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The Island of Númenor

Númenor (Q: "Westernesse, West-land") was a vast island continent located in the central latitudes and longitudes of the Great Sea, formed from S.A 1-50 by divine construct, and settled by the High Men (or Edain), who in that land organized themselves as the Númenoreans under the Royal House of Earendil, forming the greatest and most well-ordered society of Men in the history of Ambar, until its apocalyptic destruction (in the form of the Akallabêth) in S.A 3319.

Its Númenorean inhabitants were the pioneers of the Dúnedainic culture, and blended their own customs with those of the Elves who were their allies; yet when their realm became economically and politically prosperous, and they began to settle the mainland, their monarchs (beginning with Tar-Aldarion) and their people became steadily and increasingly corrupt, and by the late Second Age, they had developed societal features which would influence the later Adûnâim. Númenor was a Quenya name meaning Westernesse (Westland, in modern language) and was the westernmost home of mortal Men. The Elves called it also Andor, the "Land of Gift," for it was designed at the prayer of the Edain, by the Valar at the bidding of Eru Iluvatar, as a gift to the High Men for their aid to the Eldar in the Wars of the Powers in Beleriand.

Other Names

Akallabêth (Ad: Downfallen), Anadûnê (Ad: West-land), Andor (Q: Gift-land), Atalantë (Q: Downfall[en]), Atlantis, The Downfallen, Elenna (Q: Starwards), Elenna-nórë (Q: Starwards-land), The Gift, The Great Isle, The Land of Gift, Land of the Star, Mar-nu-Falmar (Q: Land-under-waves), Númenórë (Q), Starwards, Westernesse, Yôzâyan (Ad: Land [of] Gift); also occasionally referred to as the 'Island of Númenor', or 'Isle of Númenor'

General Information

  • Type: Large-Scale Volcanic Island, politically dominant over countless Colonies settled on all Mainland Coasts
  • Area: 167,961 square miles
  • Elevation: Average: 500-700 feet; Lowest Point; Nindamos, 50-150 feet above sea level; Highest Point: Meneltarma approx. 23,622 ft
  • Climate: Dry-summer subtropical; warm to humid summers and mild winters; Average annual precipitation; 25-50 inches per year; Mean annual temperture; 50-75°F; Average low, winter; 40-55°F; Average high, summer; 70-85°f.
  • Political Organization: Unitary Theocratic Absolute Monarchy with composite elements
  • Capital: Armenelos
  • Ruler: High-King of Númenor; Council of Lords (comprised of the Lords of the Fiefdoms)
  • Administrative Organization: Absolute Monarchy with Composite elements. Legislative, executive, and judicial power held solely by the King, as well as religious power and ultimate title to lands and estates. All lands and properties officially held by the King, but leased to local nobles and administrated by local officials appointed by the Crown. Council of Lords assists the King, and enacts his day-to-day will. Local lords assigned to specific provinces, acting to administrate minor infrastructural and military activity, with the overall approval of the King and his Council. Colonies administrated under the laws and authority of the Crown, but assigned to the supervision of local governors and often allocated at least a degree of autonomy for logistical purposes.
  • Population: S.A 1-1000: approx. 1,000,000; S.A 1000-3019; 5,000,000 to 13,000,000 (Including mainland non-citizens, i.e slaves and non-Númenoreans). Largely Númenórean population in varied settlement, including a Drúadan minority settled in mainland woods, in later times a lesser population of lower-class Tarkil freedmen and enslaved Men of Darkness.
  • Military: 100,000 - 1,200,000 organized as Professional Hosts (excluding Colonies and Auxiliaries from Middle-Earth)
  • Products and Chief Industries: Fishing, Sheep farming, Arts, Agriculture, Infrastructure, Horse Breeding; later: Whaling, Slavery, Mining, Industrial Fabrication, Metalworking, Economics
  • Symbol: Star of Westernesse

