Myrian Workers

The Myri were a hardy people of Herders, descendants of the Talataerim, who once inhabited the northernmost plain in central Endor where the Land Myr was named for them. Driven out of their old homelands the nomadic Myri Clans roamed far across the eastern Plains and were often employed as manual labourers. They were often seen as simple and for the most part self-sufficient culture and protective of personal freedoms. Although mostly powerfully built and (by Easterling-standards) exceptionally tall, Myri had the reputation to make terrible slaves. However they often found themselves dominated by other peoples, a fact most Myri tended not to mind as long as the rule ws benevolent. Many Myri were of fair skin and hair colour, a thing  rather uncommon among the Easterlings.


The Myri venerated a superstitious pantheon of Gods that included the deities Keo, Illila, Alanda, Davix and Phaon.


The Myri-people at first appeared in The Cloudlords of Tanara, a publication of the Loremaster Series. Later they were incorporated as an Easterling Tribe in ICE's Middle-Earth series, the entire setting of Tanara and the Myri were however also later added to the Shadow World Setting.


  • Loremaster:Shade of the sinking Plain
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