Blimîrash Borûra Brinê Brôki Brûdu Bûin Bûshin Kâfa Kashâug Khên Keretîru Khy Kudûma Darrîsh Dôm Drûmfa Drigâ Êkli Egidâku Emûna Emunûra Ênug Êsh Êshlem Frêma Frînâ Furshiêna Gammai Gân Garîn Gârth Gaûmir Gêlb Geshêmel Hîle Hirîsh Hudâri Hilê Kax Khaûan Klien Kôrin Kuâmir Kubûai Kugâdu Ķûlrit Kûrli Dabâial Kûwan Lâde Lâr Leriâi Lôrish Liân Lîshan Mâug Mîn Mitâri Nûma Nîdu Opkâpi Ôrf Orrît Payî Pûsht Rêl Rikenârish Rîkenarish Rhoggîe Rîko Rîshken Rûdwu Rûbish Shamâub Shankâlish Sheshêna Shâgu Shakâ Shidûlh Shîn Shûf Suakâlish Shumarîal Swê Siêma Tâko Tâli Terilâen Tîki Tîrla Tûmla Tûrfa Ufêa Ulrîth Ulû Wallîn Wûr Wîrda Wôte Wrîdish Wukâish Xarbanîshan

male: Abûndal Abûdûr Abûshan Akârk Agûth Alâka Amâw Amâwlar Apûsan Âra Arkâshtur Arkîl Arîg Arôlik Arthrâzok Ashkûru Barâca Bâwak Bîko Bôrbul Brôm Brûna Bûir Bûshah Kâya Kashârak Khaûrka Kôrta Kûadada Kûadha Kubûwa Kûlmun Kûrdek Dabâdda Darênlef Darôk Del Derei Dêshmik Drûl Dûlish Durûan Dwaggûrthug Dwîlar Dwîrka Edash Êk Ekâta Elênna Ên Enabrân Eniâborn Eôsh Epef Erbâs Erôkil Erûnil Eshapâr Esfûr Esamû Eshêpar Ferît Flûnda Gafn Gânsh Gârk Gârt Gê Gêël Gêl Ghasân Gkâd Gôrn Grenna Hârith Happur Hasâb Hathor Helmar Hembûr Hiiska Hyris Ieric Indûr Ikûr Irvana Jaide Janella Jí Yôla Yôwna Kâmak Kâlin Karâg Klûth Kâla Karâg Katâmya Kefnâ Kêl Kêrek Kerrek Kîfa Kînda Kîri Krishênam Klû Kóashûn Kônebra Kôrb Krîsha Krînda Kunbêshu Kûndra Kuwêla Kwêl Kishêna Lâtrok Lâwl Lâshin Lêsh Leshîyia Libûrak Lô Lômiran Lômkûran Longkûran Lôran Lrâna Makûbar Mâleza Manâri Mânkran Mârai Matsûm Mêka Mîn Mogârish Moraîza Môrbâta Mûagar Mûhâd Mûtana Nâ Nalaûm Nann Nânt Nê Nebaraca Neshlêmm Neûla Newûl Ninko Nomikon Ombûr Orcir Orfarfor Orkîr Pamra Portnithor Probak Prodovac Puyîsht Purîa Pwêkra Râlku Rkhâka Rêth Rôrg Rûmlar Shêdun Shâlar Shândamâl Shidûr Shûl Shîlmash Shimbû Shimmă Slêf Slêga Slûkhrakh Slûkrak Smêkka Smêp Sôkol Sôra Spîgsh Spîyun Spulswâda Spûtsa Stîga Swêf Sgregâwin Swûmef Tâla Tekâyay Terêbor Tredeînosh Trôgdor Turrîmash Tûru Tûmaru Twêthman Tîga Ubâdah Ûdom Ûdra Ûkan Ûla Ulkâmer Ulkâthur Ûlkathûr Ulfâksh Ûlfax Ulûgu Ûmbin Urlâka Ûrlaka Ûtbah Ûthku Ûthmag Wâksh Warîshik Wêmtar Wêndrik Wôga Wôgir Wonîa Wôrig Worôtha Wâll Wimbûr Wîp Ý Yâzan Yeddar Yênor Yôngur Zâthra Zâka

Valarin (Valar, Maiar)


male:Arômêz Aûlêz Mânawenûz Næchærra Ošošai Oššai Tulukastâz Ullubôz Ulubôz

Western Rhovanian (Frankish/Burgundian/Lombard) Names (Woodmen, Hobbits)

