Númeriador (Q. "Nûmeryadôre"), or more properly Dúneriador(S. "West Eriador"), was the region between the river Lune and the Blue Mountains. The largest settlement is the Dwarvish mines of the Nan-i-Naugrim, to which the refugees from the destruction of Belegost and Nogrod came early in the Second Age. Less numerous were the Enedrim of the river Lune and the Silvan Elves, mostly to be found between the Gulf and the southernmost east-spur of the Forered Luin (a land called Dor Lelviní).

The settlements along the river Lhun itself were devestated by the plague brought by refugees fleeing Arthedain, but the isolated highland villages were barely touched. Nonetheless, in the years following the epidemic the people of this region became distrustful of strangers and the rule of the king.


The cataclysm that broke Beleriand and split the Ered Luin at the end of the First Age also ruined many lands east of the mountains. The River Lhun, which once flowed into Nenuial, saw its sources in the Iron Mountains crumble and fall. The lower end of the river valley sagged a thousand feet towards the new arm of the sea soon named the Gulf of Lhun. A Dwarvish song recounted that the valley of the Lhun was impassable afterward, and told of two clans of the Khazâd who had labored for decades to build a road across the treacherous maze of rocks and mud to reach the survivors of their kindred tribes. The earth's paroxysm created classic fells, the same jagged, rock-strewn barrens found along the eastern side of Eriador at the foot of the Misty Mountains. The land's name, Numeriador, indicated the terrain's resilience to settlers and cultivation. After centuries of erosion and natural regrowth, the country achieved a spectacular sort of ragged beauty that attracted such folk as wished for a small living and few neighbors. Silvan Elves dwelt among the fells most of the Second Age. They drifted away to avoid the Eriadain, who arrived to trap, hunt, and escape the civilizing influences of the Numenorean colonists to the south.


Gondpinnath Headstone Island Nan-i-Naugrim

Places of Note:

Caras Celairnen Rivermen Settlements


  • Númeriador is a corrupted form that appears on many maps, it is a mix of Sindarin and Quenya, Dúneriador is the actual correct Sindarin form.


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