Of the House of Durin, Nori was a member of the famed Dwarven group of twelve, Thorin and Company. They set out in T.A. 2941 to reclaim Erebor from Smaug, and with the death of the Golden Dragon and the victory at the Battle of Five Armies, they succeeded in their quest. The flute-playing Nori remained in the recaptured Dwarf-dwellings at Erebor and lived comfortably, a respected warrior and finder.


Nóri was the brother of Dóri and Óri and only a distant relative of Thórin's but nontheless loyal to the royal house of Dúrin.There had been rumours that Nóri had left his family at an early age because he had come into trouble with the authorities and that he had led the unsteady life of a Rogue, probably having been involved in illegal or doubtful adventures or even thievery, smuggling, gambling and burglary.However he had always kept ties to his brothers and was deeply aligned with Óri and Dóri.Despite his poor upbringing Nóri was given to a life of luxuries and frequent and large meals.Nóri was always mindful and observant and often would notice things other dwarves would have overlooked.Nóri's name meant little One.




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