female:Absendis Acelina Ada Adaburga Adachilde Adaphara Adaldisa Adaldrida Adalfrede Adalgardis Adallinda Adalphara Adaltrude Adalwildis Adela Adelaide Adelheid Agnes Aidasuntha Alberga Albofleda Alborada Alda Aldeburga Aldechilde Aldegarde Allina Alloberta Allogilda Allosindis Allosuntha Allotrudis Alswinda Amala Amalaberga Amalachara Amalafleda Amalasina Amalasuntha Amalaswinda Amabilia Amaleswinda Amanda Amatilda Amelina Anseberga Ansefreda Ansegard Ansegudis Ansegundis Ansephara Ansetrude Ansewinda Areberta Areburga Aregardis Aregunde Arephara Aresindis Ascelina Aster Aubreda Audofleda Audovera Aunegilda Austerchilde Awisa Awunda Baldehilde Barza Basina Begga Bele Benechilde Berchildis Berenga Bernechara Bernefrede Bernegarda Bernegunde Beretrude Bernegildis Bernewisa Bertha Bertechildis Berthefleda Berthefrede Berthegunda Berthenildis Bertissa Bertrada Bertrude Bilchilde Bladowildis Brun Bruna Bruneburga Brunehilde Brunegilda Burgundefara Celsa Celsowildis Childegard Childegund Chiltrude Chimnechild Chrodechildis Chrothaudis Cilla Clothild Creada Cunda Cunegune Cunesine Dagena Deufrede Deuteria Dirn Dreuchara Duwelina Edonne Egelina Eglantine Einilde Eldesendis Elewisa Emma Engelberga Eremburga Eremburgis Erma Ermelina Ermenberga Ermenchilde Ermengarde Ermengardis Ermengilda Ermensindis Ermentrude Esuntha Eudite Eulalia Eularie Euochildis Eustere Eusuntha Faileube Fara Faregildis Fastrada Feire Frameberta Freda Fredegild Fredegunde Frederonne Frodeberga Frodelina Frolaica Fulberte Galeswintha Gambaswinth Gambeswinda Gaudehildis Gaudelindis Geltidis Genofeva Gereberga Gersvinda Gilia Giliana Gilla Gille Gillotha Gisela Godelina Goiswintha Gometrudis Gomentrude Gotheberga Grimalda Griselda Gude Gudelinda Gudula Gunda Gundrada Gunnild Gunteucha Gunturna Hadewidis Hadewisa Halderudis Haldetrude Harehildis Hawisa Heilewisa Helewina Helewisa Heresendis Heresinda Herewesa Herrune Hesa Hildeburgis Hildegarde Hildegardis Hildesendis Hiltrude Hodierna Hugolina Ide Illegardis Ingitrude Ingunde Iniga Inigoberga Inigohildis Inigunda Iseldis Iseoda Isolda Iwetta Kenilda Landina Lanthechilde Lanthsida Lecia Letia Leubaste Leubowera Leuteberga Leutegardis Lothohilde Lothosinde Luce Luitgarde Mabella Mabilia Madelgarde Magnetrude Magotha Malle Malotha Marchetrude Marchovefa Marcheswintha Martinga Mathilda Mathildis Mechtild Menelgilda Merofleda Milisenda Milisendis Moreberga Murieldis Nandehilde Nantechildis Naria Oda Odalinda Odelda Odelina Odoerna Odula Olphegundis Olphruna Osmonda Osuntha Otha Othefleda Othegart Othogard Othowera Pharamonde Plectrudis Radogund Ragintrudis Regisuntha Rechehilde Rechildis R3ch7na Regnetrudis rehosuntha resuntha Reusewinda Rica Richardis Richilde Richunde Rigunda Rilge Rosamunda Rotha Rothaide Rotrude Ruothilde Theudechilde Rothaide rotharis Rotrude Segis Seifrede Sichilde Siclehildis Sigalsis Silosuntha Swawegoda Swindala Theudeberga Theudehilde Theugilde Theudelinda Theuguld Theudelinda Theudemute Theuderada Theudlinda Theuguld Thunand Tola Ullis Ultrogode Uphelb Waldrada wamalasuntha Wenerande Wericha Wessuntha Wiara Widusuntha Willa Wimara Wimarcha Wisigarde Withgilda Withidis Wuldretrada Wuthgild