Settlements and Points of Interest

Alarkadar Almaida Andoróthe Andúnie Ankadar Armenelos Cemendur's Hall Farnë Forowingë Formenos Calmindon Eldalondë Elentirmo Hallatan's Manor Hallow of Eru Iluvatar Hísiësírëlondë Hyarnúmen Ost Hyarastorni Lond Uinendil Már-Nisinen Meneldur's Tower Minal-Zidar Morionde Nindamos Númar Tarkalios Tarminas Nisimaldar Oiomir Ondosto Oromet Romenna Sibrien Sorinor Syntar Tompollë Tower of the North Tower of Tar-Minastir White House of Erendis


Andustar Arandor Bay of Andúnie Bay of Eldanna Bay of Romenna Emerie Firth of Rómenna Forostar Hísiësírë Hyarastorni Hyarnustar Hyarrostar Meneltarma Mittalmar North Cape (Númenor) Nisimaldar Nisinen Noirinan Nunduine Oromet Orrostar Sorontil Tarmasundar Tol Uinen Valley of the Tombs


Abârzagar Abrâzâni Adûnahil Adûnaphel Adûnazil Adûnazagar Adûrazil Âghi-deghi-Dhûr Ailinel of Hyarnustar Akhôrahil Akhôraphil Alcariel Aldarion Almarian Almáriel Almiel of Númenór Amandil of Andúnië Anárion Elendilion Ar-Abattarik Ar-Adûnakhôr Ar-Belzagar Ar-Gimilzôr Ar-Pharazôn Ar-Sakalthôr Ar-Zimrathôn Aratan Ardamir Ardûmir Arimûr Atanalcar Aulendil of Andúnië Axantur Baian of Syntar Barach Bedaian of Númenór Belzagar of Formenos Beregar Caliondo Cemendur Ardamirion Cemendur Axanturion Ciryamir Ciryatir Ciryatur Ciryon son of Isildur Corianna Cyrondur Dâur abâr Durlund Eärana Eärendur of Andúnie Eärmacil Edhelion of Eldalonde Edhelion of Dor-en-Ernil Elatan Elendil the Tall Elendur Elros Tar-Minyatur Ercamir Erendis Tar-Elestirnë Ermithdin Er-Endohir Er-Imrazôr Er-Mûrazor Ermithdin of Alarkadar Fíriel Fuinir Fuinor Fuinur Gaurithoth Gilthalion Gimilkhâd Gimilzagar Gorlim of Númenór Hallacar of Hyarastorni Hallatan of Hyarastorni Hatholdir Henderch Herucalmo Herumor Hûmazîr Îbal son of Ulbar Imrazộr the Númenórean Imrazôr of Pelargir Inzilbêth Isildur Elendilion Isilme Isilmo Lindárië Lindissë Lindórië of Andúnië Mairen Malantur Manwendil Maramacil Melian Meneldil Nessanië Nolondil Númendil Númendur Núneth of Andustar Orchaldor Oromendil Orondil Orontor Poldor Rádil Razanur the Traveller Sakalzîr Silmariën of Andúnië Soronto Tar-Alcarin Tar-Aldarion Tar-Amandil Tar-Ancalimon Tar-Ancalimë Tar-Anárion Tar-Atanamir Tar-Ciryatan Tar-Elendil Tar-Meneldur Tar-Minastir Tar-Palantír Tar-Súrion Tar-Telemmaite Tar-Telperiën Tar-Vanimelde Tar-Vardamir Taramin Thamachor of Ankadar Tindómiel Ulbar Ûrîzagar Valandil of Andúnie Vandion Vardilmë Vëantur of Rómenna Yávien Zadanzagar Zamîn Zimraphel


Cats Dolphins Great Eagles Gulls Hounds Kelp-Kraken Númen-Eels Númenórean Horses Kirinki Pigeons Sheep Sheep hounds Swans Whales Whitebirds


Aelgus Athelas Nappalassë Elms Galenas Gwathalas Lairelossë Laurinquë Lavaralda Lissuin Mallorns Nessamelda Nimloth Oaks Oiolairë Taniquelassë Taters Vardarianna Wheat Wine White Trees Yavannamírë