There had been a number of practicing magicians in Arthedain, some doing it as a hobby, others deadly serious. The Nólehildi were a semi-secret society dedicated to the "usefull study of magic", and were formed by none other than the wizards Mithrandir and Curunír. The Nólehildi included members as important as Queen Gliriel of Arthedain and the High-Seer Turlam. The order's members, who were accumulating magical knowledge primarily to battle the threat of the Witch-king, did not speak of their fellowship, but each carried a distinctive symbol called a "Sefthane" (an archaic Eriadorian word meaning "light of leadership"). This emblem was a decorative wick bearing a white garnet the top. A Sefthane could be as large as Gandalfs staff or as small as a knitting needle, but was always designed for practical use. They possessed varying magical powers, both offensive and defensive, but always acted as a light source and provided some form of detection magic. Members of the Nólehildi were not uniformly of high rank, but all members had to be recomended by someone of importance.

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