male: Abbo Adalbert Adaldag Adalgar Adalgrim Adelard Adelbard Agobard Alberan Alberic Albert Alboin Alderic Albewin Alderin Aleric Algen Allowin Angilbert Anno Ansegisel Ansewin Arbogast Arcolph Arol Audowin Augimund Augismund Baldolph Bandobras Basso Bauto Bavo Behren Behrin Behring Beneric Bergrand Bern Bernabalth Bernard Berneprand Bernebrun Berno Bernegar Bernolph Bero Bertin Besso Boffo Boinan Boinand Boso Bovo Broco Brogo Brunehaut Bruno Carloman Carol Carollo Charibert Chelden Chiarald Childebald Childeprand Childeric Childewin Childilo Chilperic Chlodomar Chlodomir Chlodowig Chlothar Chrodegang Chrodehar Cundo Cunimund Cyr Dado Dagobert Dainwin Deinwín Dodo Dolewin Dulomar Drogo Ebbaric Ebbo Eben Eboric Ebroin Ebrolph Ecegar Edwilber Einard Elgerd Elgert Elimar Emme Emmeran Erchenwald Erewald Erles Ermenfred Eroder Euric Eutegast Everard Faramond Fardolph Faro Ferdibrand Ferdinand Ferumbras Feuderic Fileric Filibert Filigrim Filibald Filibrord Filihad Filihelm Filiric Flambard Flodoard Folcard Folcemar Folcomer Folmar Fortinbras Fosco Franard Frank Frankio Franko Fredegar Freuwin Fredegis Fredolin Fulbert Fulc Fulrad Gardo Garin Garo Garondo Gerebert Gerdo Gero Gerold Gerondo Gerric Gerse Gifemund Gisebod Gisebut Giselin Gisenand Gishelin Giso Gisulf Godebald Godegisil Godemar Godeshelm Godun Goisfred Goldewin Gollo Gosebert Graw Grifo Grimald Grimbald Grothar Gudring Gundeful Gundo Gunteram Gunteran Gunter Gunthar Guntram hadric Hagen Halinard Hartred Hertemut Hasso Heidewig Helinand Heribert Herinand Hildibrand Hildifons Hildigard Hildigrim Hincemar Huebald Hugo Hugomar Humbert Hunald Iago Ildric Imbert Inigo Isambard Isem Isembold Isengar Isengrim Iseren Isumbras Isundras Jago Joshere juncert Kint Lambert Largo Lebewin Ledeger Leudegar Leufred Leuteprand Leutard Loengrin Loherangrin Lothar Lotho luihelm Luitprand Lullo Luther Mallobaud Manswed Marculf Marderic Mardoric Margisern Maric Marolph Marric Medard Meginard Meran Merovech Merro Nitard Nordebert Norebert Notgar Odagis Odagus Odegar Odelard Oderic Odo Odovacer Odoph Odoric Odelard Odemar Odovacer ogoric Olphilo Olpho Olpheric Olpheram ordered Orderic Orlit oseah Othello Otho Otto Ouen Paladin Pancoras Pantoleun Pepin Peregrin Piligrim Pippin Ponto Poppo Posco Radagast Radigis Ragenfred Raco Ragnachar Ranulph Regibrord Regimar Reginald Reginard Regiraban Remi Reumar Reumer Rewin Riben Ricaric Richeric Richomar Ridomar Rideric Rimer Rinthoric Rognachar Rollo Romuald Rosamund Rost Rotegar Rotehad Roteric Ruderic Rudigar Rudiger ruothebern Rupert Samo Sculding Segimar Segis Sesebuth Shilderic Sicho Sigard Sigebert Sigemar Sigewulf Sigismond Sigiswulf Silaberic steinchela Suger Susera Swidbert sylveric Tassilo Tassolph Tassolpho Taurin Teleman Telleman Tescelin Thal Thankemar Thassolph Théamond Theudard Theudebert Theudegar Theudegaut Theudelin Theudemar