Mordor Orc Soldier2

Murnadak (BS "Dark Battler") had more intelligence than the Orcs he commanded, but he had been promoted and demoted several times for one glaring weakness. When he scented Elven blood, he could do nothing until the Elven foe had been torn apart. His wits were committed to that one goal, and he would kill anything in his way In any other battle, however, he deployed his troops in a careful and prudent manner, utilizing their strengths effectively. Mornadak and his warrior Orcs hailed from the forest of Lotan in north-central Middle-Earth. Forced into service by Mauhoshat, the tribe now called itself "Gûlsnagai" (Or. "Wraith Slaves"). The Gûlsnagai considered horse flesh to be their favorite food and constantly raided the horse herds of their Dyrian neighbors for this delicacy. The tribe readily shared their spoils with their War-wolf companions. However, during the typically hard winters of this region, the Orcs would eat almost anything. They favored the use of poisoned weapons, and like Mornadak, possessed no great love for those of Elven blood. The Orcish Drartul was afraid of nothing and no one — except Mauhoshat and his masters. He felt a special affinity for the War- wolves which travelled with his tribe. He often tended to their needs before those of his Orcish soldiers. His present command contained 25 Orcs and 4 War-wolves. Their first goal had been attained: The attack on the Court Adept and his Mannish guards was almost too easy. The subsequent approach to the tower, Wintirion Iaur, went unnoticed by it's residents until too late. The attack on the school produced few Orc casualties, only six were missing Mauhoshat was vastly pleased. Murnadak now had to keep the tower secure against intruders until Mauhoshat found the items he seeked (Murnadak was wearing Noldatan's robes of— unknown to him or anyone else, the Tome of Golodhlir rested in a hidden pocket).


Original form in MERP:Mornadak

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