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the Núrnen Sea

Núrnen Sea (S. "Water of Sorrow").A great inland sea that dominated Núrn, its western coast was sheer cliffs, but the other coasts opened onto fertile plains and fields. The sea saw a lot of travel of boats etc., mostly from the east to the west.

  • Type: Inland Sea.
  • Area: 8.800 square miles.
  • Elevation: 2.600 feet.Depth: average 30 fathoms. deepest pomr. 60 fathoms. skoals and reefs: many shoals, especially along south coast. Waves and Wind: average wind speed: I -5 knots. average wave height: 0-2 feet.
  • Climate: average annual rainfall. 10-20 inches.mean annual temperature. 70-80°F average low. Girithon 30°F average high: Ivanneth 100°F
  • Composition: All that is known about Núrnen comes from journals and maps over a millennium old. so much information is inevitably erroneous. All accounts refer to the saltiness of the lake, too salty to drink, many say. Large wading birds have been seen standing on shoals two or three miles off the coast. Explorers report no outleT to this shallow sea.
  • Notes: Some life must inhabit NÚrnen, for none of the reports describe it as "dead." Indeed, compared with Gorgoroth. Núrnen and the lands around it appear as a lush oasis. Since Orcs are notorious for their distaste of sailing, one wonders if any boats have ever crossed the Sea of Núrn.