Theudenand Theuderic Theudolph Theuran Thingfith Thunand Thuric Thurisind Tilo Tuiri Tur Turpin Turrik Uffo Ulgar Ulger Ullis Varen Vigo Vilhelm Vilimar Viloric Wacho Waiofar Walcho Waldolan Walo Waloric Waltegaut Wam Wambo Wandregisel Wedeast Wendeling Werinbert werwin Wibert Widustein wigis Wilibald willeran Wichoman wicleib Widimer Widuhad Widurafen Wigelaf Wigolin Wigard Wiltils Withibrord Withigis Wituric Wotegar Wulsen Zwentibold

Westron Names (Eriadorians, Hobbits, Gondorians)


Adamanta Adelaide Agate Agnes  Ainsley Alden Alder Aldora Alfreda Alison Allura Alvina Amanda Amaryllis Amber Amethyst Angelica Ann Anni Annis Arabella Arcilla Ashhall Ashley Asphodel Aster Athela Audrey Averil Avery Bannie Batis Beda Becca Beguile Belba Bell Belladonna Bellissima Benita Bernia Beryl Berthilda Berylla Bess Bessie Beth Betsy Beverley Birdie Blake Blay Bliss Blossom Bluet Blythe Bonnie Braeden Bramble Brandy Briar Brig Brighton Brit Bronte Bunny Bunty Cad Caidlee Cam Camarina Camellia Camilla Candace Caramella Carling Carolyn Carr Carreen Carrington Cedrica Celandine Cerelia Chancey Chandler Chaney Channing Chara Chas Cherilyn Ches Chica Cicely Cissy Clair Clara Cleantha Clematis Cleva Clover Coeshay Coney Cora Cori Corliss Daffodyl Dahlia Daisie Daisy Dale Damosel Dana Daralys Darby Darrene Dawn Deira Dell Della Delwyn Dena Devona Derrilyn Derry Dewberry Diamanda Diamond Doanne Donamira Donnamira Dora Duffy Eadda Earna Eartha Easter Eathelin Ebba Eda Eden Edeva Edith Edlyn Edmonda Edolie Edrea Edwina Effie Eglantine Elena Elenora Elethia Elfsheen Eliana Elisa Eliza Ellery Elmira Ember Emmet Emmy Erline Esmeralda Ester Everild Fain Fairleave Fannen Fanny Fawn Fawnwiddy Feather Ferny Gambly Gemma Gerda Gilly Gleefa Goldberry Goldie Goldilock Goldilocks Goldy Greene Gretta Griselda Gwendolyn Hammy Hanna Harmony Harley Heather Hedge Hepatica Hild Hilda Hilde Holly Honora Irma Isabella Isumelia Ivy Jade Jane Jaspera Jenny Jessamine Jin Jule Julia Kate Kerry Laura Lavender Lea Lily Linda Lobelia Loblolly Lonicera Lotus Margaret Margott Margotta Marigild Marigold Mary Maisi Maisy Malva Marwe May Mayferry Meadow Mee Meg Mehittable Melilot Melissa Mentha Meryn Mimosa Minna Minta Mirabella Miranda Mitzi Molliwara Molly Mona Muryelle Myrtle Nandina Niva Nira Nora Olive Olivia Osmunda Pansy Pearl Peony Peppa Pepper Pervinca Petunia Pimpernel Pirina Poppy Precious Primrose Primula Prisca Rosa Rosamund Rose Rosie Rowan Rubinia Ruby Rushy Salvia Sandy Sapphira Scarlet Semolina Senmi Severtha Shelley Silvi Snowfax Snowmane Snow-white Sondinwe stel Stella Sunhood Sybil Taffy Tala Tansy Tanta Tavla Tarla Thistle Thrush Tilda Tina Tubby Tully Tummy Twen Unity Vinca Wainreth Walfa Wenda Whitelock Wicked Wild Wilda Willa Willow Win Windlore Windmane Wise-nose Wolfa Wrath Yolanda

