Mukarg was a Great Orc and one of Morgoth's generals from the First Age.He possibly was one of the Boldogs or Demon-orcs who after the defeat of Morgoth's hosts escaped the drowning of Beleriand.In FA 587 he led a company of Orcish survivors from Angband through the Northern Waste, in year 10 of the Second Age he tried to invade the northern Misty Mountains bringing with him the Ulûkai, an evil artifact crafted by Morgoth and posessing some of his foul spirit.While attempting to establish themselves in the mountains they were contested by Dwarves from Mount Gundabad. After several skirmishes the Naugrim trapped the orcs in a cave complex at the eastern end of the southern spur of the Mountains of later Angmar and sealed off every entrance. The orcs soon died from starvation and the hands of the Dwarves when they attempted a sally. Knowledge of the Ulûkai was lost with the death of Mukarg deep within an underground chamber. It did however act as an attractor for evil entities. Consequently, trouble with evil creatures never really ceased for the Dwarves of Mount Gundabad in the future.


Mukarg supposedly was the Archfather of Skorg and thus the origin of the boldog-blood and demonic origin of the line of the Ashdurbuks.

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