Nahald Kudan from afar


Nahald Kudan Map

The Nahald Kûdan (E. "Secret Holes") weres a grouping of cliff-hives, large beehive-shaped, stone dwellings set on a pair of ledges located in the north westernmost part of the Iron Hills (S. Emyn Engrin). The site was situated in the foul vale called the Nan Morsereg (S. "Black-blood Valley";Del."Alsvarturblodsdal";Rh."Swartizblothdal"), an area long associated with dark cults (the Cult of the Long Night) and strange nocturnal terrors. About 100 miles east of Erebor and a little under thirty miles northwest of the headwaters of the Carnen, Nahald Kûdan was strategically located and serves as a significant danger to Dwarven interests in northern Rhovanion.

A winding path worked its way up the steep reddish cliffs overlooking the Black-blood Valley. The circle of cairns beside the stream's spring-pool marked the beginning of the climb. White pebbles covered the trail as it ascended in switch-backs toward the top of an 1800' hill. Deep green grass covered the hill's peak and carpeted the valley, but on the cliff-side the terrain was nearly vertical and uniformly rusty in coloration.

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