male: Aaron Abbott Abel Adam Aldie Alf Alfred Alfric Alfrid Alfward Alfwin Alger Aloin Alric Alwin Amaranth Andman Andwise Andy Anson Arcle Áren Arfaxed Arn Arry Arundel Ashhall Axeward Babbin Bair Bairhid Balbo Bân Barkwell Barley Barliman Barney Barry Barth Bartholomew Barahim Beechbone Beg Behrin Belric Ben Beorh Bern Bernar Beorh Bern Bert Bilbo Bill Bingo Bisc Blagga Blanco Blay Bob Boddin Bodo Boeda Bog Boingo Boingo Bomaynee Bork Bosco Bowlin Bowman Brace Brach Brâg Braga Brago Bram Brando Brend Briffo Brisso Brock Brogdin Broggo Bruff Brusso Buck Bumpkin Bunce Bungo Cadro Carfe Carl Carob Catinflas Cavallo Cen Cerwiff Chapster Charfew chef Chuff Chum Clark Clay Cleff Cleg Cliff Cob Cober Cobman Colombo Cookie Cooper Corwin Cosimo Cot Cottar Cotter Curl Curt Cyril Dale Dallo Dan Dartel Derkney Dianik Dim Doddle Dogrib Dom Domar Drago Drake Droggo Drogo Drudge Druggo Drusso Dudo Dulse Duran Durger Duroc Durven Dwerrohámer Dwimorthane Ector Edric Effen Effo Elfstone Elged Elias Elimer Elms Elwin Eraus Erewhon Erling Errol Ethem Etherly Eustace Fain Fairbairn Fairfax Fairly Falco Fallow Fang Fastroot Faun Fenwick Fern Ferryman Fircomb Flamebeard Flaxen Folco Fox Fram Framson Frank Freddy Fro Frodo Gabbon Gado Gaffer Gaffnin Galeroc Galf Gam Gambly Gamwick Gamrich Gannon Geer Gem Gerse Godfrey Geoff Gerald Gero Gerontius Giles Gip Gnorn Godfrey Godwin Goldwin Golo Gollo Goodman Goodwin Gordo Gorm Gormandizer Gram Grannen Grendyll Grenge Gresham Gretch Greyfax Greyhame Greymantle Greymun Griffin Griffo Grip Gruffo Gumthumper Guthwin Hal Halfast Halfred Halson Ham Hamfast Hamson Hardhand Harding Harn Harry Hasso Hassock Haver Hedric Helin Helm Hending Henry Herby Hoary Hob Hobson Hogg Hol Holf Holfast Holman Holting Horn Horry Howard Hug Hugh Hugo Huggin Iago Ian Ingold Inigo Ironfangs Jack Jacdaw Jago James Jeremy Jethro Jo John Jolly Jon Jonathan Jones Julson Kali Kalimac Kember Kerry Kocho Ladro Langridder Lankin Largo Lassman Latimer Lavel Lawrie Leaflock Leamon Leddon Leffly Len Lindenroot Lob Long Longo Longshanks Lotho Luther Lotto Lúcian Lucio Lumpkin Lurco Lurgo Mace Maithew Maitlow Mallet Mallick Malm Manlow Marcho Mard Mardo Mark Marl Marler Marlo Marmaduke Marman Marrer Mat Maxwell Meldin Merro Merry Mert Michael midge Mido Miles Milidexter Milo Milt Mino Minto Mirgo Mock Moff Mogg Morl Mongo Moro Mosco Mote Mott Mug Muncy Mungo Munlow Mutfast Mycroft Nahald Nat Ned Nibs Nicholas Nick Nig Niggle Nimbletrot Ninko Nob Nod Norm Obo Odo Ohta Olby Oleander Olo Orlando Ormond Orold Orrer Osmond Osprey Oswy Otho Otto Ozz Pablo Pad Paddro Padrey Paladin Parish Parsel Pate Pencho Peobald Per Percy Perdy Peregrin Perkwell Perry Persuvious Pete Peter Philip Pinto Pip Pippin Pitt Poggin Pollo Polo Ponto Porto Posco Pott Pottle Priam Primo Privet Prospero Purslane Quickbeam Quillfayle Radi Raensec Râg Ragman Rally Ran Randi Rant Ranugad Ranulph Rashbold Rayf Red Redhair Rello Ren Rimer Rob Robin Rod Roderick Rollo Romuald Ronshus Rory Rost Rover Rowlie Ross Royst Ruddy Rudi Ruff Rufus Rump Rush Rusk Saddro Saggo Sago Sam Samwís Samwise Sancho Scammer Sebastian Severin Sevin Shadowfax Sharpleaf Sherinford Sherl Sherlock Simon Smardo Smiley Soury Spanturo Squint Squirrel Stag Staideyes Stam Stan Stef Stefan Stem Stigmud Stuart Styb Swart Sweart Swertling Swinky Tarcaligeon Tadsworth Tairn Tallfell Tallow Tanner Tavlo Ted Tedder Thebo Thoddo Thorn Thornsson Thumpel Thur Tídwald Tiki Tilo Tim Tirro Titmass Titus Tobard Tobias Tobold Toby Todmingle Toggle Togo Tol Toller Tolman Tom Tonto Tor Tosser Tosto Trahald Trevor Trumbold Tusk Uffo Ulno Vigo Wag Waulrics Weez Werlar Wesley Wesson Westlock Wilbur Wilcome Wilfred Wilhnor Will William Willie Wilner Wingfoot Winsterhand Winston Wiseman Wistan Witbert Wolf Wolfrain Woody Woofey Wormald Wort Wulf Yar

Known Surnames:

Accursed Adderson Alchemist Alroyd Anvilsong Arborer Archer Arditi Armorer Arundel Asquith Atwood Axe Axeman Axeward Bad Badger Badgertoe Badlands Bailey Bailiff Baker Bakerman Bane Barber Bard Barker Barnstormer Barrowman Bartleby Basing Bear Bearstrike Beast Beastcaller Beastmaster Beautiful Beggar Begwell Bell-Man Bellowsbreath Benchman Bencroft Betrayer Birdcatcher Birdman Black Blackclaw Blackeagle Blackfang Blackfist Blackhand Blackroot Blacksmith Blacksteel Blacksword Blanca Blessed Bloodaxe Bloodhand Blue Blueboots Boar Boarkiller Boatkeeper Boatman Bog Bold Boldhammer Bondsman Borrow Boskins Bowden Bowman Bowyer Brandy Breathless Breeder Breeze Brewer Bricklayer Bride Brigand Broadbelt Broadhouse Brock Brogan Brown Builder Burgher Bussey Butcher Butler Bywood Cadwall Cameron Cane Cap Cardoon Cardsharper Carpenter Carrier Carter Cartwright Carver Caster Catchfly Catchpole Catmaster Chadwick Chainman Chairmaker Chandler Channeler Chanter Chesham Chopley Clawsfelt Clawshade Clay Claybrick Cleaver Cleaveshank Cleelan Clifflord Climber Clockmaker Cloudbrow Cloverdale Coal Cobbler Cold Collier Colwich Cook Cooper Copp Copperbrace Cordwright Coroner Cottager Coxcomb Crafter Crafty Crane Cranesbill Cree Crowhaven Crypt-breaker Culver Cursed Cutler Cutpelt Dabbler Dancer Dark Darkeye Darkheart Darkraven Dawndeath Dawnsinger Dawnwarrior Daytaler Deathmonger Deep-pouches Deepdelver Deeps Deepwell Defiler Delver Deranged Dewey Digger Diggerly Diggins Dispossessed Dog Dogmaster Doombringer Doorman Doorward Dorson Dourhanded Dourface Doursmith Downey Drake Dreadhelm Dreary Drifter Drummer Dumpling Dunkley Dwale Dyer Earthenway Eatwell Egg-keeper Elder Endholder Errol Explorer Eye Faint Fair Fairchild Fairfax Faithful Falconer far-sighted Farmer Farmhand Fat Fawn Fence Fennel Feral Ferryman Field Fielding Fincham Finchwater Finder Firesong First Fisher Fisherman Fletcher Foe Foebane Forester Forlorn Fortune Fox Furnier Furrier Frankley Freeholder Friend Frigid Frostmere Galt Gambler Gamekeeper Gammer Gardener Garrett Gaunt Gemcounter Gemfinder Ghost Glade Glassblower Glassmaker Glowingcort Goblin-fingers Gold Goldeneye Goldenhand Goldentongoe Goldenvoice Goldhair Goldmaster Goldmead Goldsmith Goldwatcher Good Goodnough Gormandizer Gow Grain Graver Grayson Great Green Greenshins Greensmith Greenstone Greentree Greenverge Grenge Gresham Grey Greyfeather Greyhame Greyhammer Greystride Grim Grimble Grim-crow Grimm Grimshaw Grimsong Grocer Groundshaker Groves Grower Grumm Guard Guardian Guardsman Guide Guildford Gummidge Hacker Hagling Half Halfwise Hammer Hammerfist Hammerhand Hammerhorn Hamson Hand Handler Happy Harbormaster Hardhammer Hardhand Hardhelm Harper Harpham Harpist Harpsinger Harvestgain Hatter Haulage Hawkling Hawkswell Hawthorn Hayes Healer Heart Heavyhand Helm Herald Herbalist Herber Herbman Herder Hermit High Highknoll Hill Hillburrow Hindmarsh Hinton Hodges Hogben Holdblade Hollings Holloway Honest Hopwood Hornist Hornsounder Horseman Horsemaster Horsetamer Howell Huggins Hunter Huntfox Idden Imp Inksleeve Innkeeper Insane Inskip Ironband Ironfang Ironfoot Irongut Ironhammer Ironhand Ironhide Ironside Ironsmith Irontongue Jacklin Jeweller Jones Judge Kenton Kettle Kine King Kipps Knight Knower Lakeman Lame Lampmaker Lassman Laughter Lavender Lawmaster Lawyer Layman Lazy Leafer Learned Learner Leathersmith Leeth Lesser Letterman Letterer Lickspittle Lightfingers Lightstep Lipper Listmaker Lockpick Locksmith Loner Long Longarrow Longbeard Longhorn Longrider Longshanks Longspear Longverge Loorman Looter Lord Lorist Lost Lowdham Lubber Mabbitt Mabbot Mace Mad Madgett Mage Maker Maltwater Manface Mannering Mapmaker Mariner Mark Markison Marshal Marshbanks Marshfell Marshley Martlet Mason Master Menner Merchant Metalsmiths Mighty Miller Mills Miner Minstrel Miracle Molder Moneybags Moneylender Moon Moonstone Moribound Mottershead Mouth Mudbrick Mudbottom Mug Neeker-friend Nightblade Nightshadow Nightsinger Nightwatch Nine Fingers Noble Nodbood Northman Notary Nul Oakdale Oakenshield Oakheart Oakley Oakwye Oarsman Old Oldbeard One-Eyed One-hand One-Handed One-legged Orangeblossom Orc-eyes Orcslayer Otley Outcast Outlaw Painter Pale Parker Peabody Peake Pearse Peddlar Penney Pickpocket Pickwell Pierson Piper Pither Pitman Pitmaster Pitt Pitts Pitworker Planter Plateshaper Player Playman Plowright Plumwaite Poisoner Polisher Pooth Porter Potionmaker Potter Potts Precious Prescott Privateer Prospecter Proud Puddy puppeteer Purslane Putnam Quack Quibell Quickfire Quicksilver Quiet Quigg Quill Quince Raft Raftsman Ragged Ragger Ragman Ramer Randar Ranger Ransford Rascal Rash Rashbold Ratcatcher Rathmere Ratter Ravager Raven Reader Reaver Reedlake Red Redbeard Redeye Redforge Redhammer Redhands Redhelm Redlands Redwing Renowned Rider Riverman Rivers Riversong Roofer Roofwright Rook Ropemaker Roper Rosewater Roundpate Roxhythe Ruffian Rugmaker Rumming Rumsey Runner Sad Saddler Sagasong Sage Sageford Sailmaker Sailor Sandwalker Savage Scammer Scarlet Scarred Scholar Scorn-Eyer Scribe Scriber Scriver Scrollbearer Scurge Sea Seafarer Seaman Seaton Seeker Seer Seeress Sentinel Serf Serpent Shade Shadow Shaper Sharpshard Shelton Shepherd Shimmershield Shipper Shipwright Shoemaker Sigil Silent Silver Silvereye Silvertongue Silverwind Simpkins Singer Slee Sleeper Skinner Slayer Slimfinger Slow Sly Small Smith Smithson Smygrave Snake Snakecharmer Snipe Snooth Soapmaker Songmaster Songwright Soothsayer Sorrel Southerner Speaker Spear Spearman Spearmaster Spider Spiderbane Spinner Spiritmaster Spiritnamers Spokes Sprunt Spy Squibb Squirrel Stablemaster Stainer Standish Stargazer Starmonger Starseer Steadfast Steambeard Steelshaper Stigmud Stockard Stonearm Stonebearer Stonebrow Stonedriller Stonehand Stonehelm Stonesmasher Stoneman Stonemason Stoneshaper Stonespeaker Stonestar Stonetalker Stonetoe Stonewright Stormcrow Stormdodger Stormfist Stormreaver Stormsword Stoutclub Stouthammer Stouthand Stoutheart Strayer Streetsinger Stroller Strong Strongbow Suggs Summoner Surgeon Swarbrick Swart Sweetsinger Swiftrunner Swindler Swordsman Tailor Tall Tamer Tangleroot Tanner Tapping Teacher Teller Templar Tenstone Thatcher Thin Thinker Thornbush Thornley Thornwell Thrall Thrallmaster Threespot Threshing Throssel Thrush Thunderfist Thunderhall Tilden Tiller Tinker Tinner Tobbit Toddmingle Tongueless Toolmaker Tossel Tower Toymaker Tracker Trader Trainer Traitor Tramp Trapper Traveller Treasurer Treefriend Trewin Trickster Tripper Troll Trollbane Trollsdirge Trollslayer Trotter Truitt Trumpeter Tuffin Tullwater Tunks Tunneller Twen Twilburr Twilight Twospade Twynam Tyne Unbound Unclean Unhappy Unmoved Unwise Venturer Vintner Wagoner Wainwright Walker Wanderer Ward Warden Warder Waring Wark Warlock Watcher Watchman Waterwright Wayseeker Weaponsmith Weaver Well Wels Wendingway West Westman Whaler Wheeler Wheelwright Whetstone Whipsand Whispershadow Whispershudder White Whitebeard Whitestag Whitman Whittlesbane Wickham Widdup Wild Wilmer Widdup Wimp Winemaker Windlord Winter Winterdown Wintersebb Wise Wolf Wolfhide Wolfman Wolf-pelt Wolfsbane Woodcrafter Woodhouse Woodley Woodman Woodruff Woodsway Woodwright Wordmaster Wordsmith Worm Wormald Wormhunter Wormtongue Wood Wragg Wren Wretched Wright Writer Yeandle Yellowhammer Yellowjay Yewbend Yould Young Younger Yule


  1. This Quenya term is not attested, but has been deduced here.

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